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Podcast #395 – Interview with Megan Fox, Journalist, Author, & YouTuber (And Transcripts)

Another first time guest joins me this week to discuss being in the courtroom Monday for the Clayton Echard/Laura Owens case. Megan has been covering the case more than anybody other than Dave Neal, so she’s dialed in to Laura’s shenanigans from the get go. Megan has really turned her YouTube into going after women who falsely accuse men, something that is the #1 topic in this case. And Megan takes a thorough and well thought out approach to breaking down Laura’s numerous lies and diabolical behavior. It really is quite amazing when you step back from it all and look at how many holes have formed in her stories over the last 9 months. It’s amazing where we are now versus where we were in Sept. of 2023 when Laura first told her story to The Sun. It’s unreal how many different branches this story has. So if you haven’t been watching Dave Neal’s videos daily, today is a good one hour summary (as best we could) of all the major points in this case you may have missed over the last 9 months. Thanks again to Megan for coming on as she will definitely be a guest in the future.

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(SPOILERS) I begin by briefly going over Megan’s resume and topics from today’s Daily Roundup. Then Megan joins me (11:02) to talk about her career, what got her first interested in the Clayton/Laura Owens case, being inside the courtroom on Monday and what her takeaways were, what does she think happens from here, and much, much more.

(SPOILERS) Your Daily Roundup covers this week’s podcast guest, my appearance on Courtney’s pod yesterday, Laura Owens throws a pity party before her trial, Vanderpumps show runner addresses this season 7 next, and Traitors 3 and Special Forces rumored casts.

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Music written by Jimmer Podrasky
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You are listening to the Daily Roundup here as part of the Reality Steve Podcast. I am your host, Reality Steve. Thank you all for tuning in on this Thursday. We got a lot to go over, a little bit more from the Clayton case. I found the particular email that I was looking for yesterday that references female genitalia.

That Laura sent to Clayton three days after the email that I read you yesterday. Yesterday’s email was sent June 28th. This one was sent July 1st of last year. If you haven’t heard it, read it to doozy. We’re going to go over that. I’m going to talk about the podcast guests this week, our weekly podcast, number three 95 it is with Megan Fox.

No, not that Megan Fox that the woman from that Chelsea from love is blind looks like. No, Megan Fox, the journalist, the author, the YouTuber who’s been covering the Clayton Laura Owens case extensively. And we have a hard launch in Bachelor Nation and we have our first 30 second trailer for GenSeason as well.

We’ll get to all that momentarily. So one of the big things that we talked about yesterday was. Laura Owens, just refusal to take no for an answer from Clayton. Now, we all know that the reason that she writes these crazy emails in her mind is because she’s thinking I’m pregnant. I don’t know what to do.

This guy that got me pregnant won’t respond to me. We have to read these now knowing that she was lying. And I get that in the time that she wrote these, she was pregnant thinking she was pregnant by Clayton, but. Again, even if you thought you were pregnant by somebody, the amount of emails, text messages that she was sending him from different numbers, having her mother contact him.

It’s just all so bizarre. Not to mention how her story changed so much and her story went from, she literally went online and said. What happened on May 20th, 2023 between them was consensual and it wasn’t sex. Then it turned into, Oh, he penetrated me and I didn’t give him consent. Said that on the stand on Monday.

So again, which is it? How many times has your timeline changed? Your credibility is, is it? Completely called into question anything she says and does. It has to be because she’s never been consistent. There’s been one person in this two person party that’s been consistent ever since May 20th of last year.

And that’s been Clayton. Clayton said, I got two blow jobs. I told her the next day I didn’t want to have anything to do with her. And I blocked her. Yes, he did respond to some of her emails after telling her he’s blocking her. And that just gave her like, she, In her warped sense of reality, that means that he must want her because he tells her he doesn’t want to talk to her, but then he does respond to her.

I think we’ve all been there. I’ve been there with an ex where I’m like, I’m done with you. Leave me alone. And then they keep pestering me and I then, you know, give them a piece of my mind because when Clayton did get back to her, it’s not like he was giving her any sort of hope. But in her mind, any sort of communication from him in her mind is like, Oh, he must want to try with me.

No, he thinks you’re batshit crazy. Like we all do yesterday’s email that Laura sent Clayton on June 28th, 2023. This is what she sent three days later, get ready. And if any mention of the proper word for the female genitalia you’re offended by, maybe you want to plug your ears. She said, I come home tomorrow afternoon.

So if you want us to consider an abortion, this is really our last chance because of timing and the fact that neither of us would want to end the pregnancy one, there is once there is a heartbeat to wrote one, there is a heartbeat, but she was clearly trying to say once there’s heartbeat, I would like to get together tomorrow night and explore to talk and explore intimacy.

That’s in bold. Let me reread that sentence. I would like to get together tomorrow night to talk and explore intimacy. Who says that it’s time for you to make an effort. If that is something we are considering, obviously I would love to have sex in the future and feel I am the safest person you could have sex with since I’m pregnant, but if you really think that, like you said yesterday, my goal was to date and get pregnant during this time, we can absolutely hold off on it.

However, it occurred to me that you might believe me more about paternity if you were inside of me and felt how tight I would be after not having sex in more than a year. Maybe then you’d believe I hadn’t been sleeping around, and again, you wouldn’t be doing me any big favor. Having sex with me is a privilege and not something I have done for a long time.

Can someone put that one on a pin? Having sex with me is a privilege and not something I’ve done for a long time. Next paragraph. This first long sentence, first two sentences in bold. If you either, just remember, this is three days after she ended the last email with, If I don’t hear from you, I’m not taking the abortion pills.

Which is basically what she said. Cause he didn’t respond to her. He wrote back. She writes him here. Second paragraph. If you either don’t get back to me tonight, or if you give me the final word that you don’t want to date and choose the outcome of this pregnancy, we are a hundred percent having the child and there is no going back.

I mean it. And I am at peace either way. My mental health and wellbeing is affecting our child’s and I would blame you if we have a special needs kid and discover that my stress hormones and blood pressure caused that. This is almost infuriating to read. She is a psychopath. A flat out psychopath to write something like that.

Then again, she told Dave Neal, if I harm myself, the blood will be on your hands. She continues. I just need you to make a decision. Clearly, given the evidence I have given throughout the process that I have put together in the attached Dropbox file, I am pregnant. I have proactively worked to arrange prenatal paternity tests myself, which should prove to you that I know you’re the father, there are rarely any There really are only these two outcomes.

So if you want to keep believing there’s not a pregnancy or that you’re not the father, you will be sorely mistaken and it will be too late for us to consider an abortion. I would have no issue going to the media after the prenatal paternity test to explore your horrible treatment of me during this time and lack of compassion despite your mission.

This woman is so psychotic and all over the map. That last sentence is saying, Basically a threat going to the media can’t believe the horrible treatment you’ve given me in your lack of compassion in the first fucking paragraph She’s like I want to talk about I want to get together tomorrow night and explore intimacy I’d be the safest person to have sex with and then the very next paragraph She’s threatening him saying how horribly he’s treating her if he’s treating you so horribly Laurel Why do you want to have sex with him and explore intimacy?

You are nuts. If you would stay with me for a few weeks to get to, to get to me, to have an abortion and then block me and go MIA as you have in the past, please don’t make that decision. I am talking about really giving things a shot in a different way than either of us have in the past, since this is a unique circumstance.

If you wouldn’t be excited, don’t make that choice. If you’re truly not into me, something you told her the day fucking after they hooked up, I would rather stick with my morals and have a child. I am. Only considering an abortion because I know that’s what you want. So if that alone doesn’t make me stand out from other women, good luck finding one who would care that much to sacrifice their own values and morals because they believe in your mission.

Here we go with the bold. I would trust and respect you enough for you to make the decision on your own as to whether or not we have an abortion. Do you realize how big of a deal that is for me to offer? She wrote that. Do you realize how big of a deal that is for me to offer? I would love to be a mom and want that in the future more than anything in the world, but God and you, depending on what you decide are responsible for deciding when that is.

If it’s now, I would be thrilled, but I really do believe in you and the message you want to spread. So please show me that my faith in you isn’t misplaced. All right. First paragraph. She’s saying she wants to talk to him the next night and explore intimacy. Second paragraph. She’s threatening him saying how horribly treats her and the lack of compassion he’s showing her.

Now in the third paragraph, she’s back to saying, I believe in you. I believe in your mission.

This woman is Coray. Zay! Cray cray! Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

I would also be so appreciative of the consideration you would be showing my feeling, for my feelings, and why it would be important for me and I would promise to keep everything that happened between us. You need to understand that allowing you to make the decision would be the biggest leap of faith and sacrifice of my life.

So if you don’t appreciate that, go find someone else and we will move forward with having the child. Just the very next sentence after saying she believes in his mission. She’s basically chastising him again for not giving her a chance. And boy, what a mistake he’s making. This is the funniest thing and the most pathetic thing I’ve also read at the same time.

If you don’t respond, I know you will end up regretting because I’m offering to give you not just a say the say in the outcome of our pregnancy. In my heart, I think we will both regret exploring the, we will both. All right, well, it’s cut off here. We will both R E G something exploring the abortion option because there will be no going back after this.

So I’m assuming it says regret, please let me know your decision. And regardless, please be kind, hope we are on the same page and in that, and in that cast hope, and in that cast hope to see you tomorrow, if not, I genuinely mean it when I say congrats. On being a dad,

you guys, I look, Dave read this months ago. This isn’t new. This isn’t just breaking and we got ahold of this. This has been out there for a while, but remember I told you, I think Dave did an excellent job covering this because he’s got a visual medium and me reading you stuff every day. I just thought would have been too much, but these last two days I was just like, well, now that the trial has happened or whatever, maybe you should, if you haven’t been following Dave, I’m going to read, I’m not going to read stuff every day.

These are probably the only two unless something else comes out or whatever, but this was a four paragraph email and I, I’m not going to read you an email from her every day, but these last two, I wanted to show you the craziness. And what we’re dealing with, because I think a lot of you that didn’t follow Dave daily and didn’t watch his videos are probably just like, wait, what’s the deal?

Isn’t this this girl that said she was pregnant with twins and Clayton said they never even had sex. Like, what’s the deal going on? Why is this even in trial? Yeah. Because she has done so many crazy things and sends him stuff like this and you’re, and that’s why. You know, when she first came out with the story to the son, you heard all these quotes from Clayton saying, you know, all these negative things that he was saying to her in emails and text messages.

And that’s why everyone took her side the second the story came out. They’re like, Oh my God, what a dick he was to her. He got a girl pregnant and told her to leave him alone. You would too. If you got emails like this, let’s talk tomorrow night. Let’s meet up tomorrow night and explore intimacy. If somebody said that to me, I might move to another state.

I would run as far away from this person as possible. I just, oh my gosh. And the funny thing is, you know, saying, if you were inside of me and felt how tight I would be after not having sex in more than a year. She sent this on July 1st. On May 20th, she initially said everything they did was consensual.

But then she said, no, he penetrated me without my consent. Well, wait a second. In July 1st, you’re basically saying you haven’t had sex in more than a year and make no reference to the fact that you had already had sex with Clayton. If you were inside of me and felt how tight I would be, you wouldn’t say that to somebody that you already had sex with because seemingly he would have already quote unquote felt that.

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