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Daily Roundup 7/5 – More on Jenn’s Season, Looking Big Picture At Jenn’s Season, Bryan & Rachel Divorce Getting Uglier, & Kaitlyn Gets A New Job

You are listening to the Daily Roundup here as part of the Reality Steve podcast. I’m your host, Reality Steve. Thank you all for tuning in on this Friday. Good show for you. We are going to recap 4th of July. We’re going to recap a little bit of the Game of Roses interview from yesterday. As I record this.

I have a power outage. Well, actually I shouldn’t say a power outage, an internet outage that isn’t going to be corrected apparently until one in the morning, it’s getting uglier in the Brian and Rachel divorce. More stuff being said this time by Brian’s side, Brian himself in a new filing from a couple of days ago.

And Caitlin has secured a new job, but she hasn’t told us what it is. Talk about that. And we’ll get to all that momentarily. So last night, 4th of July, I hope all of you had a safe and happy 4th of July. Mine was spent catching up on some shows, watching fireworks, or actually hearing them from my living room.

Watching my dog be petrified of them and then catching up on more shows. And the other thing that I did, I actually started writing out your episode by episode spoilers. I’m so proud of myself because as I mentioned yesterday, I was thinking there was a good chance I was going to wait until Sunday night after I did my live stream and after I recorded Monday’s daily roundup in sports daily.

But that would have been a lot of just time consuming stuff. So I got through. The first three episodes yesterday, I’m going to do the next three episodes today and then do some more over the weekend. So I have a lot less to do and also going over it. I I’ve kind of told you guys, I’ve already given you pretty much everything in verbal form on my podcast.

I’m guessing none of you wrote it down. So that’s why I want to have it written out for you. And I’m thinking I’ll go over it verbally again on Sunday, but after Monday’s episode for the premiere, when they give us the three and a half minute teaser for the season, I’m guessing there’s no way they’re going to be able to hide everything that I need, which is just like two or three things.

So I’m sure after Monday, I’ll be able to have everything laid out for you. And with that said, it’s going to be a lot easier. So I’m thinking maybe I just do the episode by episode spoilers in written form and post it on Tuesday instead of Monday, because if I post it on Monday, there’s going to be some corrections or additions made to it after watching the trailer for the season, which I know is going to give stuff away because they can’t help themselves.

Every season that three and a half minute teaser for the season absolutely give stuff away. All you have to do is sit there and watch it and pause your television. You’ll be able to piece stuff together of who’s on what date, where the date is at. And they do it every season. I remember last year for for charity, they gave away the fact that, Oh, what’s his name?

Who’s the guy that finished third. I’m totally blanking on his name. Xavier. God, how can I forget Xavier? It’s not like that was a common name, but Xavier, they gave away in the season trailer that he made it to overnights. So that’s, that’s what I mean. Like, I know they’re going to give away who the third guy is in the overnights, even though by Sunday, I’ll be able to tell you, I’m not a hundred percent sure on who it is, but I am about as close as I can be to it.

I’m almost positive. Obviously we know Devin and Marcus are in our two of the final three. I’ve got pictures of both of them in Hawaii. So. Actually, I never posted the Devon picture that I had in Hawaii. I guess I didn’t feel the need to, but yeah, I’ve got a picture of him there. And I’ve, we have the picture of Devon there that I posted the day before the final rose ceremony, which was on May 16th.

So we know who two of the three are. And I’m pretty sure I knew who that third is. Now I will go over all of that on Sunday during the live stream. I was going to take your questions and anything else you want to go over for that on Friday. I am doing something today for podcast number 400 next week’s Thursday podcast, the weekly podcast is podcast number three 99.

I don’t know who it is yet, but I’m recording number 400 tomorrow because it’s a landmark. It’s a milestone, I guess. 400 episodes. So I figured let’s get somebody on who’s never been on, somebody that I know people want to hear from and somebody who’s relevant and in the news. So we’re able to get that.

I’m recording today. And that’s going to air next Thursday, July 18th, because that’ll be episode number 400, but I’m really looking forward to recording this today. Now, episode 398 that happened yesterday with game of roses was a really fun interview to do with them. I hope you stuck around till the very end and listened to.

Chad’s AI song about Nick Vial saying what he said to Andy on the couch on the after the final rose, I played it at the very, very end because my system was a little wonky last night and for whatever reason I couldn’t insert it in. And then I realized after the fact how I could insert it into anywhere I wanted to in the audio file.

But for the time being, when I was recording last night, I had to put it at the end. So hope you all enjoyed that song, but it really brings up an interesting, I don’t want to call it necessarily a dilemma. Because I don’t think it’s a dilemma for the show. The show has no shame whatsoever. They don’t care who they embarrass, who they make look bad.

It’s why it’s kind of talking out of both sides of their mouths when they release these Instagram posts that say, Hey, bachelor nation, we know your fans, but please remember our contestants are real people too. We will not tolerate any name calling or racial discrimination yet. And the producers are the very ones that set these people up and give them a reason to go after these contestants.

That’s the problem. It’s very hypocritical of them to do that. Now, whether they say that or not, whether I say it or not, like I do every season. To anybody out there, just don’t go after these contestants. There’s no reason to don’t send them private messages. Don’t write anything nasty on their Instagram page.

Don’t even say it on message boards because they all look for stuff. And if your response is well, then they shouldn’t. How about you just don’t say what you need to say. Especially if it’s super negative, and especially if it’s name calling, and especially if it’s saying something that you think would offend them.

Put it this way, if you wouldn’t say it to their face if you saw them, don’t write it on a message board. And don’t blame them for looking at that message board. How about actually taking some responsibility and blaming yourself for writing that? Write it to your friends, where it’s not public knowledge.

Because anything that’s out there in the public, these contestants will find a way, and they will see it. They’re very, very interested in what the public thinks about them. It’s why some people have curated a certain character persona online. Now, whether you agree with that or not, it’s neither here nor there.

The bottom line is they will see something you write publicly. So if somebody on this show bugs you, or somebody on the show did something that you totally disagree with, and you’re really pissed off at them, just text your friends about it. You don’t need to put it on a message board. You don’t need to put it on their Instagram.

You don’t need to message them privately. They don’t need to hear that from you. So going into this season, just remember that. Granted what I just said will probably go over a lot of people’s heads because we see this every season. Like we’re starting Jen season on Monday. I already know at some point during this season, there’s going to be some sort of scandal where somebody is going to get a lot of hate online.

One of these guys is going to get a shit ton of hate online and. People are going to be calling him names. People are going to be saying stuff about him. They’re going to be messaging him privately. And at some point during the season, one of the guys is probably going to release an Instagram story or even an Instagram feed post saying.

You know, please understand we’re real people as well. It happens every season. We know this, no matter what we say and what we put out there to tell people, don’t do it. I just wish people would actually listen. You know, it’d be nice because it doesn’t need to be said. You should not get that worked up about this show ever.

I don’t care what somebody does. there’s literally, I don’t even want to go there, but you know what I’m talking about? I mean, we’re talking, if there is a felony committed on the show, then you have every reason to lash out at that person. But somebody says something in an ITM. That gets you that bothered to write them.

No, nothing should get you that bothered by what somebody says on the show. I don’t care how arrogant they come across, how cool they think they are, whatever they say about another guy in the show, and maybe they call him names. It doesn’t give you a right to call that person a name to their face. It just doesn’t just let it go.

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