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Daily Roundup 6/24 – This Past Weekends Live Stream, Who Stole The Show, Jenn’s Early Episode Spoilers, Kaitlyn Podcast Guest Getting National Attention, & Taylor and Travis Break The Internet Again

You are listening to the Daily Roundup here as part of the Reality Steve podcast. I am your host, Reality Steve. Thank you all for tuning in on this Monday. Got a lot to go over. We’re going to talk about the live stream from this past Saturday night, the schedule going forward that I’ve decided on. We are going to also talk about Jen’s spoilers that I also went over Saturday night in the live stream who stole the show in the live stream on Saturday night.

There definitely was one person judging by the response. We’re going to talk a little bit more about Laura Owens and what she has done since the verdict came down last Tuesday. We’re also going to talk about a story that involves Caitlin Bristow, but it’s more on the sports side and maybe we’ll get to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelsey breaking the internet this weekend.

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Okay, let’s get going. The live stream on Saturday night, my return to YouTube after seven years. I thought it went great. I enjoyed doing it. I’m still working through the technical kinks. If you watched all of it or some of it, you saw me working through it. I just need to get used to it. That’s the first one I’ve done in seven years.

And I did it through a different system called stream yard. So I just need to get used to it. I thought it went off pretty smoothly. And one thing that I mentioned on the podcast, I’m going to, I guarantee this is something I’m going to be doing too. I’m going to be calling my live stream or YouTube, a podcast.

I just am because I’m so used to saying the word podcast. I’m not used to saying live stream, but I was talking about, well, I don’t know what my schedule is going to be going forward. I do want to do a weekly live stream. I’ve decided that it’s going to be on Sunday nights and it’s going to be on Sunday nights at 8 p.

m. Eastern time. So starting this upcoming Sunday night and you’ll be notified once again on social media, I’m going to do it on Sunday nights at 8 p. m. Eastern time and go live. Sometimes I’ll have guests, sometimes I’ll have bachelorette spoilers, sometimes it’ll just be a Q and a where I take your questions for 45 minutes to an hour like we used to do in the past.

The one thing though that I will do or that I will say is it’s going to be on Sunday nights for about the next two and a half months because once football season starts, I got to change the day. I’m not going to do it on Monday nights because. It’ll be Monday night football. I don’t see myself doing it on Tuesday nights.

I’m thinking it’s gonna end up being Friday or Saturday nights I don’t know for sure yet But that’s looking to be what it is and probably not Saturday because that’s college football season I can miss a couple Friday night college football games, but that’s looking to be what it’s gonna be is gonna be Friday nights September 8th will be the first Sunday going forward that I won’t have it on Sunday night because I’ll be in Vegas for first week of NFL season.

So, I’ll figure it out. I’ll figure out when we’re going to do it. I might have to skip that week because I’ll be in Vegas that weekend. The weekend after that, my guess is we’re starting to do it on Friday nights, but for the time being starting this upcoming Sunday, live stream is going to be every Sunday night at 8 p.

m. Eastern time. I will say for this past weekend’s show, there is one man and one man only that stole the show on the live stream based on the response from you guys. And that was Umberto. Courtney Robertson’s husband. He was great. He works in the prosecutor’s office in Maricopa County and actually for the state.

So he works in a few counties, but just giving his insight to the Laura Owens case, Clayton Eckerd case, I thought he was excellent. I had spoken to him about two days earlier. And Wednesday or Thursday earlier in the week, and he had given me his thoughts, pretty much everything that he said on the live stream on Saturday night.

And I was like, man, I got to bring him on when I do a live stream, or I was going to bring him on the podcast to talk about it. But now, you know, he has made himself very well known. With his live stream appearance on Saturday. And I mean, there are people calling for him to have his own YouTube show. Now, now maybe Courtney and Umberto will get their own YouTube show together.

Might be tough with three kids because it means every time they film, I would assume they would have to get a babysitter or have one of their in laws come and watch the kids. But Yeah, people clamoring for Humberto to have his own YouTube show. And I think that’s great because I thought he was, he was excellent.

He really was and very well spoken, great guy and glad he could chime in on Saturday. Again, I appreciate everybody who donated and like I said, this donation. For me, it’s just if you want to support the YouTube channel that I have going now. I’m not, I’m not begging. I’m not asking if you want, you can, if you don’t.

No skin off my back. It’s fine, but I’m going to give people the option to do it. And then when the YouTube can get monetized, obviously the super chats are involved there. So you could do it then as well. Now, one of the main things, the first thing I started with on the live stream on Saturday night, if you missed it, which is.

You can still go check it out. It’s just go to my YouTube page, just go to youtube. com and do a search for reality. Steve, you’ll see the thumbnail of the live stream from Saturday night. So you can go watch it. It’s two hours long, but you can go through it. You can read the chat and you can read the comments, whatever you want to do.

One thing that I did cover in the beginning, about five minutes in to about the 15 minute mark was spoilers that I threw in there for Jen season, because we do know that you know, obviously Jen’s season is done filming, but I’d given you stuff here and there, but I hadn’t given you a breakdown of any episode by episode spoilers.

Basically, I have your first three episodes ready to go for you first night. It happens 25 men. She eliminates seven on the first night. That’s Brendan Barnum, Brett Harris, Dakota Nobles, Kevin McDevitt, Matt Arnold, Moe Smith, and Ricky Marinez. Then they go to Australia immediately for episode two. The first date of the season is a group date and that’s the comedy date.

On that date was Aaron Erb, Brian Otts Devin Strader, Grant Ellis, Jeremy. What am I, why am I blanking on Jeremy’s name? Last name, Jeremy Simon Jonathan Johnson, Sam Najad, and Marvin Goodley. The first one on one of the season in episode two, that is with Marcus Sjoberg. We’ve seen that in the previews.

They go skydiving at Point Ormond Hill. And then there is a nine person group date at I believe a zoo in Australia. It is with let me get the guy’s names again, sorry. Oops. Spencer. Spencer Conley, John Mitchell, Dylan Bucker, Austin Ott, Hakeem Moulton, Jahan Ansari, Sam McKinney, Thomas Nguyen. And Thomas Asano.

And then in episode two, it goes from 18 to down to 15 guys. And the three guys eliminated in episode two are Hakeem Moulton, Jahana Ansari, and Marvin Goodley. So we’ve got 15 guys to start episode three. Episode three is a group, excuse me, it starts out with a one on one date. With Spencer, they go to a helicopter that takes them to the Twelve Apostles tourist site.

Then there is the stripper date, which we went over. That is Devin, Dylan, Grant, John M. That’s with the two Johns, two Thomases, and two Sams. So you got John Mitchell, Jonathan Johnson, Sam McKinney, Sam Najad, Thomas Nguyen, Thomas Asano. Then you got Devin Strader, Dylan Bucker, Grant Ellis, and Marcus Sjoberg.

So that’s the, those are your 10 guys on the stripper group date. And then there’s a four on one racing date for guys. So it’s a group date and it’s with Austin, Aaron, and Jeremy. The fourth guy I do not know. And that’s the thing that kind of sets in motion. The next few episodes, episodes four, five, four and five, which if I get that fourth person wrong on the racing data, it’s going to get something wrong in episodes four and five and possibly also episode six, episode six, we know is Seattle.

And I can tell you that we’ve got seven guys in Seattle, which we, which we know about. And, I know six of the seven. So I’m looking for that seventh guy. And then for hometowns, we know three of the four are Jeremy, Devin, and Marcus, and two of the three overnights are Marcus and Devin because they are the final two.

So that fourth person who got a hometown date is also the third. Overnight date because Jeremy did get eliminated at final four. So as I find out this stuff, I will relay it onto you, but that’s what I had given away on Saturday. Just wanted to give it for you here for those that didn’t watch the live stream on Saturday.

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