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Daily Roundup 6/3 – Bachelorette Jenn’s Guys Headshots & Bios Coming Today, Scheana Shay Speaks Out, & Audio From The Greatest Game Show Moment Ever

You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality. Steve podcast. I am your host reality. Steve. Thank you all for tuning in a big week in reality. Steve land as the fan appreciation party is this weekend. I want to say already, but I feel like, well, it kind of is already weird how that has just absolutely snuck up on us because I feel like I’ve been talking about it forever.

Which I have. Anyway, that’s coming up this weekend. We’re going to talk about that a little bit. We’re going to talk about possibly what’s coming this week in a bachelorette world, maybe even today. We’re going to talk a little bit more about the Vanderpump Rules finale because we’re hearing stuff post show now that Sheena said on her podcast on Friday that I thought was very interesting.

And yes, we have the audio footage from the newlywed game in the 1970s, the greatest game show answer in the history of mankind. We have the audio for it. In the case you haven’t heard it, I will play it for you and we’ll get to all that momentarily. All right, let’s get started as I said in the open feel like I’ve been talking about this forever And it’s one of these things where we know the party is the first week of june every year This is the eighth year of the reality steve fan appreciation party I have had it seven of the eight years.

It has been the first Friday in June. There was one year I had it in July. I don’t even know why I just did, but it was early on. And then I decided, let’s go back to June. It’s always been the first Friday in June and it’s just grown throughout the years and it basically just stemmed from the first year I did it in 2015.

It was right around the time of my 40th birthday birthday. And I was like, I’ve never been a big birthday guy. I don’t care. I don’t make my whole birthday like, Hey everyone, this is my birthday month and make a whole big deal out of it. I’ve never done anything major for my birthday, but for my 40th, I’m like, okay, why don’t we, why don’t I do something and invite people that at the time, I didn’t even have a podcast in 2015, Hey, these people can, anybody that reads my column, any you know, readers of mine, I’m going to invite them and opened it up and I think there was like 30 or 35 that came that year.

And it was at Mandalay Bay. And then I just decided, you know what, I’ll just do this every year and I’ll throw a party every year and not going to charge for it and you come out, I’ll supply the food, I’ll supply the beer and wine, open beer and wine bar. And we kind of just take it from there. And it’s been a lot of fun.

We didn’t have one in 2020. We were set to have one. I was going to move it to August in 2021, because at the time there was still a mask mandate and then Vegas lifted their mask mandate in June. But then Omicron hit in July and they put the mask mandate back on in the beginning of August. So we had to cancel that party.

Cause I just thought that defeated the whole purpose of having the party was, Hey, I don’t want to have a party where everyone’s wearing masks. So there was no party in 2020. There was no party in 2021, but we came back the last two years, 2022 and 2023. And this year is number eight. Next year will be number nine.

And it’ll also be. You know, I’m turning 50 next year. So there is a chance I might make next year’s party. My birthday weekend, because I believe my birthday is on a Saturday next year. So I might make the party the night before, make it kind of a 50th slash still fan appreciation party. But I’m going to start planning a little bit early with the people that sell my podcast.

We already have some stuff that we’ve been discussing that we brought up and said, why don’t we revisit, revisit this in about August or September, give ourselves a good nine months to plan. Next year’s party. And we’re going to try and do it up to where I don’t have a limit of how many people can come.

And maybe we invite more bachelor nation people. We just, we just got to see it, it all depends, you know, cause I know bachelor nation people. Aren’t going to do stuff for free that aren’t my friends, people that I’m actually in contact with, like Dave Courtney Robertson, they’re not going to be like, Hey Steve, I need an appearance fee to go out to your party.

No, those people actually are friends of mine and they’ll just come out. I’m talking about somebody that maybe I’m not close with, but. Could we get as a guest for the fan appreciation party? So they might want to be paid. We have a lot of things to discuss, but that is the plan right now for next year. I don’t have any spots available for this weekend.

I’m sorry. I’ve been promoting this since February. It is a first come first serve deal, but hopefully, hopefully next year we get to a point where. I don’t have a limit on how many people can come because we’re looking at a bigger venue and it’s just a lot of stuff that goes into it. So I will keep you updated on that, but I am looking forward to the party this weekend, which goes right into Sunday night.

I’m flying from Vegas to Phoenix because I will be attending. The Clayton Eckerd, Laura Owens trial on Monday, June 10th. I will be there. I will be broadcasting with Dave beforehand, probably sometime during, unless I stay in the courtroom for the whole two hours to watch the trial, just kind of go from there.

But afterwards, definitely going to go back out to Dave’s camper that he has rented. We’ll be there broadcasting with him and. It’s going to be an interesting day to say the least, because there’s a lot of people going to this Dave’s probably going to have some guests on once the trial is over. So should be really, really interesting next Monday.

So with that said, here’s the schedule for the rest of this week. You’re going to have your regular Daily roundups and sports dailies Monday through Thursday of this week. Friday’s shows will be prerecorded. Friday’s daily roundup will be an interview in a, not even an interview. We’ve talked to Courtney Robertson enough, but we’re going to talk to her for Friday’s daily roundup.

And then Friday sports daily is also going to be a prerecorded interview because. I don’t want to have to record the first night I’m in Vegas. I know that’s the night of game one of the NBA finals with Mavs and Celtics, but I think with Sunday’s game two being, you know, or game two being Sunday night, I think Monday I can just basically go over both games.

I have to record Sunday night from Phoenix and I’ll record the daily roundup and the Sports daily Sunday night from Phoenix for broadcast on Monday. But just for me, it’s a lot easier. I know every time I have gone to Vegas, I’ve never done a pre recorded show, but for this particular weekend, it, it just makes things easier on me because The Maverick game is going to be Thursday night, and I really just don’t want to have to record two podcasts because it does take longer when I do it on my laptop where I have to record on my laptop, it takes a little bit longer to do it on that versus sitting here at my desk where I can record all of them that you hear every day.

So just want to have two already. Cooked ready to go and they will upload the same exact times as they normally do, but I’m going to upload them before I even leave for Vegas and just put the date of Friday, June 7th on them. And they’ll upload it on those dates. So not a ton of bachelorette news.

Obviously I gave the news Friday of who won this season in that Jen had chosen Devin Strader. She is engaged to Devin over Marcus Showberg. You know, it’s one of these things where this season. We’re going to work backwards. Last season, I had everything laid out two weeks after the season ended filming and put it all out there for you.

And the only thing that was wrong was the ending, unfortunately, before I was able to correct it in February. This time I’ve got your ending for you, but there’s a lot of stuff that happened before it. That I know bits and pieces, but I certainly don’t have any episode by episode ready to go. I know numbers of guys in each episode, and I’m kind of working backwards.

Like I know there was seven in Seattle, which was the episode before hometown. So they went from seven down to four in Seattle. We know three of the four hometowns, Devin, Marcus, and Jeremy don’t know who the fourth hometown date was in terms of who it was and they were, whoever it was, was also filmed fourth.

We don’t know who. One of the three overnight dates was, we know Devin was one of them. We know Marcus is one of them. Cause they were your final two, but I don’t know who the third guy was. And I’m pretty sure Jeremy was eliminated at hometown dates. So that means whoever got that fourth hotel date was also the third guy on the overnight dates who got eliminated at three.

So yeah, this season working backwards, we will have a little bit of bachelorette news today, as I can tell you, I know that the guys bios are coming out today. They will be released. They usually show up around noon. Eastern time usually, but I know those are coming out today. If you went to a Jahan’s one of the contestants on Jen season, his Instagram yesterday, he teased that he had a big announcement coming tomorrow and buy a new pair of socks.

Cause your socks are going to be knocked off. Well, all he’s doing is basically saying. You’re going to see that I’m a contestant on the bachelorette next season, even though in March when they gave out 28 men on the bachelorette Facebook page, you knew Jahan Ansari was on this season and you’ve known his Instagram account since then.

So that is coming out today. I do know that. So. I will repost the places that put it. It’ll be people, it’ll be ew. com bachelor nation. com. I think is the place where they’ll have their full bios and stuff like that. So I’ll probably link to that. Cause that’s going to have the most information. It’ll have their photos and then like the bios.

So expect that coming today around lunchtime on the East coast. Cause that’s when it usually drops. All right. This podcast brought to you by Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Tropical Smoothie Cafe believes you deserve a little vacay every day. Get on tropic time with bright and refreshing smoothies, tropic bowls, wraps, and flatbreads from Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

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