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Daily Roundup 7/3 – New Trailer for Jenn’s Season, Jenn Not Thrilled With Casting For Her Season, Dave Neal On “Off The Vine,” & Kaitlyn Discusses Her New Man

You are listening to the Daily Roundup here as part of the Reality Steve Podcast. I’m your host, Reality Steve. Thank you all for tuning in on this Wednesday. Good show for you today. We’re going to talk about the latest trailer that was released for Jen’s season. Also, Jen does an interview with Glamour Magazine where she addresses the fact that, yeah, I’m a little disappointed.

There were not a lot of Asian men cast on my season. A boy, Dave Neal is on off the vine for a third time. He joined Caitlin Bristow’s podcast to talk about Clayton. Want to promote that a little bit. And speaking of Caitlin, she did Kristen Cavallari’s podcast. Let’s be honest and told everyone about her current relationship without naming his name.

Got thoughts on that. We’ll get to all that momentarily. Jen’s first, well, not first. Jen had another trailer drop for her season. 32nd one. It was on the bachelorette ABC Instagram account. If you want to go check that out. And it’s another trailer where, you know, they’re starting to show a little bit more.

They’re starting to show quick shots of the guys crying and some dramatics in there. Two things that I did notice, and I have not watched it more than once. So I haven’t dissected it quite yet. But I will say this from first glance, it looks like everything dramatic and everything that we see where guys are maybe kind of.

Talking to each other and calling each other out happens within the first three episodes. I don’t see anything in there that makes me think they were even in New Zealand in any of that, but it was only a first look for me. I didn’t, but nothing jumped out to me. The second thing is when it comes to these trailers, they obviously do a very, very good editing job.

And when you see somebody say, Oh, you know, you’re not here to be famous. Are you? And then the next Slide and the next shot shows a focus on one of the guys. They’re wanting to make you think that that guy is the part that they are talking about when we don’t even know if that’s true. How many times in the history of this show have we seen trailers where so many things are out of order, so many things they’re trying to trick you.

So many things that are shown in trailers that never get shown during the season. Now you got to also remember for Jen season so far, we’ve only had, I think, three 32nd trailers, maybe four. We haven’t had the full three and a half minute one that they usually air at the end of the first episode.

Actually, they’re starting to air them at the beginning of the first episode too, and then they end with it as well. So we haven’t even gotten to that yet. That’s going to give a lot away. Probably will help me fill out the last 10 percent of my episode by episode spoilers, We’ll get that, you know, we’ll talk about that this weekend.

However, just the 32nd teaser and the trailer that came out yesterday on the bachelor at ABC Instagram page. Look, I, I, I know I sound like a broken record every year when I say this, but it’s no different than any of the other previous, last 15 bachelorette trailers. This is what they do. They show a lot of short clips of guys crying.

They’ll show some drama, they’ll show something at the end. Did you see how the trailer ended with basically Jen at the final Rose ceremony, putting a rose down on the little stand? Again, making you think that, Oh, maybe she leaves single. She doesn’t. I mean, look at what they did last year with Joey. They literally showed you him at the stand.

One rose there, him tearing up him, walking away from the stand, taking his jacket off, walking away with a producer. And making it seem like he was left alone. They do it every season, guys. You can’t fall for this. The fact that they showed Jen at the end of that trailer, making you think that I don’t know, nobody chose her or she chose nobody should be 100 percent proof that she is with somebody.

Don’t let the trailers fool you. They do this every year. People get all worked up about it and there’s really no reason to. Even the drama, like I said, first glance doesn’t look like any of that drama was past Australia. I’m sure there was drama during the season past episode three, but what I’m saying is in that trailer.

Everything looked like it was early on in the season. I didn’t notice anything from New Zealand on in that trailer. In terms of the drama, of course you had guys that were faces were covered and they were crying. Some faces weren’t covered, but it was just closeups of them. So you can’t really tell exactly where it’s at.

But just saying, let’s temper our expectations when it comes to these trailers. The big trailer, the one you need to pay attention the most to, is the one they run at the beginning and the end of the first episode. Because that’s usually about three, three and a half minutes, and it gives like a full season preview of what to expect this season.

And we’ll obviously get more than we’ve gotten in the last week or so with these 30 second trailers. Jen did an interview with Glamour Magazine To get the media going, obviously for her season that starts next Monday. And she even talked about the fact that she was disappointed over the lack of men who were cast, who share her culture and her background.

She said, I can’t really speak to the casting process and the decisions that were made, but it is unfortunate that there weren’t a lot of Asian men this season. Asian men haven’t always seen themselves in this position, and I’m hoping that me being here and contestant Thomas N being there, Thomas Nguyen, that the both of us can inspire other Asian men to realize that they can do this too if they want.

They can be in this position as well. I’m hoping that it inspires them. And she spoke very highly of Thomas Wynn because on the first night, they do have a conversation about their culture and their heritage. And she said that was really cool for her. She said, it’s not every day that you get to bond with somebody on your immigrant parents and you get to connect with somebody on that level because not everybody can understand that.

That was a really special conversation for me because he really understood where I was coming from and my family means everything to me. Knowing that my parents immigrated over here to give me a better life, the sacrifices they made and the internal battle that I have with giving back to them and everything in every way that I could, but still trying to be independent.

Being a child of immigrant parents is something that not everybody can understand. And then obviously she teased a dramatic season. The whole journey happened the way it needed to happen. I’m very happy with the way things ended. How many times have we heard a lead before the season? Give that answer.

I’m happy with the way things ended. She goes on to say, it’s definitely an ending that I didn’t see coming for myself. My family won’t see it coming and I don’t think the viewers will see it coming too. I’m excited for it all to unfold. So obviously we’re still, I don’t know what she means by that. Just like I didn’t know what Joey meant when he said at the beginning of last season, I was told by producers, what happens at the end is something that’s never happened before.

And I didn’t find out till what, two or three weeks. Maybe before the finale about the whole Daisy going to see Kelsey thing. I was told about the Daisy and Kelsey going to the final rose ceremony together, but I couldn’t get that confirmed, but yeah, I mean, it took me a while to find that out. So it’s probably going to take me a while to find out what Jen is alluding to here, or she could just be hyping something up that’s more hype than actual substance.

We don’t know, but I do think it was interesting that she mentioned the casting and I’ve. I know we’ve gone over this a few times, but I can’t reiterate this enough. We can sit here and talk all day long about, well, was it going to be Daisy? Was it going to be Maria? Was it going to be Jen? All I do know is that Jen was not their first choice.

I don’t think it matters who one and two was between Daisy and. Maria. The reason that there’s barely any Asian men on this cast was because Jen, while she was in talks with them, nobody’s denying that she was in talks with them, she was going for fittings, probably signed a contract. Like she said on the call her daddy podcast, it’s not you till it’s you.

So the casting team is casting for a television show. They’re not casting for a particular lead. I’m sure they’re given a direction of, Hey, it’s probably going to be Daisy. It’s probably going to be Maria. But you can’t cast for three or four different women that are on the producer’s radar. You basically, they had an idea of who it would be.

And you can’t tell me that Jen wasn’t a last second decision. Doesn’t mean that it makes her inferior to the other two, but the show wanted the other two. It made all the sense in the world for the show to want Daisy or Maria. They had developed such a large following. Like why wouldn’t you want two women who had reached over 600, 000 followers on Instagram by the end of last season’s finale.

And here was Jen on the night of the finale before she was announced as the Bachelorette. She was at like 75, 000. So don’t tell me it doesn’t play a role. It absolutely does. And it sucks for Jen. I’m going to talk about this on tomorrow’s weekly podcast with game of roses, about how from the very get go of Jen’s announcement, they bungled this bachelorette announcement.

And now it seems like they’re circling the wagons and they’re trying to save face. Jen has every right to be upset that there weren’t a lot of Asian men on the cast this season. She has every right because casting. Didn’t think it was going to be her. If they knew from the get go, it was always going to be Jen.

There would have absolutely been more Asian men on this cast. They didn’t because they wanted Daisy and they wanted Maria more than they wanted Jen, unfortunately. And this is the way it played out, but she’s the bachelorette. It’s going to be brought up during the season about other guys wanting somebody else in that role.

So she has to understand that. And I think she does. She knew that she even said like, there was a part of me that felt inferior on the first night. Like, why am I here? Because there’s probably people here that weren’t expecting me. So we just got to watch it all play out and see how it goes. But yeah, I mean, they dropped the ball on casting this year for sure.

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