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Daily Roundup 6/5 – A Story From Jenn’s Season, Golden Bachelorette Filming Later This Month, The Valley Season Finale, & An Unwanted Reality Show Coming To TLC

You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality Steve podcast, I am your host reality Steve thank you all for tuning in a very information filled episode today on a Wednesday and We’re gonna talk a little bit about Jen’s season a little bit of golden bachelorette. I’ve got a story That dates back to last year’s fan appreciation party.

I went shopping yesterday. You’ll never guess what I bought. We’re also going to talk about what’s upcoming again this weekend. I’m going to spend probably the second half of the podcast talking about the Valley finale, and then we have a reality show coming to TLC that has me shaking my head. We’ll get to all that momentarily.

All right. I want to start out with this in regards to Jen season. It’s probably going to frustrate a lot of you. But I want to put it out there now because it is something that could end up being a story and it all depends on if the show chooses to air it. So, as you know, I hear a lot of things when it comes to the show every season, but I’m not an editor.

I’m not a producer. I have no idea what’s going to get shown. Perfect example, last year, last season with Maria. And. Saying from the very get go, like, Hey, she’s the one woman this season that the other women have the most problem with the one that don’t get along and Marie ended up getting a great edit and I don’t know, but I said it at the time, like, I have no idea what they’re going to show.

I don’t think Marie is a bad human being, but if you’re going to ask me within the context of the show, what is a villain within the context of that show, she would have been a villain, but she’s not. I did not know what they were going to show, what they were going to air. And she was the one woman that last season that most women didn’t get along with that most people had the issue with, but it didn’t end up being a big deal because it wasn’t where she was shit talking other women, calling them names or anything like that.

Like we have all talked about this a thousand times. There’s levels of villainy. So with Jen season. I have heard something that happens that absolutely will paint somebody in a very negative light. And I think a lot of people will look at that person and not have a very high opinion of him. However, I have no idea if it’s going to get shown.

So if I were to say it right now, it would absolutely 1000 percent make a lot of you form an opinion about somebody that we don’t even know if it’s getting shown and if it doesn’t get shown, then I’ll make a determination. Now, the good thing is. It happens in the first episode. And this is about someone who’s relevant to the season.

I’m not talking about somebody who isn’t relevant. It happens in the first episode of the season. And usually they send the screeners out early to people in the media. Once I find out if this part particular scene is shown, then I’ll let you know about it. If it’s not shown, I’m not going to touch it because it’s going to be, why are you out to get this guy?

Why do you hate this guy? How do we know he said it? And it’s just like, again, I can’t do anything to prove it. But I know it happened, so it’s just a matter of if the show is going to show it, so we’ll just leave it at that. That screener for the first episode of the season usually doesn’t come out until like a week before the season.

So unfortunately you have to wait about a month before we get our answer to this, but you will get it before the season starts. If they include it in the episode, and if they do. There will be people that will have very strong opinions. I’ll leave it at that. Golden Bachelorette filming. What I have heard about Golden Bachelorette starts filming later on this month.

And it goes through the end of July. So about four to five weeks of filming, I think Gary’s was four weeks and looks like Golden Bachelorette will be about five weeks, like around the 20th of June ish till I was told end of July. So we have no idea how they’re going to do releasing the men. We didn’t get the release of Gary’s women until all of Gary’s filming was over or they were literally on last or the day After I think they ended filming so maybe they’re gonna do that again And we’re not gonna get the men for Jones season Until the end of July or maybe they will do it early like they do for bachelor and bachelorette We have no idea until it comes about that is definitely Something to look forward to.

So Golden Bachelorette filming like three quarters of the way through this month, 19th, 20th, 21st around that area and going through the end of July. Now, as you know, reality, Steve fan appreciation party number eight is happening this weekend, Friday night, June 7th at the Venetian hotel. Everybody that has RSVP is in.

We’re right under a hundred people. I think we’re at 98 and I have two that are still deciding whether or not they’re coming or they’re trying to book a late flight or something like that. So pretty much I am booked for this party. Can’t wait to see everybody and. Just to let you know, I have prerecorded Friday’s daily roundup and Friday’s sports daily already.

Friday’s daily roundup is with Courtney Robertson, who will be at the party. And Friday’s sports daily is with Sean Pendergast from sports radio, six 10 in Houston, former radio buddy of mine, former nemesis of mine. Great talk with Shawnee, but those will be your podcasts on Friday. Cause I don’t want to have to record anything late Thursday night for Friday’s.

Consumption. So I have it in the can. I will not have transcripts for all my podcasts when I’m out of town. So there will be no transcripts for, and I have an early flight out Thursday. So I will have no transcripts for the podcast for daily roundup on Thursday. Actually I will on Thursday. What am I talking about?

I’ll have that on Thursday, tomorrow’s podcast, both the podcast and podcast number three 94, I think. Those transcripts will I believe be on the site. It will have to see actually, no, I’m going in circles. No, they won’t be no transcripts tomorrow. No transcripts Friday, no transcripts Monday, no transcripts Tuesday.

I get back Tuesday night. We’ll record Wednesday’s podcasts on late Tuesday night, but those trans the daily roundup transcript will be up on Tuesday and on Wednesday. Just so screwed up right now. Anyway, if you remember last year, because the party was at Mandalay Bay in my room, I was hanging out at the pool at Mandalay.

And if any of you have been to Mandalay Bay’s pool, you know that they have a lazy river. Now, when you go into the lazy river, considering the. Concrete is just burning out there. And I don’t know if you know this, but there’s supposed to be a giant heat wave this weekend. I think it’s one Oh nine Friday and one Oh seven Saturday in Vegas.

So you cannot walk around barefoot. I know some people do, and somehow you have some way that it just doesn’t burn the bottom of your souls. I can’t do that out there. I have to wear flip flops. So last year. Going into the lazy river. If you enter the lazy river at Mandalay Bay, everyone just had, there’s a, just a giant pile of flip flops for people to get in because you’re just kind of on the honor system.

It’s just like, okay, I’m leaving my flips up here, flip flops here. I’m going to go into the man and go into the lazy river and then come out and put my flip flops on and go back to where my chair is or where my cabana is. So last year I did that. I get out of the lazy river and my flip flops are gone.

And I realized, Oh, I left my good ones here. My Olu Kais that are 90 bucks. I didn’t think anyone would steal them. I thought we were all in the autumn sister honor system here that we’re all in the, in the trust tree, but apparently not. And someone stole my flip flops and it was. I, it was like I was walking on the surface of the sun getting back to my beach chair.

So while I am bringing, and by the way, right when I got back from Vegas last year, I bought the same pair because they’re the most comfortable flip flops I’ve ever had. Oh, Luke. I O L U K a I believe best ones I’ve ever had. So I just bought a new pair right when I got back. The first two days in Vegas this week, Thursday and Friday, I will be at Mandalay again.

So, plan on going and, and, and plan on going to the Lazy River. But, I thought ahead, and where did I go yesterday? Old Navy. I went to Old Navy, I looked at their flip flops, they couldn’t have been any cheaper, and I said, give me one of those. So, I have a pair of Old Navy flip flops, Navy Blue, they’re about as generic as you can get, they’re just straight rubber, I mean, it is the cheapest thing you can get.

And I know they’re cheap because they were 3, 3 with taxes. I paid 3 and 25 cents for a pair of flip flops that I’ll be wearing Friday. All the other days I will be wearing my regular flip flops cause they’re not going to get stolen. But for the but for the lazy river, absolutely. I will be in a pair of 3 flip flops.

I’m so excited. I thought ahead and you know what, if someone rips these off and steals these great. You stole 3 flip flops from me. Congratulations. I really don’t think anybody’s going to. Those are the ones I’m going to be wearing down to the pool on Friday. This podcast is brought to you by tropical smoothie cafe, summer mocktail smoothies are back and more refreshing than ever.

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