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Podcast #396 with Stefanie Parker & Jackie Maroney from “She’s All Bach” Podcast (And Transcripts)

We are joined this week by two women I met for the first time a couple weekends ago when they attended the Fan Appreciation Party in Vegas, Stefanie Parker & Jackie Maroney, from the “She’s All Bach” podcast. We talk about some of the stories from Vegas, most notably them hanging out with Jax & Schwartz at a pool party. Also, we discuss Vanderpump Rules, The Valley, the new Hulu show with 3 Bachelor Nation women, and much, much more. Before that, I discuss how I’m going to be doing a lot more YouTube videos in the coming future, and at some point, the Thursday podcast is going to be in video as well. Probably within the next month or so. So stay tuned for that. Also, discussing the Daily Roundup from earlier today where Laura Owens is at it again writing a blog post and questioning the integrity of the judge who basically ruled against her in the Clayton Echard paternity case. Enjoy…

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(SPOILERS) I begin by talking about the topics from the Daily Roundup, incl Laura Owens blog post, Mike Marraccini interview, Bachelor Nations response to Clayton, & Lala sharing her virginity story. Then Stefanie & Jackie join me (12:10) to talk about their first time attending the Fan Appreciation Party, meeting Jax & Schwartz in Vegas, Vanderpump Rules future, The Valley season 2, and much, much more.

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(SPOILER) Your Daily Roundup covers Laura Owens questioning the judge’s integrity, Mike Marraccini speaks out, how Bachelor Nation didn’t react to the Clayton story, & Lala Kent spills the deets on losing her virginity.

You can listen to that podcast on a number of platforms, but you can also tune in here:

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts,RSS, Stitcher, Spotify
Music written by Jimmer Podrasky
(B’Jingo Songs/Machia Music/Bug Music BMI)


You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality. See podcast. I am your host reality. Steve. Thank you all for tuning in on this Thursday. We’ll tell you what’s coming up on the weekly podcast in a couple of hours. Unfortunately, Laura Owens, or fortunately the way I kind of look at it, took to medium yesterday to write another blog about what she thought of judge Mata’s decision handed down on Tuesday.

Got thoughts on that. Also going to talk about last week’s pocket, I guess, podcast Megan Fox. Who had on Mike Maracini, who was the first quote unquote victim of Laura Owens back about eight years ago. I want to bring up something that Dave Neal discussed yesterday on his podcast. And finally going to get around to this story.

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Okay. Just wanted to mention that coming up in a couple hours on the weekly podcast. I believe it’s podcast number three 96. We are closely approaching 400 podcasts. That’s just the weekly podcast. Remember I started the daily podcast, July 11th of 2022. So we’re coming up on the two year anniversary of the daily roundup of which I haven’t missed one day of.

Yes, I will pat myself on the back for that because honestly, I didn’t think I was going to last two years Doing a daily roundup, but I have and I want to thank all of you for tuning in Yes podcast number 396 coming up in a couple hours and it is with she’s all batch We’ve got a lot to discuss. They attended the fan appreciation party in Vegas a couple weeks ago We’ve got some stories from there.

We talked a little bit about Vanderpump rules. We talked about the valley We also discuss who else did we talk about? Shit. I don’t even remember. We have a lot of good stuff to talk about and you’ll hear from Stephanie and Jackie coming up in a couple hours on podcast number three 96. Okay. Let’s get to it.

Laura Owens, the woman at the center of the plate Necker paternity scandal took to medium yesterday to write another blog, giving her thoughts on judge modest decision against her. Now, I will say this,

I actually enjoy when Laura writes blogs because she incriminates herself every time she does. She does the same exact thing every time, which is basically make herself the victim crying out for help, not help as in I need help, but please believe me, she never addresses the things that we’ve all been talking about for nine months.

You literally faked a sonogram, woman. Oh, but she says on the stand that’s not a big deal.

Faking ovarian cancer, all this stuff. She never addresses any of the stuff that we want to talk about. She just wants to go off on her own tangent. And you know what? At this point, you know, I’ve been saying, Look, for months, Laura Owens needs help. Laura Owens, and I’m telling her, she needs to get help.

Because she’s clearly not well. But then she comes out with blogs like this. Where she literally questions the integrity of a Arizona judge. You know what? I’m like, you know what, Laura, I want you writing blogs every day. I want to hear your thoughts every day about this case, because it’s just going to keep getting worse for and worse for you.

If you do, you know what judges don’t like their integrity questioned by someone they just ruled against, but you want to keep doing it. Go ahead. I ain’t going to stop you. You’re digging yourself such a big grave here and you’re digging yourself a bigger and bigger and bigger hole every time something comes out of your mouth on these medium articles that you write.

I mean, it just calling out the judge. I, you know, her lawyer, David Gingras said it, and she said it yesterday in her medium blog that basically two things that they brought up judge Maz’s father was at present during the trial, which while not illegal raises serious concerns, please, I want you to go into detail about what concerns those are.

He’s allowed to attend a trial. He’s allowed to have an opinion on a trial, just like I have for nine months, and just like Dave has for nine months. But because that opinion doesn’t line up with yours, all of a sudden they’re in the wrong, and the judge is biased. Well, no, clearly the judge wasn’t biased, because she actually did rule in your favor, where she didn’t take your order of protection against Clayton away.

So clearly they’re not completely biased. When 99 percent of the rest of the case went against you, you’re literally ignoring the fact that she did rule for you in one of the instances. So your claims that she’s biased fall on deaf ears. So the whole thing about Judge Mata’s husband, I was gonna say husband, Judge Mata’s dad being at the trial.

First off, did you ever see him? Did you ever talk to him? Did you ever hear one word that he said? Can you prove that he’s there? Everything you’re saying is hearsay. So we don’t even know if he was there. I was told he was there, but I don’t know what the guy looks like. So how do I know if what I was told was true?

Same with Megan Fox. That’s exactly what Megan Fox said. And this quote about, he said he was here for the shit show, that’s what Megan Fox said she heard. So you can’t say, this is what Judge Mata’s dad said at the trial. Number one, if he said that at the trial, he’s allowed to have an opinion. And number two, you don’t even know if he said it and you can’t prove that he said it.

So once again, another point that you make that is totally moot. The other thing that they’re saying is that her lawyer requested a direct response from judge Mona to verify these claims about her father being there. And they plan to file our concerns with commission of the judicial court, a conduct instead of answering David Gingras, his questions, she rushed to deliver her ruling where she cited almost entirely with Clayton.

Okay. So you said earlier in the day. You requested a direct response from Judge Mata to verify the claims about her dad being there, right? And then you said, by 5 p. m. the following day, when we plan to file our concerns, She had basically rushed to deliver her ruling. Laura, she had a 19 page ruling. You think from the time she received whatever she got to, you know, the one you, the, your concerns with the commission of the judicial conduct, you think she just typed out 19 pages?

Of nine months worth of evidence in just hours. So she could avoid that. Yeah, probably not. June 10th was the trial. She delivered her ruling on June 18th. She had eight days that she worked on this for you to think for a second. She just pumped one out in a few hours because she just wanted to get it out there.

After your lawyer asked for a direct response from her again, total garbage. She didn’t just put it out there in a couple hours. It was 19 pages long. Wrong again. She says the ruling defies logic, medical evidence, and even Clayton’s own version of what happened that night. Look, you can go read the Medium blog yourself.

My whole point now with Laura Owens is keep writing blogs. This whole idea, this whole notion that you’re ever gonna listen to anybody who tells you you need to get some help, I’m not gonna push it anymore. I’m done saying it. I’m done showing any Like the least bit of empathy for you, because if you’re not going to show empathy for anything you did, why would I show empathy for you?

You have made it clear you are going to quadruple, quintuple, sextuple down on every single thing in regards to this case. You don’t think you’ve ever done anything wrong. You’re going to sit there and scream from the mountaintops, you’ve been pregnant before, you, you were pregnant by Clayton. None of us believe you.

Nor should we. You’ve proven nothing. All you keep doing is going back to the fact that you peed on five sticks and they showed a pregnancy. It is utterly ridiculous. Again. Why don’t you ever address the fact that you never produced one thing from your patient portal that showed, Oh yeah. So on OBGYN, she said I was pregnant.

You just, you can’t do it. You know why? Cause you didn’t even see a doctor that examined you and said you were pregnant. You’re calling telehealth, 800 numbers. You’re peeing on sticks. I’m sorry. That’s not the result. That is not proof. That you were a pregnant woman. I’m sorry. It doesn’t work that way.

We’ve asked for the basics. Oh, here’s a picture of my stomach. Not good enough. Why don’t you just tell Laura, you could have fucking won this case. You could have won this case. If all you would do was show the report from the Planned Parenthood you went to, but you made that up to because you said you went on July 2nd in LA the day of the trial, which you never gave to the lawyers beforehand, which clearly shows you’re trying to prove and trying to hide something.

And then we find out, Oh yeah, by the way, Planned Parenthood is closed on Sundays in Los Angeles and July 2nd, 2023 was a Sunday. So again, Judge Mata laid everything out there. She told you you were not credible six different times. And of course I get it. You’re going to fight for yourself and you’re going to fight back, but you don’t have a leg to stand on because you’ve lied so much.

You’ve lost all credibility, not only with a judge, but with the public and writing blog posts, basically just crying about how you got your ass kicked in, in court. Isn’t going to win over anybody. And, you know, still I’ll say this till the end of time, it’s been 10 months that this has been going on, Laura, and not one person from your camp has decided to ever email myself, Dave, Neil, or Clayton defending you.

Do you not have any friends? Do you not have one person? You don’t have a cousin as well. You have a sister. Your sister has never come out in your defense anywhere publicly. If this shit happened to me, I guarantee my sister who doesn’t even go on social media all that much would be coming out, defending me, your sister.

You have a sister who hasn’t spoken out once in your defense. Don’t you think that’s a little weird? You haven’t, I’m not even talking about your sister. Your sister’s married, she’s got a husband. Your brother in law, he hasn’t said a word. I don’t believe a word your dad wrote on that Facebook page because your dad is basically incapacitated.

I don’t believe he took the time to write a Facebook post saying, leave my daughter alone, she’s being harassed. I don’t even think he understands what’s going on, based on the video that you showed me, that you gave to me and said, hey, this is my dad rubbing my belly. No it wasn’t. It was even right rubbing your sister’s belly when she was pregnant in early 2023 and she delivered end of May, beginning of June, 2023.

This is the stuff that I mean, you know, but Hey, keep writing blog posts because all you’re doing is digging yourself a bigger and bigger hole and tell your lawyer, David Gingras. I want him to keep tweeting. I want him to keep writing blog posts about questioning the integrity of the judge as well because judges love that judges love handing down their decision and having lawyers basically tell them.

She’s barely been a judge for very long. She’s not really good at her job. I’ve never really seen any other thing. Look at what she did in this case. It’s like, yeah, keep pressing the buttons of the judicial system in Arizona. See where that gets you. But Hey. You don’t listen to me for anything else. So I hope you don’t listen to me for this and I hope you just keep posting blog posts or you know, I hope you actually do listen to me on this and keep posting blog posts because that’s what I want you to do because you’re embarrassing yourself.

It looks terrible and no one’s believing anything you say in anything that you write because you’ve lied for nine months. And you’ve lied for years before that with Greg Gillespie and Mike Miracini. This podcast is brought to you by Mint Mobile. Mint Mobile has phone plans for 15 a month when you purchase a three month plan.

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