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Daily Roundup 7/2 – Jenn’s Season, Clayton/Laura Owens Case, Bashing of TSwift, Friday Night Lights Casting, DWTS, & David Silver Has A Project In The Works

You are listening to the Daily Roundup here as part of the Reality Steve Podcast. I’m your host, Reality Steve. Thank you all for tuning in on this Tuesday. Got some things to go over with you. There is still a little bit more in the Laura Owens, Clayton Eckerd case, not too much new stuff going on, but there is something that’s not happening right now, which I think is very telling.

I have one final thought to make on the Newsweek article written about Taylor Swift yesterday that I totally forgot to mention in yesterday’s podcast. It’s probably the biggest point that needs to be made out of all of that. I have one of my all time favorite shows, you know, is Friday Night Lights.

There is a story that came out recently about people that were up for casting of Friday Night Lights. This has always been a pet peeve of mine and I’ll go over why. Dancing with the stars. We’re about six weeks away from probably hearing who the cast is. I have some thoughts and David silver bag, Brian Austin green posted on Instagram yesterday, and I want to kind of dive into what the hell he was talking about and my ideas for what he might be talking about, and we’ll get to all that momentarily.

All right. Line in to start out with this in regards to Jen season. Before we get to the Laura Owens and Clayton stuff, not too much to go on there, but with Jen season, I really do think that I’m going to have your episode by episode spoilers on Sunday. There will be a couple things missing, but I don’t think it’s going to be anything all too important because I’m pretty sure.

I’ve got it all. I know I keep saying that, but I got some stuff yesterday that I think solidifies Final 7, Final 4, Final 3. So the only thing I don’t have is basically going from 11 down to 7. So, I know who the 11 were that went to New Zealand and I know who the 7 were that went to Seattle. So, the only thing I really don’t know is who went home in one episode in regards to Episode 4 and Episode 5.

That’s really it. And then technically about like, I don’t know all the group date roses. I know a couple of them. And then I know in those two episodes in New Zealand, obviously I know if I know the 11 that went there and I know the seven that ended up in Seattle, I know the four that didn’t make it to Seattle.

It’s just a matter of which episode they went home in. But if you’re going to hold it against me that I mixed up somebody who went home in episode four versus episode five, you probably need a new hobby. So. I don’t think anybody’s going to care about that too much. I mean, I gave you the ending a month ago, so that’s a good thing.

And then it was just filling in that third guy and who got the fourth hometown, which is the same person. So we will go over that probably on Sunday. Obviously, I’m probably 90 to 95 percent sure about it. So Shit, even if I don’t get the solid confirmation I need, I probably still will say, Hey, this is, this is where I’m at with it.

And then obviously Sunday, we’re going to have another live stream with the premiere happening on Monday. I will have a decision by then on what I’m going to share in regards to the first night of the season and what happened there in the game of truth or dare that was played with the men. And just kind of leave it at that and determine exactly how I’m going to do it.

Now I’m going to cover it because, you know, as I’ve said,

talking about things that can’t be proven gets a little tricky, but you all love tea. You all love information. You love hearing about stuff that is behind the scenes. This is technically a behind the scenes thing. Am I going to be a spoiler guy or am I going to release stuff that’s happening behind the scenes that you don’t know about that you don’t see on your TV?

I can’t prove it, but I know it happened. So for me. It’s a case by case basis. It’s not a universal, I would say five years ago. Absolutely. It was 100 percent universal. Anything I heard that was behind the scenes, I revealed now this thing, while probably over 50 percent of the audience is not going to be fond of it.

Like I said, I don’t think, you know, for me, it’s just, I, when I tell you about what this guy said. And for me, it’s just like, okay, he’s an idiot and I side eye him and I just, I’m not going to sit here and talk about it every single day. It’s just why, what’s the point? It’s part of what he thinks and what he believes.

And he said it during a truth or dare. And it’s like, okay, great. Move on from it. Big deal. I don’t agree with it. One’s 100%. I don’t agree with it, but I’m not going to sit here and harp on it, but it happened. So it’s just like, here, I’m telling you what happened. We’re going to get to that on a, on Sunday and I’ll fill, it looks like I’m going to fill you in on that. What’s next? Oh, Laura Owens and Clayton, one of the things that’s interesting, and I don’t know, you know, the people that have been following this are very well aware, but we’ve talked a lot about the fact that Laura Owens lawyer David Gingras is just absolutely a menace to society when it comes to social media, just loves arguing with people, loves putting his takes out there, loves calling people names.

Loves subtweeting at people, and it’s just bizarre for a lawyer to spend that much time on his Twitter account yelling at fans and yelling at people who literally prove him wrong with proof of things, and then he still, and then when you do show him facts, he kind of never addresses it, but he’ll go after anybody else that doesn’t present facts.

Have you noticed that David Gingras has not posted a tweet? in regards to this case or saying anything about this case since June 23rd. This guy took over for the case in April. He’s never gone more than, I don’t know, two or three days without tweeting at somebody or something about this case and going after somebody on Twitter.

He’s now at nine days where he has not said a word about this case. Anybody find that interesting? Something’s up. I don’t know what, but something is up here because there is no way this guy just all of a sudden decided to be silent. Remember. The case and the trial happened on June 10th. He told the judge in court that day, Hey, I’m going to Europe tonight.

So I might be out of pocket for a while or whatever. And I don’t know what my cell service is going to be on a yacht in the middle of Europe or whatever, you know, he was just bragging and, you know, puffing his chest out like he always does. And even his first, I don’t know. So basically the first 13 days of the trip.

The first two weeks, because the last time he tweeted was June 23rd, the first two weeks he was there from the 10th to the 23rd, every single day, he was tweeting something about the case or writing a blog or tweeting at somebody who was going at him with great, you know, great performance in the trial.

You’re getting your ass kicked, all this stuff. Especially after the verdict came out on the 18th. He was tweeting at people every single day from the 18th to the 23rd. And then all of a sudden, boom, radio silence has not tweeted at anybody, anything regarding the case, not even putting stuff out there about the case.

Not even, you know, not even talking about responding to somebody, just giving his thoughts like he has done since the day he took over in April as Laura’s lawyer. So something is up. I don’t know what. But something is up. I would keep that in mind. I wonder if something is happening legally. I’m not sure, but for him to just shut up for nine straight days, when he was literally in the middle of going after trolls yet again, the people he calls trolls, the justice for Clayton people, pond scum, whatever he calls them, he was going after them while he was still on his vacation with his family in Europe.

And then all of a sudden just came to a complete halt. While he was still out there. You can’t say, well, he probably just decided it was wasting time. No. You know how many times he has said on Twitter over the last two months, basically, I’m done talking to you people. You guys don’t know anything. I’m a lawyer.

You’re not. And then he comes back literally the next day and we’ll argue with somebody who brings up some sort of legal point to him. Like this is who he is. He can’t help himself. He’s David Gingras, internet lawyer. That’s what he does. And for him to shut up for nine straight days now, I’m telling you something’s going on.

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