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Daily Roundup 6/28 – Livestream Sunday Night, Rachel & Bryan Divorce Story Gets Ugly, Nick Address Natalie Cheating Rumors – Sort Of?, & Drew From Survivor On Jeopardy

You are listening to the daily roundup here as part of the reality Steve podcast. I’m your host reality. Steve. Thank you all for tuning in on this Friday. As we head into the weekend, we’ve got a little bit more on the Laura Owens case. We are getting a little bit ugly when it comes to the Rachel Lindsay, Brian Abasolo divorce.

Yes, I’m finally going to bring up the Nick stuff because he finally addressed it. And I’m going to talk about Drew. I think he pronounced his name. Basili, former survivor contestant, who’s doing well on Jeopardy. We’ll get to all that momentarily. This podcast is brought to you by cacao bliss. Earth echoes, cacao bliss, not just any chocolate.

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You’re on tropic time now at tropical smoothie cafe. One thing right off the bat, I’m going to talk about the fact that you won’t hear from me, obviously, until Monday, but Sunday night, as always, for the next two and a half months, we are going to do a live stream on my YouTube channel at Reality Steve.

Go check that out. Please subscribe to that. I just want to build that subscriber list on YouTube. And this weekend, every Sunday night at 8 p. m. 8 p. m. Eastern time. I’m going to do a live stream. I don’t know who the guest is going to be, but we are going to talk about some topics. We’re going to talk a little bit more about the Laura Owens case.

I’m going to share a little pregnancy story involving me. Kind of brought it up last week in a podcast. But I’ve got some things I want to show you. You can have a little fun with that and whatever else is going on. Any bachelorette news that I can pass along to you. We’re also going to get into as well.

So join me live stream on YouTube Sunday night, 8 PM Eastern time. That’s seven central six mountain and five Pacific. The other thing that’s coming on this Sunday during the YouTube live stream. You know how last week I said I was getting so bothered by my camera because it kept adjusting and kept going in and out.

I took care of that. I have a new camera arriving today, spent a good amount of money on it, so I just need to hook it up and we’re good to go. So we, I will have a new camera. I don’t know if that’s good or bad for you to see me in a even clearer picture. But when I look at other people’s YouTube live streams and you know, anybody who does video for their podcast, it would, the quality is just.

It’s just more aesthetically pleasing to look at somebody who’s got a good camera and not that mine was terrible, but I don’t see anybody else’s cameras going in and out when they raise their hand and their hands at their face. I want to be able to put my hand on my face when I’m interviewing somebody.

Cause sometimes I just do that and that’s why I got a new camera. So it’s arriving today. And I’ll hopefully I’ll have it, everything hooked up and ready to go by Sunday, we’ll have a new camera. So tune in on Sunday night, go to reality, Steve, YouTube page and subscribe. All right. I want to start with this because when this happened and when any divorce in bachelor nation happens, usually it’s pretty tame in that both parties just say, you know, tough time for both of us, please, you know, give us our privacy.

There’s not a whole hell of a lot we can add unless you’re somebody that literally hangs out with the couple. So when Rachel Lindsay and Brian Abasolo got divorced, it was like, okay, you know, I can’t add anything here. It sucks. You never want to see people get divorced, especially people that you saw fall in love on TV, you know, but.

The fact that at the time, I think Brian maybe still had his podcast and Rachel obviously is on the ringer. You knew more stuff would start getting out and it, I don’t want to say it hit the shit at the fan yesterday, but more stuff got out according to court documents yesterday in the Filing in LA and Rachel had some very interesting quotes that I’m curious to see how Brian responds, but this is just Rachel side So here are some of the things that you may have missed if you didn’t see the story She said our marital standard of living was nowhere near as glamorous as Brian portrays it to be in fact We rarely saw each other or even lived together during our brief marriage Which is very interesting because the narrative that we were sold by both Rachel and both, both Rachel and Brian, because remember they were the one couple in bachelor nation that honestly never posted together.

Now people said like, Oh, look at, they’re just doing it different. They want to be a little more protective of their relationship. Well, now we find out they rarely saw each other or even live together. So that’s probably now the real reason why they never posted together, which is what people were bringing up all the time.

Like, look. I’ve always said like, you don’t have to share everything about your life, but when you’re a public couple, you got married, you got engaged on the bachelor. He ended up getting married and it wasn’t like Rachel and Brian only posted like one photo a month. They would go months without posting.

And I know the people that defended them would say good for them. I’m glad they’re keeping their marriage private. We realize now that was basically just a lie. They didn’t post a lot because according to Rachel in court documents, she said, we rarely saw each other or even live together during our brief marriage.

So clearly things weren’t great this whole time they were together and they tried to play it off as well. We’re just a private couple. We don’t want to post anything anyway. She goes on to say she claimed that her and Brian rarely went out together and did not even go on monthly dates. More evidence that this really wasn’t like you’re reading this now and you’re like, why were you even married?

What was the point here? So. She said she and Brian did not have a joint account during their marriage. They were each responsible for their own finances, including credit cards, retirement accounts, and brokerage accounts. Lindsay said that when they traveled together, the trips were either sponsored or they split the costs of the hotel and each paid for their own flights.

She added that if she did buy Brian’s airfare, she purchased economy seats. She claims Brian’s monthly average cashflow is 13, 413 while hers Is 61, 019, which is, she’s obviously doing well for herself, but then she adds that her monthly expenses exceed 49, 500. Her basic monthly expenses are 50, 000. I kind of need a breakdown of that.

I mean, even if she’s living in some swanky place in LA, which I don’t think they are because they’re living together still, or at least they were as of a month, you know, whatever her monthly expenses are 50, 000. And she’s making 61 totally confused by this. What else? She said that Brian broke up with her or told her he was going to, or he filed for divorce over a text message.

She said approximately 30 minutes after he left the house, he sent me a text message that simply said. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I officially filed when they had just spent the previous 30 minutes, 30 minutes earlier in the house together, hanging out in the kitchen. And he never mentioned that he had filed for divorce.

That’s weird. So just not good stuff all around. She says she has approximately 88, 500 in non retirement funds. And her financial status has changed in the last few years. She said, I’ve had sporadic social media deals, but my primary source of income since 2023 has been from my work with Spotify. She said that their marital standard of living was nowhere near as glamorous as Brian portrayed it to be.

Like I said, she said the thing about rarely seeing each other. It’s just getting ugly. And now we’re seeing about dollar amounts and figures. Rachel wants the court to order 9, 882 per month in spousal support to him and claims in newly filed documents that she proposed a generous global settlement to Brian’s legal team this week.

You know, look, I don’t know how it’s going to all end out, but. You know, reading all this, you’re just like, what kind of marriage was this admitting that you barely spent any time together, you barely lived in the same place. You never went out on dates. He took you out once for your birthday. Took you to Santa Barbara one time.

He told you he filed paperwork for the divorce in a text message. Like, I almost feel like the whole marriage was a fraud. And it just wasn’t what, not that they claimed it to be, because like I said, they never posted on social media, but they clearly were hiding a lot of stuff during this marriage that clearly wasn’t the case, whatever they said in interviews about each other and anytime they did an interview and talked about their marriage, clearly they didn’t tell the truth.

And it’s just, it’s, it’s unfortunate and it’s probably even more unfortunate that we’re seeing it play out this way as this stuff is all hitting the internet with these filings a couple of days ago. This podcast is brought to you by Prolon, a revolutionary plant based nutrition program that nourishes the body while making cells believe they are fasting.

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