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Daily Roundup 7/1- Jenn’s Spoilers, My Crazy Pregnancy Story, Katie Thurston Opens Up About Awful Happening In Her Life, & A Click Bait Story On Travis & Taylor

You are listening to the Daily Roundup here as part of the Reality Steve podcast. I am your host, Reality Steve. Thank you all for tuning in on this Monday. Good show to go over with you today. We’re going to talk a little bit about what I discussed on the YouTube live stream last night and some good stuff there, including that wild ass pregnancy story that I told you about.

I do want to acknowledge something that happened this weekend by someone in bachelor nation who put a very disturbing story out there on social media, on their Instagram story, and then talk about just disturbing. An article written by Newsweek on Taylor Swift. That might be the worst take about her that I’ve ever seen, or that I’ve ever read.

We’ll get to that momentarily. All right, let’s get started. Thank all those who joined on the live last night. Like I said, we’re gonna be doing that every Sunday night at 8 p. m. Eastern time, seven central six mountain five Pacific going to go for about an hour last night, went a little bit over an hour, hour and five minutes, I think.

And, you know, we’ll take your questions as well. Didn’t take as many questions last night, but we will be taking your questions on that. A lot of stuff has been done in the last week on the technical side. I myself, I had to buy myself a new computer. I bought myself a new camera. That ran me almost two grand.

But I didn’t realize my old computer was over 12 years old, so I definitely needed a new one and my camera was very, very old as well, over 10 years old. So to run the new camera, I basically, I bought the new camera and I was working on it on Friday night and it just kept freezing and basically. My IT guy, Brad, was like, unfortunately your computer’s old and it’s just not going to run right with this camera.

Camera’s almost like got too much power in it for your old shitty ass computer. So unless you want to keep using your old camera, you might want to use this camera. And so I went out and bought a new computer on Saturday and got it hooked up. Everything ready to go last night. I did freeze once last night and I don’t know why.

So. There goes that first show with the new equipment. It freezes. I probably am going to be getting a mic arm. So we don’t have the microphone in front of my face covering my shirt every week since my shirt is going to be a new one every week. That’s the plan. There might be some repeats here and there, but I got enough t shirts with eighties and nineties movies on them and quotes and stuff like that to.

Last me over a year. So, we’ll be, you’ll be, you’ll be seeing so many different shirts over the course of the next year, but that’s common. So I’m probably going to buy the mic arm and attach it to my desk so it can come out the side. One of the things that I did cover in the live last night was the fact that, you know, we start Jen season one week from tonight and.

What I did cover was something on that was released on her trailer last week. It was only a 30 second trailer and I screenshot some of the things that maybe you need an identification on. One of them was her in episode four in New Zealand. They are in Auckland and she’s going on what looks like a bungee jump, but it’s called the sky jump or the sky fall.

It’s very popular in New Zealand, and I can tell you that’s her first one on one date in New Zealand. The thing is, we don’t know who it’s with. However, by process of elimination, we know every other one on one this season. She has one in episode two, and that’s with Marcus. She has one in episode three, that’s with Spencer.

Skipping episode four. Cause that’s the one in question. She has two in episode five. We know that with Jonathan and Grant, because we went over those last week. Jonathan is in the helicopter. Grant is horseback riding. Episode six is Seattle. We know she has one with Marcus, the wizard of Oz, yellow brick road date.

And then when she was walking in Pike’s place with Jeremy. So the only one on ones we don’t know are episode four. And that would be. I would assume the guy that Jen’s a picking at the end is a guy that gets a one on one during the season. So episode four, one of the two one on ones went to Devin. My guess is he probably got that Skyfall date, bungee cord jumping thing.

If he didn’t get that one, he got the other one than that. I don’t know what the activity for that one is, but he definitely got one of those two dates. And then I think Devin and my guess would be Sam McKinney got the other one on one date in New Zealand. Makes the most sense. So that’s really the only thing I don’t really have figured out.

And then a couple of eliminations in episodes four and five on which went home, when and how many were left is very minor stuff. And then the thing that I also talked about on the live stream last night was this idea of what I had heard about something that is said in episode one, that is going to turn a lot of the audience against one of these guys.

I have now heard Rumors are that it’s not shown in the episode. It’s not part of the episode. So now I have to make a determination. Am I going to relay the story with no proof? I know what happened, but I can’t prove it. And if the show is not going to show it in the episode, this is going to be something that frankly, I’m telling you, once I report it, if I do, there’s going to be over 50 percent of the audience is going to feel a certain way about this guy and they’re going to side eye it.

It’s not going to be like, Oh my God, he’s the worst human being ever. It’s not going to be, Oh my God, kick that guy off the show. It’s just going to be something that he said that I know is going to sit, not sit well with a lot of the audience, unfortunately. And I have to make that determination of whether or not I want to release that when I go over the spoilers next Sunday night on the live stream.

I have to see, I got to make sure number one, it’s definitely not in the episode. And if it isn’t, then I got to make a determination from there. Do I let somebody else reveal it? And then I confirm it. I don’t know, but it’s all going to be on me. It’s going to turn into Steve. Why are you releasing stuff about contestants?

You obviously don’t like this guy. It has nothing to do with me liking him or not. It has nothing to do with that. I don’t know any of these guys. How can I have a feeling one way or another? You know, I’m only watching the same thing you are. I’m watching the episodes. So it just becomes, it all falls on my shoulder because I can tell you right now, nobody else has reported this.

Nobody else knows this. A few people in my circle do. Cause I told them, but nobody’s reported it. So, and I’m telling you, hell, I even did a Google search of it to make sure that most of Americans don’t believe this. And I can tell you, it happens during truth or dare at the cocktail party on night one, they play truth or dare with Jen there.

And somebody says something that I know is not going to sit well with the audience. So do I go with it and immediately put a negative Cause I know obviously my words and what I report holds a lot of weight with a lot of people and they are going to feel a certain way and it’s not going to be a positive way about this particular person who is relevant to the season.

And it’s going to be because of what I report. So is it going to be like, I thought you were changing and you weren’t doing it. It’s like, look, I’m not changing. This happened. This isn’t something where I can’t prove it. It will be proven at some point, even if it’s not shown in the episode. Maybe we have to wait till the end of the season.

Maybe we have to wait till other men on this season start talking about things that happened on the show. But are they allowed to? Will they be allowed to? Will they say it at the men tell all? I don’t know, because technically, you’re not allowed to talk about things. In interviews that weren’t shown on the show, but we know that they are very lenient when it comes to that because we hear stuff all the time on podcasts from contestants that said, well, what you didn’t see.

Well, it’s going to be one of those cases. So while you might not have proof of this very soon, I can tell you that at some point, somebody is going to confirm it. I wouldn’t bring this up. It was just hearsay. It’s not hearsay. It happened. So there’s a good chance. I’ll probably tell you about it on Sunday.

When I go over this upcoming Sundays, live stream. And go over all the episodes, but really, I mean, if you’ve been listening and you’ve been watching the live streams, the last two weeks, you, you pretty much have every spoiler to this season outside of a couple, there’s one big one, which is the who got the fourth hometown date and subsequently the third overnight date.

Cause it’s the same person other than that, it’s maybe a few eliminations in episode four and five, and that’s it. You have everything else. So. Let me just sit on it this week and determine how I’m going to go about this, but there’s a good chance I will reveal it on Sunday during the live stream. This podcast brought to you by Prolon Life.

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