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Daily Roundup 6/4 – Cast Bios For Jenn’s Season Released Yesterday & The Silliness Of It, Scheana Clarifies How Jax Knows Paige, & Lala Backs Scheana’s Claims About Season 11

You are listening to the Daily Roundup here as part of the Reality Steve Podcast. I am your host reality. Steve, thank you all for tuning in on this Tuesday episode for you. We’ve got Jen’s men’s head shots and bios released by the show yesterday. We’re gonna do a deep dive on all 25 guys and everything.

No, we’re not. I don’t do that on this podcast. I don’t do that on my website. I know others do it. To each their own. I can’t do it when we don’t even know what stuff is actually even true about the men. And we’ll definitely talk about that. Lala and Sheena have some things to say. Sheena talks about Paige woolen.

Lala has to talk and backs up what Sheena said in regards to how they had to act this season on Vanderpump Rules and we’ll get to all that momentarily. All right, as I mentioned on yesterday’s podcast I knew that the men’s bios were coming out yesterday and they were released on BachelorNation. com all the entertainment sites posted them and this is something to where I want to say four or five years ago I This was a big day on my site because the next day I would do a lookalikes.

I would also do a breakdown of each guy’s bio and what they said. And, you know, come to find out not everything, but they have a paragraph bio about them and then it says fun facts. Well, I can tell you right now, I say it every season, but you might be listening for the first time. These fun facts about these guys.

Aren’t all necessarily true. Some are, but some are completely made up just to get a reaction out of the audience. And that’s why. Look, I say it every year, different strokes for different folks. If people want to dedicate a whole podcast episode and there will be podcasters out there that do it, they can, I just can’t when I know a lot of this stuff is fake and the podcasters are going to break down what these guys look like in a picture and what their fun facts are and.

Basically form an opinion off a fun fact that might not even be true because it was made up by a producer, not to mention it’s very hard for me to sit here and judge like, Ooh, I think this guy will go far because he has this interest. And I think Jen has these it’s like, but I already know who won. So I’m not going to sit here and pretend I don’t know the spoilers.

Now that’s why I think a lot of podcasts that do it are people that. Pretend to not know the spoilers for the sake of their podcast, which is fine. I get that. I think they do know it, but they choose not to talk about it on their podcasts because they feel that they might be alienating some of their crowd.

So understandable, but yeah, I’m just not going to do it. I just, it’s been four or five years since I’ve done it. And you know, some of these. I just know aren’t true. And to sit here and say like, I dunno, I’m just pulling up the page right now. Grant, his name’s Grant Ellis. He’s an avid salsa dancer. He wishes he could live in the year 3000 to see what technology is like.

I mean, a fun fact about yourself. Maybe Grant did put that. Like I said, I don’t know. I just know a lot of these fun facts are made up. So why try and determine which isn’t made up and which isn’t when we don’t really know the answer unless it is something like We can clearly see in their Instagram profile that they have like this or included it Like here’s a perfect example because this guy took to his Instagram story yesterday and I initially thought this one was fake But then I was like, well, maybe not Hakeem.

One of his fun facts is Hakeem can fully clap with just one hand. So apparently he was getting a lot of shit for that from people online. And he went to his Instagram story yesterday and showed he could clap with one hand. He just can flap his hand so fast that it claps. Okay. He has gone on a picnic date in a cemetery, but he promises not to ghost.

Sounds like something made up by a producer. Again, I could be wrong, but just going through some of these, it just, it’s A lot of them just aren’t like, if these were fun facts, I wanted to say about myself. I wouldn’t really list some of these that these guys list a fun fact for Jeremy. He’s happiest when he gets a full eight hours of sleep.

Okay. All right. I just, I wouldn’t list that as a fun fact. There’s nothing fun about that. That’s just boring fact about yourself. Brendan says in one of his fun facts, I pretty much know this was written by a producer and I’ll tell you why in a second. Brendan said. Brendan always picks dare over truth.

There’s only one reason and one reason only why that would be in his fun facts on the first night I know the guys played truth or dare So why else would they put that in there and my guess is Brendan on the first night says dare I don’t know what he did for his dare There’s no way that they have as a fun fact Brandon always picks dare over truth And we don’t hear him say dare on night one of The show hopefully we’ll find out what he does I don’t think Brendan was on the show very long either.

He might’ve been a first night elimination. So maybe his dare pretty much sealed his fate. I have no idea, but hopefully you find out more in regards to the truth or dare date or truth or dare game that they played. Here’s the interesting thing. And I, and I also say this every season, but I got to bring it up because yesterday was a A pivotal day when it comes to this particular franchise.

So we know that in March on the day of Joey’s finale, the Bachelorette Facebook page released 25 possible candidates that were going to be on Jen season. Well, yesterday is the quote unquote, official release of the guys who made the season and only. What did I say? 25, 28 men were on the Facebook page back on the night of Joey’s finale.

25 were posted yesterday, meaning three of them didn’t make the cut. Corbin Caldwell, Hassan Joseph, and Jonathan Hess. We knew Jonathan Hess did not make it, so I figured there was one or two others, and it was Hassan Joseph and Corbin Caldwell that did not make the cast list. So, Jen has 25 men, and When that came out in March, you knew all their last names and their Instagram accounts that day, within a few hours of the 28 men going up.

What’s interesting is for me in dealing with spoilers and dealing with, you know, getting information, there’s always three different timelines that I deal with in terms of when I get information about the contestants on this show, the first. Is the day they’re released on Facebook. I put it all over my Instagram and say, here’s his first and last name, or here’s her first and last name and their Instagram account, then people start commenting and sending stuff in.

Oh, I know her. Oh, I know him. And most of the time it’s a negative information. The second time. That’s a pivotal moment to when information starts coming in is days like yesterday, when the quote unquote official cast release is sent out to the entertainment sites. And we find out more about these men and women.

And I can tell you ever since yesterday, when these men were posted. More and more stuff is coming in and none of it is positive. Just want to throw that out there. Whether or not we dive into it, this season will all be dependent on if people want to put their names behind it. Because as you know, I am not the middleman anymore.

I’m not taking bullets for strangers that want to bring down contestants because that’s what they’re doing. They want it out there for whatever reason. A lot of it, probably jealousy. A lot of it is. They just don’t want to see someone that they used to date or used to like, who is now going to get attention from a bunch of women online.

Maybe it bothers them. I don’t know. One, if you want to out their story, you have to put your name behind it. Or two, you have to provide evidence. There is a lot of rumors floating out there about some of Jen’s men. That has zero evidence been provided behind it. And I think, I think a lot of you who have been following this for the last three months know exactly what I’m talking about.

You’ve already convicted certain people in the court of public opinion, yet you’ve seen nothing in terms of evidence that proves it happened. I’m not saying it didn’t happen. I’m just saying, I know you haven’t seen evidence because I’ve asked for the evidence and I haven’t gotten it. So. Just keep that in mind before everybody on your radar is someone you hate because somebody wrote something on Instagram that you believe to be true without ever seeing any evidence.

Stuff that you got mad at me for for years for not vetting information about contestants. You’re basically a hypocrite because you’re doing the same thing yourself. There is absolutely men this season that have been convicted in the court of public opinion with zero evidence provided for what they did.

I’m not saying they didn’t do it. I’m not saying they did do it. All I’m saying is the reason I haven’t touched on it. And the reason I haven’t mentioned names and the reason I haven’t mentioned what was said about them is because when I asked for evidence, Nobody’s been able to provide anything. So do you want to may form opinions and you want to convict people based on stuff that has zero evidence behind it?

I don’t know what to tell you, but I think it’s pretty shitty to do that. I’m just staying neutral. I have no idea if it’s true or not. So that’s why I’m not commenting on it. And, you know, leading you down a road of not liking a certain person. I tried to deal in facts. Was there a time where I didn’t? Yes, there was.

And I’ve gotten away from that. So. Just keep that in mind before forming opinions about some of these men, because there’s a lot more there than that, than, than meets the eye. And if information comes forward, then absolutely, I will form a certain opinion. But right now, I’m just kind of in the middle.

I’m neutral. Because I don’t know. I don’t know what’s true and what isn’t. And trust me, I’ve heard everything. I’ve heard everything I need to know, especially about men that lasted long this season, but I haven’t seen any evidence. I’ve asked for it. I’ve been told there is some out there and I said, well, why can’t you give it to me?

Crickets. So that’s what I mean. And I’ve looked for it myself. Haven’t found it. I think people just need to kind of wait and see, and I don’t know, I mean, look, it’s to each their own. If they want to convict people based on something and that they heard and hearsay and because somebody posted on a Facebook group anonymously, if that’s what they want to form their opinions about people, that’s fine.

I can’t, I’m not going to change their mind. I’m just saying I’m being a little more open minded. I’m just saying I have no idea if it’s true and I’m saying I have no idea if it’s false. I’m not forming an opinion already that I know a lot of people are. This podcast brought to you by Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

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