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Daily Roundup 6/26 – Jenn On Call Her Daddy Podcast Today, Golden Bachelorette Joan, Laura Owens Is Taking My Advice, US Weekly’s Cover Story This Week, & A Podcast Plug

You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality. Steve podcast. I’m your host reality. Steve. Thank you all for tuning in on this Wednesday afternoon or morning. Or evening, whenever you’re choosing to listen to this podcast, good show for you today. We are going to talk a little bit about the live stream this weekend.

We’ve got Jen Tran from the bachelorette, the bachelorette. She’s going to be on call her daddy today. Joan, the golden bachelorette, obviously still filming her season, posted a couple of pictures yesterday. I’ve got an update on Laura Owens. She’s listening to me. Not listening to me in terms of my podcast.

Maybe she is, maybe she isn’t. I think she is because she listens to everything, but I think she might actually be taking my advice. She posted another article yesterday on medium. Holy shit. Us weekly has a cover story on you guessed it, Travis and Taylor. And then I also want to bring your attention to something, a movie that.

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First off, let’s start with this. Livestream on my YouTube channel. Just go to realitysteve on YouTube. And you will find my channel going to do a live stream every Sunday night at 8 PM Eastern time. And these going forward will probably just be an hour. You know, when I did last Saturday night, I did it for two hours, but I had a lot to go over, had Dave on, had Courtney on, had Alberto on, they’re going to be live every Sunday night from eight at eight o’clock and I’ll probably go for going to try and keep them around an hour, 45 minutes to an hour.

What I did want to say though, is for tomorrow’s weekly podcast, as of right now, I’ve got emails out for the last three days for people and I haven’t gotten much of a response, so if I can’t record a Thursday podcast tomorrow, what I’m going to do is I’m just going to clip Umberto Courtney’s husband from the last live stream last Saturday night, and I’m going to use that as my Thursday podcast, because a lot of you said he was the best part of the YouTube Livestream, which I agree with not saying that Courtney and Dave weren’t good, but.

People hadn’t really heard from Umberto before. You’ve heard Dave on my podcast numerous times. You’ve heard Courtney numerous times. That’s the first time you ever heard Umberto. And I thought he was excellent and Arizona prosecutor and really had some interesting thoughts in regards to the case that maybe a lot of people hadn’t thought of based on the comments that I was reading and the comments that were sent to me, they were like, he really brought up some points that I hadn’t even thought of in this case, so if I don’t record with anybody tomorrow, which probably would be tough to do, I absolutely will.

Have Umberto and just take that. It was about 30 minutes that he was on and I’m just going to use that clip and we’ll go with that. And that’ll be this week’s podcast tomorrow on the weekly podcast, which is number three 97. One thing that a couple of you have sent to me. In regards to the live stream and I told you numerous times during the live stream, the one thing that’s driving me nuts is the fact that my camera focuses in and out and it’s usually when I have a hand up near my face at times and some of you have said to me, well, why don’t you sit further back from the camera or move the camera back?

Here’s the problem with that. I can’t sit further back from the camera because I’m talking into a microphone and the microphone is at the edge of my desk and the camera is on top of my monitor and my monitor is about as far back as it can go on my desk. So that’s the issue. What’s going to happen is this camera that I have, while it is an HD camera, it is old.

It is, I’ve had this thing at least 10 years. So I’m going to invest in a better camera. And A camera that was sent to me by my, my it guy, Brad, who you saw on the live stream on Saturday. I was like, what camera do you have, man? Cause you look perfectly clear and he sent me the link and I’m gonna get it simple as that.

So I don’t know when I’m going to get it probably within the next month or so I’m going to go buy that camera. But so just know, just know that’s happening. That’s why I can’t really do anything about it until then. Maybe I hope to get it by podcast number 400 by July 18th, because that’s the one where it’s going to be number 400 as for bachelorette.

Jen, I’m sure you saw the promo yesterday on the call her daddy podcast. I don’t know what time call her daddy. I don’t know what time Alex releases her podcast, but Jen’s going to be on it today, probably going to be pretty standard in the fact that she will talk. She’ll tease some stuff in regards to her season, talk about Joey season.

And take it from there. All I ask of Jen is one thing, one thing, and one thing only that I want from Jen to come from this call her daddy podcast that I hope she doesn’t do, please, please, please Jen, and I know you’ve already recorded it, so it doesn’t matter what I say, you either did this or you didn’t, but please don’t say bitch.

In every other sentence when you’re talking to her. I understand that that’s Alex’s thing and you go bitch and yeah bitch. You don’t need to say it every other sentence to try and fit in with her audience. Just don’t do it. It sounds terrible. Just my advice. She’s already recorded it. Like I said, so we’ll find out today how many times Jen says bitch in her answer.

Let’s hope it’s zero or very few. Bachelorette the golden Bachelorette still filming. Obviously they’re only in episode number two right now. And yesterday I believe they filmed at a local community theater, but as we know. It happened with the golden bachelor with Gary, and it looks like it’s happening with Jones season as well.

We’re not going to get Jones men headshots and their names and their age and where they’re from and what they do for a living until probably after the season is done filming, which is going to be around end of July. So. The pictures that I posted yesterday on social media, there was a Disneyland Facebook page where somebody posted pictures and had Joan with her man during the day, you could clearly see his face, but we don’t even know the guy’s name and nobody has come to me at least since that picture came out.

And told me his name. So I don’t know who he is. And then I posted the short video and the photo I got last night. Remember when I was recording last night’s podcast, I said, I just got an email of Joan above the pirates of the Caribbean sign in a blue princess dress, kind of gazing over the balcony. And that’s what I showed you.

But as far as the pictures you can see them on my Instagram stories and you can also see them on my Twitter. I don’t know who he is. If somebody knows who he is, by all means, contact me, but know nothing about this guy. So it’s just like, okay, we have Joan. Standing next to her date her one on one date, and then we have her sending us to him at Disneyland But when we know absolutely nothing about this guy don’t know his name don’t know his age Don’t know where he’s from don’t know what he does for a living.

It’s just like okay We’re just watching two people on a date, and we got two still photos of them or three It’s like you can’t really tell anything by that, but He got the first one on one of the season. This is going to be a longer season than Gary’s. So I guess she has that going for her and I will keep you updated.

Tonight is Rose ceremony. Number two, obviously when I don’t even know the men that are there, it’s impossible to know what’s going on. Who’s gone home. So this is going to be another deal where unless stuff gets out pictures wise around LA, we’re just not going to have a lot of info on this season.

The main thing you’re going to want is who are the guys that got hometown dates? Who are the overnight guys? Where do they go for overnights? And who did she pick? That’s really all I care about finding out about this season. This podcast is brought to you by Prolon life. These days, people are learning about the benefits of fasting, like weight loss, mental and physical performance and gut health, but worry about the whole not eating part when it comes to fasting.

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