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Podcast #397 – Interview with Humberto Preciado, Prosecutor For The State Of Arizona & Husband of Courtney Robertson (And Transcripts)

On my first YouTube live stream in 7 years last Saturday night, I brought Humberto Preciado on, an Arizona state prosecutor and husband of Courtney Robertson, to get his thoughts on the Clayton/Laura Owens case. He was so good and got positive reviews, I figured I would I replay it for those of you who didn’t watch on YouTube. Not to mention, I had at least 5 emails out for guests this week and didn’t get timely responses. So it was only fitting to re-run Humberto’s appearance. There is about a minute in there where his audio cuts in and out. And also, Dave Neal was on the YouTube live with me at the time and he chimed in with questions of his own. A great appearance by Humberto that a lot of were complimentary of and I couldn’t have agreed more. He was great. If you wanna watch the video of it, it starts around the 1 hr and 21 min mark of last Saturday’s YouTube livestream. Great to have Humberto on and will definitely have him on again in the future. Enjoy…

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(SPOILERS) I begin by talking Jenn on Call Her Daddy’s podcast and the LA Times piece yesterday on the Bachelors lack of diversity casting. Then I play Humberto’s appearance (9:46) from last Saturday’s live talking about the Clayton/Laura Owens case, what he initially thought when he heard the ruling, what he thinks about an appeal, how Laura and her lawyer are handling things, and much, much more.

Instagram – @_humberto_preciado

(SPOILER) Your Daily Roundup covers an update on my health, the weekly podcast today, Jenn on Call Her Daddy absolutely takes a shot at Maria, and the LA Times writes an article on the Bachelors diversity issue.

You can listen to that podcast on a number of platforms, but you can also tune in here:

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Music written by Jimmer Podrasky
(B’Jingo Songs/Machia Music/Bug Music BMI)



You are listening to the Daily Roundup here as part of the Reality Steve Podcast. I am your host, Reality Steve. Thank you all for tuning in on this Thursday. Got a lot of Bachelor Nation stuff to cover. We’re also going to go over a health report as my lab work. Came back. I’ll give you an update there.

We’re going to talk about what’s coming up in a couple hours on the weekly podcast number 397 and We’ve got a survivor contestant participating on Jeopardy, and he’s already qualified for the Tournament of Champions How about that? So we will get to all that in just a moment Momentarily. This podcast is brought to you by EarthEcho’s Cacao Bliss.

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I want to get started and just immediately update you on. My health when I went into the hospital back on March 7th, and I was there for two days Obviously, you know I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes so I had to make a lifestyle change had to eat better had to get more exercise in and Had to go on insulin shots.

I first started out I was doing five insulin shots a day a morning one a night one that were 12 hour lasting insulin shots. And then I was supposed to take a lower dosage before every meal. And they did that for about, I think, six weeks. And then they just took me off the before every meal shot. And I was just morning and night.

And obviously I was on, I’ve been on Ozempic since March. And that’s just, that shot’s just once a week. Now they’ve upped the dosage throughout the course of the last three months. So my. Lab work came back, took blood drawn on Tuesday and it was uploaded late last night to my patient portal. See Laura Owens.

People have patient portals when they go to the doctor. How about that? But anyway, just wanted to say great news. I’m basically off insulin now. Doctor told me all my levels have gone back to normal. I’m in the normal range for everything. My A1c dropped almost 8 points. Told you it was high when I checked into the hospital that day.

My cholesterol went down over 150 points. So, yeah it’s it’s great news. I don’t have to take shots anymore. And the only shot I’m taking, the only thing I’m on is ozempic now. I don’t even have to take a morning or nighttime shot of insulin. So both of those have been eliminated. The only shot I have to take is Ozempic once a week and a Metformin, which is an insulin pill.

I have to take that once a day and that’s it. Along with the other morning pills I take, but that’s basic. So the good thing is just no more shots. Not that I was ever scared of shots. The shots didn’t even bother me. It was just more time consuming than anything. And having to bring, you know, my pens, my insulin pens on the road with me.

And if my, you know, Haas, if my hotel room didn’t have a. Refrigerator. I couldn’t keep them cool and stuff like that. So I had to ask for a refrigerator just became a hassle. Well, now I don’t have to use, I’m not taking insulin shots anymore. So that’s a good thing. Obviously I will always be a diabetic. So if I just all of a sudden go back to my old ways, this stuff is just going to pop up again.

My a one C will shoot up again. My cholesterol will go up again. Yeah, we don’t need that. But. I did drop another seven pounds since May, and I just have to keep doing what I’m doing, essentially. So, good news. Those that are interested, my health is pretty much back on track. Very excited about that. I mentioned yesterday that the weekly podcast this week, I had messages out to a lot of different people and just really got no responses.

So what I decided to do was clip the 25 minutes. I spoke to Umberto Preciado from well, Courtney Robertson’s husband from my live stream last Saturday night. So if you listen to it, I’m just clipping that part of it. You can listen to him again, talking about his thoughts on the Clayton and Laura Owens case.

Basically everyone thought that he stole the show. I thought he stole the show. Everyone was complimentary of him. I thought he was great on the live stream. And he is somebody that we’ve never podcast before. I think Courtney’s put them on her podcast once, but they didn’t talk court stuff. I don’t believe so.

You’re going to hear him. It’s a really short podcast this week. It was just the 25 minutes I clipped from that. It’s not a new interview. So for anybody that’s just like, wait, you just talked to him on Saturday. You’re interviewing me again this week. No, I just took the clip from Saturday’s live stream.

Also. He is, there’s one part in there where he, I think he was cutting in and out and I was trying to edit it out, but it just would have sounded too wonky. So I just left it in there. So there’s about a minute where his wifi, I guess was signal was a little bit weak, even though he wasn’t moving around, it just was going in and out.

So bear with me on that, but yeah, that’s coming up in two hours from now on podcast number three 97. Moving on to bachelor nation news, Jen went on call her daddy, and there was pretty much one major thing that came from this. And that is Jen. If you can read between the lines, absolutely called out Maria’s appearance on call her daddy.

And I thought Alex Cooper did not do a good job of saying anything about what Maria said on her podcast, literally two months ago, remember Jen was off filming when Maria went on call her daddy. And if you don’t remember what Maria said, let me read you the quotes. When she was talking about the bachelorette role, she said, She signed on to become the next bachelorette, backing out after the role was set in stone.

Her quote was, I was offered the role. It was mine until I said it wasn’t. It became very overwhelming to the point where I had to decline. She went on to say, She was doing fittings before the show. Before backing out. She said, it was set in stone. I was in it when everyone around me was so supportive of me being in this position and everyone wanted this for me.

I took a second. I’m like, why am I not happy? Why am I not excited about this? It took me realizing that that it’s just not my time where I was like, respectfully, I need to decline. I need to take a step back. She was not in the right headspace. I know the extensive process it was to be on the show. So having a bunch of guys doing the exact same thing and they’re there for me, I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time.

It was hard for me to kind of jump right back into it, honestly. During that podcast, Alex Cooper said they were going to reveal Maria and she was scheduled to make appearance on the podcast in March to announce her as the bachelorette. She said she just was not ready. She went on to say as much as I wanted my time off, I also wanted Jen to have her moment.

She is the most perfect bachelorette in my eyes. I couldn’t think of anyone better to do this. She was so ready for it. And that was enough for me to say, yeah, it’s not my time. Okay. That was what Maria said on call her daddy back months ago. So when Jen was asked about all that. She said, yeah, so obviously I didn’t have my phone at the time.

All of this was going down because we had went right into filming after it was all announced and coming back to all of that. Yeah, obviously I was really disappointed to see all of that because I mean, the truth of the matter is like, there’s a lot of narratives out there and they’re not necessarily the truth.

You know, the show has been going on for years and 21 years of the show specifically in every season, there are multiple people in contention for the role, multiple people are being interviewed or doing meetings about it all doing fittings or filming intro packages. And it’s never really you until it’s you.

A very interesting quote. It’s never really you until it’s you. When Maria said it was me until it wasn’t. I mean, Jen’s statement right there is an exact, is an absolute 100 percent shot at Maria and what she said she went on to say, so that’s why I was a little disappointed is because the narratives out there aren’t exactly the truth.

And I think when you look at it all, like the show has been going on for so long, based on the history of it all, like there’s always multiple people. So it’s not you until it’s you. And Alex was like, Oh, wait a second. So. You didn’t even know about the interview until you got back from filming. She said, yeah, it wasn’t like the last minute thing people are asking you about.

And Jen said, no, no, no, no, no. We had meetings about it. We talked about it for months. And then they asked me and I had the choice and I chose to do it. I said, yes. And the thing with the narrative sets out right now is like, it was disappointing to come back from this incredible journey for myself. And then to see all the speculation around it and to almost have those things kind of take away from what my journey was.

I’m kind of at a point in my life where I’m not going to let anyone take claim to that. I’m not going to let anyone like, I don’t know, have some sort of role in that because my entire life, the way I grew up. So Jen is very specific and she clearly has an issue with what Maria said on call her daddy. I don’t know why Alex didn’t say and fight back or just say, but Jen, you literally just heard me read what Alex said when Maria was on the podcast.

They were set to announce Maria as the bachelorette. On call her daddy. So why didn’t Alex step in there and say, but wait a second. She was going to be the bachelor up because we were going to announce her on this podcast. So I guess we’ll never really know. We do know they talk to multiple people every year and they have multiple people believing it is them.

It is still very possible that Jen doesn’t know how far along they were with Maria. There’s still that rumor out there that it was Maria, and they didn’t like working with her, and they fired her. It’s very hard to believe that Maria was the Bachelorette, and she just decided, No, I’m not very happy right now, and I know Jen wants it, so I’m gonna let her have it.

Which is the way it came across when she was on Call Her Daddy, which completely undermines Jen as the Bachelorette. I think it is clear, you know, we’re talking about who was one, who was two. Jen was their third choice. It’s pretty clear. Jen wasn’t their first choice. That’s the whole issue with everything.

The way they rolled Daisy out on the, after the final rose, the way Maria went on, call her daddy and basically said it was me until it wasn’t not basically said. She said it, it was me until it wasn’t. So Jen is out here saying, look, there’s a narrative out there that I just did not happen. It’s not true.

But again, I don’t really know where Jen is getting that from. Cause now she’s saying. Is she saying that she was the first choice or is she just saying, look, we were all choices, but I don’t think Jen knows like maybe how far Daisy and Maria were, because she said right when they announced it, we went right into filming.

Okay. That kind of proves that you weren’t the first one. However. I don’t blame Jen for being mad at Maria for what Maria did. Maybe one of these days someone will actually do a reality show on what happened on Joey season. It’d be really interesting if somebody actually came out and talked because there is a lot of stuff behind the scenes that people just are afraid to say they, let me say, let me rephrase that afraid to say publicly, I’ve heard it and it’s not positive.

And Jen absolutely took a shot at Maria with that answer on call her daddy yesterday. Okay. 1, 000%. But I don’t know if Jen knows specifically how far Maria went. Maybe production didn’t tell her, but I’ve always said ever since Maria was on, call her daddy. I just didn’t believe the whole, it was me. And I just decided, you know what?

I’m not happy. And Jen wants it. So I’m going to give it to her or not give it to her. But you know what? I know she’s ready for this. She wants it. She’ll be a great bachelorette. I’m going to step aside. I just, I don’t buy that. I absolutely, I actually buy more that she was actually named the bachelorette and they fired her.

I believe that more than her saying I had it. And my own decision was I didn’t want it anymore. You know, Maria seems a little naive in the process. Cause she’s saying, you know, I went, you know, when she was on call, her daddy saying I went through fittings and stuff like that. And Jen’s like, yeah, I did too.

I did fittings. I was in meetings. They were talking to me too. So, maybe the right hand isn’t talking to the left hand, but these two seem to not maybe understand how deep the other one was in talks. Maybe Maria had no idea how much they were talking to Jen and vice versa. So, I don’t know if we’ll get the real answer, but would have been nice if Alex Cooper actually stepped in and said, I’m confused now because we were supposed to announce Maria on my podcast.

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