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Daily Roundup 6/19 – Judge Mata Rules On The Clayton Echard/Laura Owens Case, What Happens Next, Thoughts On The Judges Verbiage, & Feeling Vindicated

You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality see podcast. I am your host reality Steve Thank you all for tuning in on this Wednesday Let’s call it vindication Wednesday And that is because the judge in Arizona ruled yesterday that Clayton Eckerd is not the father was never the father never got Laura Owens pregnant and Actually referred Laura Owens over to the DA In Arizona.

So much stuff to go over here. That’s what today’s podcast will be about. I’m going to read some of my favorite things that the judge said in her 19 page summary in her judgment. We’ll get to that momentarily. This podcast is brought to you by Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Tropical visit, visit tropical smoothie cafes, 1400 plus locations order online or through their app.

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15 percent off your purchase shop. earthechofoods. com slash reality steve. Use the code reality steve at checkout to get 15 percent off your purchase. Okay, let’s get started with this. I’m going to read a lot. of what was in the judge’s summary yesterday. There’s so much stuff in there. You can find it online.

I did want to read the most pertinent things to you regarding this case. As Clayton Eckerd yesterday the judge ruled on it. You know, the trial was last Monday, the 10th, the judge ruled yesterday, the 18th only took her eight days. She had up to 60 days. But she was very, very thorough. Judge Mata, as we kind of knew this whole time was very much on the side of believing Clayton.

She was shooting down all the motions by Laura’s lawyer, and it just never made any sense, all the information that Dave Neal had given out over the last nine months, the judge had in her hands and she ruled accordingly. Look, the last time I spoke with Laura Owens over email was in January of this year.

And I basically was sick of her. And I said, you know what? I’m just going to leave this up to the Arizona courts. Good luck. You’re going to need it. And she didn’t get it. She did not get the luck that she needed because the judge absolutely hammered her yesterday as we all knew she would. Like nobody is really surprised by this except for two people, Laura Owens and her lawyer, David D Jingeris.

So let, let’s go over a couple of things. I’m going to read. A few of the things here that while it is a little bit long. You’ll know how hard the judge came down on her. And in this, I’m not going to say petitioner and I’m not going to say respondent because that’s going to get confusing to those who are just listening verbally.

I will just say Laura’s name where it says petitioner on here and I will say Clayton’s name when it says respondent. So one of the things that she wrote in here in her facts finding mission here said Laura, I was about to say petitioner, Laura testified that on October 18th, 2023, she was aware of the alleged pregnancies were not viable and filed the request for pre decree medication medication mediation in the hopes that at mediation, she could tell Clayton that the pregnancy was no longer viable upon denial of her request.

However, Laura did not file a motion to dismiss or make other arrangements to advise Clayton of the development. The court finds this testimony Uncredible and a misuse of judicial resources. Let me repeat that last point. The court finds her testimony, Laura Owens, uncredible and a misuse of judicial resources.

Laura was not treated by Dr. McCool or Dr. Higley as testified in her November 2nd, 2023 hearing. On the injunction against harassment. Laura’s alleged pregnancy was not treated by Dr. McCool, Dr. Higley, or any other person in person obstetrician or gynecologist. The court finds failure to seek in person care for a high risk pregnancy to be both.

Unreasonable and unreadable. That’s twice in four points. This judge has said she’s basically uncredible. The court finds further that going to ban health for a pregnancy test, but not the passage of fetal tissue to be unreasonable and unread. Third time, she’s called her uncredible. In five points, a reasonable person.

If seeking emergency room care to confirm a pregnancy would not rely on telehealth to confirm the non viability of the pregnancies. Ouch. Now here is something that the judge wrote. Judge Mata wrote about the doctor. That Laura’s lawyer called up, his name is Dr. Medchill, and she absolutely slays him in this.

The court finds Dr. Medchill’s testimony that 0. 1 percent chance that Laura received a false positive due to several medications she is in fact taking, possible trigger shot for HCG, and a prior history of ovarian cancer to diminish his credibility. Especially given that records that Laura testified existed were not presented to her own expert.

For review and consideration, Dr. Medchill testified that a blood HGC level of 102 is proof of a non viable pregnancy. While Dr. Medchill testified that a non viable pregnancy is still a pregnancy, the court finds that altering the number to reflect 102, 000, which would be a viable pregnancy to indicate that Laura intended for Clayton to believe that she was still pregnant with viable fetuses.

Dr. Medjiel concluded that Laura became pregnant on May 20th, 2023 and ended with a quote spontaneous abortion late October, early November, or possibly sooner in 2023 given the alterations of the only records to indicate pregnancy. The court does not accept this conclusion. Dr. Medjiel testified that women may expel tissue during a spontaneous abortion or the pregnancy might remain in her body.

Ultimately, ultimately being reabsorbed. And here was a final point about Dr. Mitchell, given that Laura testified under oath. At a prior hearing that she was absolutely 24 weeks pregnant and had seen her doctor, presumably in person, the court does not accept 24 week old twin fetuses would be reabsorbed into a mother’s body.

The court further finds a miscarriage at that stage of pregnancy would result in emergency medical care and corresponding death certificates of the twins. If what Dr. Mitchell testified is true and she miscarried much sooner, Negating the need for the death certificates. Then Laura perjured herself at a prior hearing.

I mean, this is an absolute obliteration of everything that Laura said on the stand and everything that she’s been BSing to myself, to Dave and to Clayton in emails since. Last September, since she went public with this story, like everything that the judge said, there is all stuff. Dave Neal has been talking about on his YouTube channel for months.

It is stuff that I just kept saying. There’s so many holes in this story. This doesn’t make sense. You cannot say I am 24 weeks pregnant with twins. And then two weeks later, say I lost the twins. And then it’s like, okay, but where are they 24 weeks? You didn’t just bleed out into a toilet. It doesn’t work that way at 24 weeks.

You have two fetuses. Where are they? And the judge is basically saying, well, this idea that they were absorbed into her body, total bullshit. Did not happen. Don’t believe it. Already called her uncredible five times in the fact finding mission. We’ll get to more in a second. This podcast is also brought to you by quince.

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