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Daily Roundup 6/14 – Jenn’s Season Rumblings & How It Relates To What Megan Fox Said Yesterday, Brats Documentary On Hulu, & Jason Tartick’s IG Post Causes A Stir

Listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality, Steve podcast. I am your host reality. Steve. Thank you all for tuning in on this Friday episode. We’re going to talk a little bit about yesterday’s podcast with Megan Fox as it relates a little bit to what’s going on on Jen season. I’ve got a review of the Hulu documentary teased it a couple of weeks ago.

It’s called brats. It’s about the Brack pack from the eighties. It’s directed by Andrew McCarthy. Where he basically went around and interviewed most of the people that were in the brat pack. There were two people that were left out and we have reasons as to why they were. I’ll get to that. And also Jason Tardik, while he hard launched two days ago with his new girlfriend, Kat Stickler, he had a post last night, actually Kat made a post last night in regards to something that happened.

Very early on in their relationship. I’ve got thoughts on that. We’ll get to all that momentarily. So I wanted to start out with this and that is, I hope you listened to podcast number three 95 yesterday, the weekly podcast with author, journalist and YouTuber Megan Fox talking about the Clayton Eckerd and Laura Owens case.

Because there is a part of it that kind of relates to Jen season. And it was in the very beginning where. Megan made it very clear that her feelings towards the me too movement. She just said, look, I have no issues with women coming forward saying this happened to them and this happened to them. What I do have an issue with is people just immediately believing them because of their sex.

Just because they were female, they were automatically being believed and they were ruining men’s lives. She said, I’m all for them coming forward. I just want to be a little more transparent and make everything a little bit more individual and say, okay, let’s see the evidence because she’s all about women giving false allegations.

It’s what her book was about women who give false allegations against people. So when she talked about that, it was really interesting to me because, you know, I’ve, I’ve hinted towards this since the beginning of Jen’s season. But I haven’t gotten into detail on it and I don’t think I’m gonna go into detail on it because of this exact reason that Megan Fox talks about.

Look, I’m very well aware of what is being said about certain men on GenSeason online. I’ve heard it all. I’ve heard every single story. Some of the people that are saying these stories I know their names to. Some I don’t even know their names. And I understand that they are bothered by the fact that some of the men on Jen’s season are going to be getting attention.

I totally get that. Problem I’m having is every single story that I’ve heard negatively about one of Jen’s men has not been supported by any evidence. Because anybody can say this is what happened to me. And as Megan said, okay, now let’s dive into this. Where’s the evidence? And I’m not saying these women that are saying these things about Jen’s men are lying.

I’m just not saying I’m immediately going to call these guys guilty, which a lot of the internet, 95 percent of them, aka Reddit, has already convicted these guys in the court of public opinion that they are dead to them. They can’t watch this season, all this stuff. It’s just like, What is your issue? What is your problem?

How about you actually get some facts before making that decision? I know they have a hard time with nuanced conversations because everything in the Reddit world is so black and white. There’s no gray area with anything. It’s just, have to hate this or love this. Have to hate this contestant or love this contestant.

The bottom line is, none of the people that have formed an opinion on any of Jen’s men have seen any proof of anything. They’ve heard stories. But what proof has backed up those stories? And maybe there isn’t proof. Maybe there isn’t. But what I’m saying is, I don’t think we should be convicting people, men or women, in the court of public opinion, before proof is out there.

We get this every season. There’s negative stories every single season on contestants. And for the longest time, I, me, Reality Steve, Steve Carbone, was the biggest purveyor of this. I was relaying stories that I was being told information without looking for evidence. Sometimes I did have evidence, but evidence would give up a source.

So I would just still be the middle person and run with the story. I don’t do that anymore. Now it is okay. You’ve got this to say about this contestant, man or woman, fine. You put your name behind it or you prove with evidence, and then I’ll give you the platform. I have no problem giving the platform, the amount of platforms I have given to women in this franchise, and even in just reality TV, TV in general to speak up, I think speaks for itself.

Meredith Phillips, Bachelorette, Season 2, came on my podcast and for the first time publicly talked about being sexually assaulted and gave examples of what happened. You know, Nicole Kahn, the Coming Out for Love collaboration promoting LGBTQ. I let Craig Robinson speak. On suicide and then Alcoholics Anonymous and where he was at with that.

Ali Appleby, Miss Teen Dallas, speaking about being autistic, having a service dog and winning Miss Teen Dallas. In 2023, or was it 2022 that I did that? I think it was 2022. I gave Kelsey and Beth Kelsey, the one that was Nate. I can’t remember his last name off the top of my head. Nate’s ex girlfriend who Nate never even told in 18 months that he was dating her.

I have a daughter. Well, Steve, he was probably just hooking up with her. No, no, no, no. They dated for 18 months. And I said, Kelsey, I need proof of this. Fine. Steve. She sent me a Google drive where she literally gave me two An album of like 35 pictures and labeled the dates of when everything happened in their relationship.

That’s the kind of stuff I’m talking about. Beth came forward and talked about her stories with Aaron Clancy after everything that happened with Aaron Clancy and Genevieve on bachelor in paradise, giving those women a voice in their dealings with bachelor guys. Taylor Hale winner of big brother, 24, sharing her sexual assault story publicly for the first time on my podcast, Cassidy Timbrooks coming on my podcast, talking about her sobriety.

I mean, those are just off the top of my head. I know I’ve had other people on that I’ve allowed to share their story. And this is the kind of thing that I’m talking about. I have no problem giving people the platform for the longest time. I didn’t for the longest time I was the middleman and I was the one taking bullets for other people.

And I was the one that said, well, this guy’s an asshole because I heard he did this. Now, sometimes I did have proof. But I couldn’t share it. Sometimes I didn’t have proof. Obviously the biggest regret I ever have in the history of doing this reality, Steve was the Jenna Cooper story. Just tried to vet it, thought what I vetted was real and ended up not being.

So that’s what I mean. I feel like in 2024, we know this it’s very easy to just go online because there’s so many things that can be said online and people can not put a name or a face behind it and just say something that could absolutely ruin somebody else. And I think we have to be a little more careful, a little more cautious when we do stuff like that, because you are screwing with people’s lives.

When you come out and say that I’ve given every person who has come forward to me about Jen’s guys, and you know, which ones I’m talking about this season to speak their truth. Either privately to me, so I at least know what’s going on and at least know the full story, or giving them a public platform to say, Here’s who I am, this is how I know this guy, here’s what happened, and here’s some proof of it.

There is someone out there claiming something that they absolutely could have proof of, and yet I’ve yet to see it. And it’s a very harsh accusation to make against somebody When you would have proof for something like this, yet you’re refusing to share it. Black out your name, black out whatever pertinent information would be on that particular piece of paper.

That would support your story, but they don’t want to say anything. It’s like, I get it, because they know they’ll be heckled by the audience, especially if any of these men on GenSeason are given a good edit. I understand it. I’m very well aware. I’ve had numerous women since I changed over to doing this come to me and say, I want to talk about this guy.

No, this guy’s bad news. And the second I say, okay, I’ll give you the platform to talk, show your, you know, basically show your work, show some evidence, show some receipts. 24 hours later, they always come back and say, yeah, the more I thought about it, I just don’t want to get involved. You know, can you, can you say this?

No, I can’t. That’s what I mean. They’re out to ruin someone else’s life, but they don’t want to be a part of it. They just want to be the drive by. And they were using me as the drive by for years. And unfortunately, I took that role. Not anymore. So, come to say this. I think that we can get to a place where I have absolutely no problem giving people a platform.

And if we want to talk about Jen’s men, by all means, let’s talk about it. But you got to come forward. You got to put your name behind it and you got to provide receipts, just driving by and throwing out accusations, which may be true, but in this day and age, I’m just not automatically going to convict these guys in the court of public opinion because someone said they did something.

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