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Today is the only Wednesday column this season that probably won’t have “Reader Emails.” I didn’t get enough yesterday to warrant a column, and, I needed to get you your episode-by-episode spoilers for Jenn’s season in written form. BUT, tonight I’m going LIVE on my YouTube Channel (@RealitySteve24) at 8 EST/5 PST to do a breakdown of Jenn’s trailer for the season. Once that video is done, I’ll insert it into this column so you can follow along with placing guys in certain locations/dates, etc. So join me tonight as we dissect Jenn’s 4 minute trailer that played at the end of Monday’s episode. I’m guessing this live won’t take more than 20 minutes or so with the pauses and comments and what not. It will definitely give you a way to put faces with names and dates because I know after one episode, it’s not easy to remember who is who and how long they last. As you can see in these spoilers, it’s really only eps 4 & 5 in New Zealand where it’s a tad confusing on who went home when. But by process of elimination, I think I have it pretty close. At the end of the spoilers, today’s Daily Roundup transcript starts on Page 3. Enjoy…

Here’s my YouTube live I did tonight breaking down Jenn’s season trailer that can help you follow along with some of the ep-by-ep spoilers you’re about to read. Enjoy…

Rose Ceremony #1 Los Angeles, CA (25 men to 18)

-Sam McKinney got the first impression rose.

-There was a game of truth or dare that Jenn played with the men. During this game, Devin chose truth and was asked, “What’s one conspiracy you believe?” He said the one he believed was 9/11 was an inside job. Didn’t go over well in the room, but it wasn’t shown in the episode.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Brendan Barnum, Brett Harris, Dakota Nobles, Kevin McDevitt, Matt Arnold, Moze Smith, and Ricky Marinez.

The 18 guys remaining after Rose Ceremony #1 are:

Aaron Erb
Austin Ott
Brian Autz
Devin Strader
Dylan Buckor
Grant Ellis
Hakeen Moulton
Jahaan Ansari
Jeremy Simon
John Mitchell
Jonathon Johnson
Marcus Shoberg
Marvin Goodly
Sam McKinney
Sam Nejad
Spencer Conley
Thomas Nguyen
Tomas Azzano

Rose Ceremony #2 Australia (18 to 15)

Group Date: 8 guys had to perform at a comedy roast at the St. Kilda’s Sports Club and it was tied into the Melbourne Comedy Festival happening at the time. Guys on the date are Aaron Erb, Brian Autz, Devin Strader, Grant Ellis, Jeremy Simon, Jonathon Johnson, Sam Nejad, and Marvin Goodly. Australian comedian Bec Charlwood is the “host.” Brian gets roasted for being the oldest guy at 32. Devin hams it up for the cameras. Jeremy and Jonathon were made fun of for being short. They were calling Sam Nejad the “Persian Virgin.” A bunch of “down under” jokes referencing the guys junk because of course they did. Grant Ellis got the group date rose.

1-on-1: Marcus Shoberg. They go skydiving, landing around Point Ormond Hill.

Group Date: 9 guys on the date that takes place at a zoo. Guys on the date are Austin Ott, Dylan Buckor, Hakeem Moulton, Jahaan Ansari, John Mitchell, Sam McKinney, Spencer Conley, Thomas Nguyen, and Tomas Azzano. Dylan Buckor got the group date rose.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Hakeem Moulton, Jahaan Ansari, and Marvin Goodly.

Rose Ceremony #3 Australia (15 to 11 or 12)

1-on-1: Spencer Conley. They take a helicopter to the Twelve Apostles, a popular tourist site.

Group Date: 10 guys on the group date for a male stripper revue. The dancers from Thunder Down Under coached the guys beforehand. The special guests judges with Jenn were Becky and Ellie Miles, who were 2 sisters that were co-Bachelorettes in Australia in 2020. The 10 guys are: Devin, Dylan, Grant, John M., Jonathon, Marcus, Sam M., Sam N., Thomas N., and Tomas A.

-Almost all the guys stripped down to their briefs at some point. Only 2 didn’t.
-Sam Nejad was the last guy to perform. Didn’t wear a costume, asked them to cut his mic off, and he talked to Jenn and told her he was falling in love with her.

-Jonathon ends up winning the strip tease date, but I don’t know who got the group date rose.

Group Date: 4 person group date as they go racing on a professional track. 4 guys are: Austin, Aaron, Brian, and Jeremy.

At some point after this group date, Aaron Erb eliminates himself because he’s called by flight school back home and basically has to leave now or apparently not have a chance of getting his pilots license. Heard he’s going to edited like a hero that he’s leaving the show to fly for our country.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Brian Autz & Tomas Azzano. Aaron Erb had to eliminate himself to go to flight school.

Rose Ceremony #4 Auckland, New Zealand (11 guys left)

Here’s where the only thing about the season and eliminations get a tad confusing. I originally thought 11 guys went to Auckland. But there is video evidence in the trailers of 12 guys lasting past Australia – Austin, Devin, Dylan, Grant, Jeremy, John M., Jonathon, Marcus, Sam M., Sam N., Thomas N. and Spencer. And we know only 7 guys make it to Seattle. So 5 guys are eliminated in the two episodes in NZ, but I don’t know how it breaks down.

The 4 that definitely are eliminated at some point in New Zealand are: Austin Ott (self eliminates in episode 5), John Mitchell, Sam Nejad, and Thomas Nguyen. There is a shot of both Spencer and Dylan on the episode 5 group date in the preview, so clearly they both make it to the next episode. I just don’t know which one gets eliminated in episode 5 and which one makes it on to Seattle. I wanna say Spencer because he got a 1-on-1 and Dylan never gets one, but that’s just a guess. The main thing to know is that 5 men are eliminated these next two episodes.

1-on-1: Sam McKinney. Skyfall date. Basically a form of bungee jumping off the side of a building.

Group Date: Rugby date.

1-on-1: Devin Strader. In the trailer, we see them during the night portion of their date having dinner in a theater where Devin tells her he’s falling for her.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations Since we know Austin, Dylan, and Spencer make it through to next episode, seemingly this episode is where John Mitchell, Sam Nejad and Thomas Nguyen are eliminated.

Rose Ceremony #5

1-on-1: Jonathon Johnson. They took a helicopter ride to a winery.

Group Date: This is the only group date I don’t know what they did. However, in the trailer we see Devin running towards Jenn in the middle of a herd of sheep and also laying on the grass kissing her. This happens in episode 5, but we know he didn’t have a 1-on-1 this episode since he just had one last episode and Jonathon and Grant are this episodes 1-on-1. So that shot of Devin is definitely the day portion of the group date. I just don’t know why we don’t see any of the other guys in that shot when they’re running towards each other surrounded by sheep. Maybe he won the group date and got extra time? Whatever the case, that shot of them kissing amongst the sheep is the day portion of the group date in this episode.

Austin Ott self-eliminates at some point during this day.

1-on-1: Grant Ellis. Went horseback riding.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Austin Ott self-eliminates sometime during the group date. Then either Dylan Buckor or Spencer Conley are eliminated here. The other goes on to Seattle. Again, I’ll guess Spencer advancing just because he had a 1-on-1 and Dylan never did.

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