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Daily Roundup 6/25 – Bachelorette Jenn Info, Golden Bachelorette Filming At Disneyland Yesterday, More On Laura Owens & Her Lawyer, & The Challenge Season 40 Cast Revealed

You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality. Steve podcast. I’m your host reality. Steve. Thank you all for tuning in a good episode for you this Tuesday. Got a little bit of Jen stuff to go over for you. The golden bachelorette Joan goes on a one on one date yesterday at Disneyland.

We’re going to talk a little bit more about Laura Owens. I never actually got into it yesterday. I mentioned it in the open and then I never even talked about it. So we’re going to talk about her and her lawyer and some of the things that I went over on Saturday that if you weren’t watching the live stream that I want to reiterate yet again, and then the challenge season 40.

Is battle of the eras, most contestants they’ve ever had to start a season. We now know the cast. Look, it’s been out there for a while, but it was officially announced yesterday and we got a start date and all that, and we will get to all that. Momentarily, this podcast is brought to you by Earth Echoes Cacao Bliss.

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All right, let’s start off with a couple things. I went over the spoilers for the first three episodes on for Jen’s season on Saturday’s live stream. I do have one thing I want to correct about that. I had said that. Sam Najad goes home in episode three. He does not. He definitely goes home after that. He makes it to episode four at least.

So here’s the deal. First episode we know starts with 25 goes down to 18. So they start episode two with 18. Three men are eliminated in episode two. That’s Akeem Moulton, Jahan Ansari, and Marvin Goodley. So 15 start episode three. I know that Thomas Asano goes home in episode three. I know that Aaron Erb is, as I said, on Saturday, if you weren’t listening, he basically gets called to flight school, I guess he has to go back.

So he kind of self eliminates and he’s going to get some sort of a hero edit because he’s leaving the show to go fly for our country. And I also believe that Brian outs is also limited in episode three. There’s one other person because 11 people go to episode four in New Zealand and that one other person, while I think I know who it is, if I can nail this down, I will have.

Basically your episode by episode dates and eliminations. Not going to have all the group date roses. I’m not going to have what exactly they did on each date, but I will have everything I need nailed down because here’s the deal. When they start episode four in New Zealand, they do episode four and episode five in Auckland, New Zealand.

We know episode six is in Seattle and we know seven guys are there. So the one thing I guess I don’t know in terms of breakdown, if we’re just using numbers is. We start episode four in New Zealand with 11. We know that 7 in episode 6 start in Seattle. So it goes from 11 to 7 in the two episodes in New Zealand.

What I don’t know is it 11 to 9 and then 9 to 7? Is it 11 to 10 and then 10 to 7? I don’t think so. I do think if I had to guess and based on the notes that I have here, let me double check that probably should have done this, pull this out earlier. I don’t know. I, it’s either obviously, I mean, does it make the most sense to go from 11 Yes, because they’ve done that in the past, but maybe they do An episode where it’s, you know, two rose ceremonies and one guy eliminates himself and it’s 11 to eight in episode four and it only goes from eight to seven and episode five.

We don’t know yet. That’s the one thing I don’t know, but we do know for a fact, 11 guys went to New Zealand. Seven guys went to Seattle and they spent two episodes in New Zealand, episodes four and five. So four people eliminate and you know what, if I can find out this exact elimination, then I just might leave it as, Hey, I don’t know the episode breakdown for the two episodes in New Zealand, but I can pretty much tell you these are the four guys that go home in some order from 11 to seven.

And I think once I find out who this fourth guy in episode three was, I’ll have your final four and your final three. That’s how important this one is. And I just don’t want to mistake on it. Even though I’ve given you your final two and your winner already, I know you want everything laid out there. And I think hopefully I will get it by this weekend.

Cause you know, I’m doing the live streams every Sunday night and I hope to have some sort of bachelorette information every Sunday night or talking about the bachelorette every Sunday night on the live stream before we get into questions and possible guests and stuff like that. So keep that in mind.

Now, the other thing. To talk about is the fact that the golden bachelorette has started filming. There was a group date that was open to the public on Sunday. There was a one on one date yesterday and it was at Disneyland. There are pictures out there of Joan with her date, but the show has not released any of the men and they probably won’t release any of Joan’s men until they’re done filming.

So we won’t know this guy’s name until. I don’t know. Either somebody puts it out there and sees the picture and says, I know that guy or somebody messages me or whatever the case may be. I don’t know his name yet. We have pictures of the guy and it’s on a Disneyland Facebook page and might have some other pictures coming to me because somebody saw them last night.

Regardless, she has started filming group date on Sunday, one on one yesterday. There’ll be a group date today. Rose ceremony. Number two will be tomorrow. And from what I was told this whole season, we’ll film in LA until they do hometowns and overnights. That’s what I was told. Maybe there’s one other location, but.

As far as I know, they’re filming in L. A. and the guys are staying at the original mansion because Jesse Palmer posted from the mansion on Thursday night in case you missed, no, no, excuse me. Yeah, the 21st is when filming started when I was told. So 21st, oh, sorry. 21st was a Friday. That was past Friday night.

So 21st, they move in 22, which is the 22nd, which was Saturday. That was an off day. And then group date Sunday, one on one yesterday, group date today, and rose ceremony tomorrow. And literally as I’m recording this, by the way, I’m re I had a late start because I was watching the sports last night. I was watching the college baseball world series, and I also play poker online with the boys on Monday nights.

And we ended. I’m not recording this till midnight, so we’re actually into Tuesday morning before I even started recording the daily roundup and I still have to record sports daily anyway, as I’m recording this, I do get a picture and a video of Joan at the pirates of the Caribbean, like right outside where that where the sign of the pirates of the Caribbean is she’s standing right behind it and she’s in a blue princess dress.

She’s kind of looking out like with that. Wandering look on her face. Small, short video. The guy, let me see if the guy is in this video. I don’t think he is. So it’s just a picture and then a video of her standing there. It’s like eight seconds long and it’s just her standing out on a balcony, you know, looking out, wondering where her prince charming is and whatnot.

I mean, that’s just my guess. I’m wondering where her Prince charming is, but yeah, they have her standing there on the balcony right above the pirates of the Caribbean sign. So she’s in a blue princess dress. So look for that for Joan and episode number two and her first one on one of the season. This podcast is brought to you by way.

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