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Daily Roundup 6/21 – Laura Owens Writes ANOTHER Post – Then Deletes It, My Live Stream Saturday Night, Joan’s Golden Bachelorette Starts Filming, & Jax Talks The Valley

You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality. See podcast. I am your host reality. Steve. Thank you all for tuning in. Good Friday show for you heading into the weekend. Unfortunately, Laura Owens can’t keep her mouth shut. She posted again yesterday. And then deleted it within an hour.

But there’s something called archives. We’ve got that for ya. I’m gonna talk a little bit about the live stream that’s gonna happen this weekend. Joan, our golden bachelorette, began filming last night. We also find out, and she did a pre show interview, she was in an 80’s movie. Didn’t have a big role, but she was in it.

Also Jax on his podcast says there was a lot of drama in season one that was never even shown. I’m going to make sure stuff gets shown in season two. Great. Anyway, we’ll get to all that momentarily. It’s podcast brought to you by tropical smoothie, tropical smoothie. Cafe brings you. Believes that you deserve a little vacay every day, not just once a year.

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We know that Laura Owens has done at least three or four of those, at least in regards to the Clayton case. So she had stuff on there before we ever knew anything about her, but on the Clayton case, and they’re still up, just Google Laura Owens medium and it’ll come up well yesterday, she basically wrote the same thing, but she wrote it on her Facebook page for her podcast.

Her podcast is called nobody told me. I don’t even think they do new episodes anymore. They just run, rerun a bunch of old stuff. Cause. If she is running new episodes, how you’re leaving out the fact that you were in this case for the last nine months is beyond me, but everybody that’s tuned in to listen and says she doesn’t even address anything that’s going on in her life.

So these must be all old episodes that she’s doing. However, on the nobody told me Facebook page yesterday, she made a statement, which is basically a shorter summary of her medium article, but then she deleted it within an hour. However, Again, you’re deleting it for a reason. Either Jingerus messaged you from a yacht in Europe and said, Stop writing shit.

You’re making things worse for yourself or she thought, you know what, maybe I shouldn’t have this out there. It’s probably not a good idea. Put it this way. She didn’t delete it because what she thought she wrote was great. There’s why else would you delete something an hour after you post it? Well, anyway, just skimming through this.

It’s basically a lot. It’s almost like a cliff notes version, a shorter version of her medium blog. Where she said, again, goes after judge Mata and says, uh, again, their, her father attended the trial, conversing with the justice for Clay Clayton Colt, who had traveled from all over the country for a hearing and allegedly said he was here for the shit show.

We were planning to request a new judge due to this blatant conflict of interest. She avoided secret scrutiny by quickly delivering her decision. Again, we went over this yesterday. Judge Mata had. Eight days to write 19 pages. She didn’t quickly put together a 19 page summary of a two hour trial. It’s not how it works.

But of course, ending that Laura says goes and we’re all wrong. We’re the ones in the wrong, not her. She continued by saying the ruling was nearly entirely in Clayton’s favor. Clayton says I gas lit him into believing I was pregnant. Really? This is after he admitted he’d say anything to me to make me have an abortion, which you can hear for yourself.

In the deposition clips I shared in my medium article, if that wasn’t an option, he even told me that one of us would take a hundred percent custody weird thing for a guy to say if he didn’t believe our hookup had led to me becoming pregnant, right?

This woman lives in an alternate reality, and this woman has some issues that I don’t even know how far back they extend. I really don’t, because I just don’t know enough about her past, but for her to say, Oh, he treated me poorly, and why would he tell me to take a pregnancy test if he never thought I got pregnant?

Laura, don’t you realize the reason he was telling you to take a pregnancy test is because he wanted it to come back false? To prove that you were lying because at that time he wasn’t thinking of all this crazy stuff and didn’t probably know anything about HCG levels and stuff like that. So he was like, yeah, I’m going to be honest with you here and I’m going to be open and vulnerable here.

I had this same exact thing happen to me, not as extreme. As Laura, but I had an ex who wanted to keep me around and claim that she was pregnant and she did it twice, twice. And I said the same exact thing to Clayton because in the back of my mind, I knew she wasn’t pregnant, but I also had a heart and I didn’t want to come across as, by the way, the second time she, uh, claimed she was pregnant.

We had already broken up. We had hooked up, but we had already broken up. So it was her way of keeping me around. And, you know, and I’ve told this story, I don’t know if you’ve heard it, but, uh, But you know how her, what her proof to me was, it was almost as foolproof as Laura sending me the stuff that she did.

You know, neurologist appointment and here’s my belly in the mirror and here’s a sonogram I stole off the internet from six years ago. You know what my ex did? She sent me a screenshot of the period calendar in her phone, said, look, this is when we hooked up. This is when I missed my period. I’m like, really?

This is your proof that you’re pregnant. You realize I could download a period app in my phone right now and put this is the day I had sex This is the day. I was supposed to have a period it didn’t happen like you manually do it your phone isn’t attached to your Cycle it’s I do as far as I know. You know what?

I just spoke out of turn there Maybe I’m unaware. Maybe there is a phone and an app out there that actually is Can read whether or not you are having your period so I apologize if there is but when this happened This was back in 2015 I didn’t believe there was and I knew she wasn’t pregnant and obviously she ended up not being pregnant never was and You know admitted the lie to me years later But that was the one thing about my ex that I respect her for it took her a year and a half But she had to come to Jesus moment and came to me a year and a half later and admitted everything that she made all it up and she was struggling and she didn’t want to lose me.

So I, and I’ve forgiven her. We’ve remained, um, in contact, you know, I don’t believe we’re ever going to get back together, but I at least respect the fact that. While it took her a while and while she did so many things during our relationship that I had to bite my tongue on I At least respect the fact that she came clean and said you know what I made a lot of stuff up all stuff that in My head during the relationship.

I’m like I want to call her out on this But I look like the shitty boyfriend if she tells me something that’s really affecting her And I say I don’t believe you But I can tell you now after the fact everything she told me during the relationship Where she told me something that was negatively affecting her And I wanted to call her out on it and say, that’s a lie.

No, it didn’t happen to you. I was right. So that’s why it’s very hard for me to believe anything when it comes to Laura. But just for her to say like, he, he told me to take a pregnancy test. Why would you ask me to take a pregnancy test? If you never thought in a million years, you could have gotten me pregnant.

Um, for the same exact reason, I told mine X to take a pregnancy test because I didn’t believe her for a second. And I told her, let’s do it over FaceTime. And I want to watch you. I’d said the same thing and you know what she did? She hung up on me. So there you go. Anyway, um, Clayton has utilized this situation to extend his 15 minutes of fame doing an interview this week with people and recently appearing on the Charlie Kirk show after he explained his version of why I took him to court in the first place.

Again, just, you realize that every time that Laura writes some sort of blog posts or anything like this, again, never addresses the fact that Laura, you have said that you. Had taken an ultrasound. Now you, you, you, you went wonky on the dates. Was it July 7th? Was it July 2nd? Was it June 28th? Was it in orange County?

Was it in LA? Whatever the case may be, whenever it was, which you still claim happened and you saw planned parenthood. Okay. All you have to do, all you have to do is produce that ultrasound and you literally win your case and you can shut everybody up, you know, everybody. You and your lawyer, David Gingras, you keep fighting about when you went, when you canceled appointments, you never went here, but you went there, but you never talk about the results of the appointment that you allegedly kept, or you would be screaming from the rooftops, here’s my ultrasound, and you would have submitted it as evidence, obviously much more important to submit your ultrasound as evidence rather than post it online, and you would But you see what we’re saying here?

Like, this is what we’re questioning you about. I’ll even give you the fact I’ll even take you at your word, even though I don’t believe a word you say for this particular argument, I will take you at your word and say, okay. I believe you when you say you went to Planned Parenthood. I don’t care where it was.

Mission Viejo, LA. I don’t care where it was. You said you went there and in court documents, you said you read these to a judge, and this was under oath. I took a photo of the sonogram screen with my phone. But I did not want Clayton to know where I had gone for the appointment. To conceal that information, I modified the image to change the facility name from Planned Parenthood to SMIL, Sottsdale Medical Imaging.

And I also changed the date from July 2nd to July 7th, 2023. A copy of the modified sonogram image is shown below. You wrote that. You gave that as testimony under oath. Did I just, and, oh sorry, in the paragraph before that, you said, My mother drove me to Planned Parenthood on July 2nd, but she did not come into the facility with me.

I went into the appointment alone, and I explained my situation to the care provider. As part of my evaluation, the care provider at Planned Parenthood performed a sonogram on me and verified that I was, in fact, pregnant. Perfect. Great. That’s what somebody who felt that she was pregnant would do. Let’s go to Planned Parenthood.

Let’s get this sonogram and prove it. You said that under oath. It is in writing. I’m reading it from court documents. Where is the sonogram? If you have this, why wasn’t it brought up in court? You realize you win the case, Laura, you win the case. 99 percent of judge Monta’s decision isn’t against you. If you provide this sonogram where you literally said, I went to planned parenthood, they performed a sonogram on me and verify that I was in fact, pregnant, great.

None of us believe that’s ever true. We know you lied about that, but if it was true and we’re taking you at your word for it, which I’m going to in this argument, just so I can say to you, where’s the sonogram that shows that

just. Absolutely gaslighting everybody. It is crazy, but that was pretty much her statement on her Facebook post for her podcast that she deleted within an hour. It’s just, this thing gets crazier and crazier. This podcast is brought to you by Quince. Whenever I’m gearing up for next trip, such as procrastinator.

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