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Daily Roundup 6/12 – A Mini Weekend Review, More On Echard/Owens Case, Laura’s Lawyer Now Reminds Me Of Someone, More Lies Being Told, & The Sad Nature Of The Case

You are listening to the Daily Roundup here as part of the Reality Steve Podcast. I am your host, Reality Steve. Thank you all for tuning in on this Wednesday episode. Still got a lot to cover in regards to the Laura Owens Clayton Eckerd trial. I want to go over a couple of things that I did not get to yesterday because yesterday’s podcast was recorded about, I don’t know, 90 minutes, an hour, maybe 90 minutes after court let out on Monday.

And Dave and I sat in his van and recorded it today. I’ve had a lot more time to gather my thoughts. Laura’s lawyer wrote another blog post, which was him just bloviating once again. And I wanted to Reading his blog posts made me realize who he is and I’ll share that with you and then just a couple things from this weekend.

We’ll get to all that momentarily. Alright, so I’m back on my home turf. Recording this Tuesday night in my home. I have not been home since last Thursday morning. I cannot remember the last time I went on a trip that took six days. And usually when I go to Vegas, it’s usually three to four days, but because of the trial on Monday, everything worked out where I just went from Vegas to Phoenix on Sunday night and just got back last night.

So, an absolutely fun trip, informative trip, the party was great, the trial was super interesting, got to meet a lot of people, got to meet Greg, got to meet Mike. Got to meet Clayton, spent some time with them after the trial and couldn’t have been nicer guys. You really feel bad for what has happened to them and the way Laura Owens has made their life a living hell.

For Clayton, the last little over a year. For Mike, seemingly the last eight or nine years. And Greg, what, three or four years? It’s, it’s sad and you could see those guys just kind of beaten down by the whole thing. I wish you guys could all meet them. I wish you guys could all talk to them. And look, I know a lot of you that are listening are on their side.

I get it. Not saying that you need to talk to them to be convinced of what’s going on here, but man, just talking to them. It’s just, it, it, it makes it a little more real. So, As for the, you know, the party weekend, hanging out with Courtney and Dave and she’s all batch, it’s just a lot of fun. Everyone that was at the party.

Thank you. Like I said, next year’s party is going to be. On or around my 50th birthday, because my 50th is going to be on a Saturday next year, May 31st. So I haven’t decided if I want to have it on my party. We might actually even do a theme. Haven’t decided on that yet, but it’s either going to put it this way.

It’s either going to be May 31st or it’s going to be Friday, June 6th, where it always is usually that first Friday in June, but because my birthday falls on a weekend happens to be my 50th, 50th. Maybe we will do it on Saturday the 31st, but be a few months before I know any of that stuff It’d be a while actually a few months is when we’re gonna start talking about planning it But I obviously will let you know and then like I said go into Arizona first time I had really been there Spent some time met a lot of fans met a lot of the justice for Clayton people They were all very nice all very helpful I want to say thank you to my driver who did a u turn on a one way street and almost got us killed Thank you for that Really appreciate that That was a little bit scary now granted Well, we made the u turn there were really only two cars coming and we can see them coming from a while A little bit away so we’re able to get off the road.

I wasn’t really close but still You get, you get a little freaked out sometimes when you turn down a street, that’s a one way road and you see headlights coming at you. Not very fun. Thank you, driver. You’re the best. So I wanted to get into something that I never got into yesterday. I mean, I talked about it on the podcast, but in regards to the Clayton and Laura Owens case.

Remember, I said one of the biggest things that I would love to do in all this, and it’s not going to happen because Laura Owens is never going to talk to me. She’s never going to meet me, and I frankly don’t want to meet her. But I was kind of saying like, I was saying this is what I would want to do.

And I guess you could even bring it back to September and October. Like before we found all this stuff out, you know, you can take the Mike and Greg stories that makes this story a hundred times crazier than it is. But if you just take the story of Clayton and Laura and everything that happened between them, you know, the thing that I find.

Ultimately so bizarre and frankly, flat out scary. Is the emails that she sent to him and the text message she sent to him through 13 different phone numbers. That’s why he was able to obtain an order of protection against her. Over 500 messages. She sent him for a guy that got two blowjobs from her and told her the very next day.

It’s not like he even ghosted her. He just told her the very next day, Hey, shouldn’t have happened last night, crossed the professional line there. I think we don’t need to do that again. And then she absolutely loses her shit. Why couldn’t her response to Clayton be Man, I’m disappointed. Really thought we could have had something, but I get it.

I totally understand. But no, she can’t. She cannot take no for an answer, for anything. Just like she can’t take an L in anything she does in this case. And then you see some of the things that she sent Clayton, and you’re just like, Oh my gosh, this is not normal behavior. This is somebody that’s not living in reality.

This is what she sent her three weeks after they hooked up. They hooked up on May 20th. She sent him an email on June 28th, 2023 that said, I’m physically and emotionally exhausted from the pregnancy and all of this. I just need to clarify as to what we are doing. I’ve offered to give you control over the outcome of the pregnancy.

If we date exclusively and care for each other, I bring a lot to the table and feel like it could really make you a better person. Yes, I’ve called out your BS a lot, but it’s because I know you are better than how you are acting sometimes. I get your anxiety because I’ve been there and I truly believe in your mission.

Despite the fact that you haven’t shown me kindness when clearly I have been emotionally struggling through all of this. Just flat out fucking manipulation right there. Talk about it. Just she continues. I couldn’t give a shit. You were the bachelor and still know nothing about you other than the clips.

I see of you with two girls. When I was angry at you, I want to get to know you and be a great partner for you. I would feel exactly the same way. If I was in this situation with any man, I need to care about someone and trust them to consider ending a human life. When I want nothing more than to be a mom someday.

Don’t you understand that she’s like lecturing him. And by this time he’s told her numerous times, lose my number, leave me alone. I don’t want to have anything to do with you. And she goes, she continues, in regards to intimacy, I know it’s important to you and it is to me as well. If you think about it, having sex with me is the safest thing you can do at this point.

Who the fuck writes that? To somebody who they’ve hooked up once with and he told her basically to kick rocks. I’m already pregnant. And if we choose to go this route and trust each other enough to have sex, then we are at the point where I would be taking abortion pills. So there’s no risk. Also under no circumstances, would I have an abortion?

If you want to be on dating apps or seeing other women, while we are figuring this out, I would want to date with intention. I know what I bring to the table as a partner, and I’m well aware that you don’t want to become a father right now. It’s a win win situation for you, but a huge leap of faith for me.

You haven’t been trustworthy to this point. So I’m the one taking a gamble on the outcome of this. You could be leading me on, but I would take your word that you’re not for whatever reason, despite how you’ve treated me. I believe in you. We’re both hard headed as hell, but I think we can make a very good team.

I didn’t, if I didn’t think so, I would just go ahead and have the kids since, like I said, I want to be a mom more than anything in the world. I need to know your decision. This is in bold. I need to know your decision tonight because I’m getting rid of the abortion pills. If it’s a no or I don’t hear back from you, the manipulation on this woman.

Talk about bat shit crazy. I really do need to adjust my seizure medication and take other precautions for my health and the wellbeing of our baby. If we’re going to have a kid, you’re the father. There’s no two ways about it. So saying no here is a guarantee you will be the dad. You know, we’ve talked about her level of craziness.

That’s just one email out of 500. How do you think some of the other ones she sent were, we haven’t even gotten into the tight vagina email that she sent, but you talk about manipulation, gaslighting, telling somebody who clearly does has already let her know. Don’t want anything to do with you. Quit contacting me.

Leave me alone. And she says, well, if you don’t respond to this email, knowing that he damn well was not going to, because he was ignoring everything, she sent him knowing damn well, he wasn’t going to respond. She said, well, if you don’t respond, I guess I’m having the baby

get it. Or I guess I’m getting rid of the abortion pills is what she said. Who writes that to somebody that is somebody who clearly is not. well, something we’ve been saying about Laura for months. She’s not mentally well, Laura, you need help. Serious, serious help. I watched you in court on Monday. You are not well, and I’m not even talking about physically.

I’m talking about mentally and emotionally look at what you’ve done to other men’s lives because of what? Because he didn’t want to hook up with you after you hooked up with him once? Hell, at least he had the decency to sit in a car with you and tell you this. Clayton could have ghosted you. He sat in a car with you and told you exactly why he didn’t want to go further with you.

Crossed a professional line. Shouldn’t have done it. Doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you. And then you went off and sent 500 emails and text messages to him. You’re telling me that’s a normal human being response? It’s just, that is just, it’s sad. The whole thing is sad. And being there on Monday made it even more sad to be honest with you.

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