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Bachelor in Paradise 2 Spoilers

Good news and bad news. The bad news is “Reader Emails” will be pushed back a day and join “Dr. Reality Steve” tomorrow. Why? Well, that’s where the good news comes in. Yes, the return of “Bachelor in Paradise 2” is upon us and I have all your spoilers for you. Granted, some dates I have more details on than others, and maybe the order of entrances from people coming on the show might be off, but in terms of who goes home every episode and who gets what rose at the rose ceremonies, and the ending of the show, those are all correct. The spoilers are right, and media sites will now begin stealing from this site after today because nobody has reported any spoilers on BIP 2 yet. So please credit this site when posting them wherever. As for this season, well, the location was better that’s for sure. But it’s essentially the exact same show, same concept, and pretty much the same ending as last season that we’ll get to. If you didn’t watch last season’s “Bachelor in Paradise,” I’ll give you a refresher course on what to expect. Just know this one is highly populated with people from Chris and Kaitlyn’s season. Before we get to the episode-by-episode breakdown, lets get to the basics:

-The show started filming Thursday, June 4th and ended Wednesday, June 24th at the Playa Escondida Resort in Sayulita. I was off by two days on that one.

-The show begins with a two-night premiere Sunday, August 2nd and Monday, August 3rd. But here’s the whopper: That’s how the WHOLE SEASON will be. Yes ladies and gentleman, 3 HOURS of “Bachelor in Paradise” every week. Not sure how they’ll break it up, but I’m assuming we’ll get one hour on Sunday night, and two hours on Monday nights.

-Marcus and Lacy, last season’s “Bachelor in Paradise” couple to get engaged, got married this season at the beginning of filming. Family and friends were flown out, and I believe the cast that started this season’s show was in attendance as well. I’m assuming this is going to be shown on Sunday night August 2nd’s episode. Yes, the wedding was paid for, yes the rings were paid for, and yes, each were paid to do it, hence the reason they agreed to. I’ve never faulted anyone who’s gotten married from this show for it to be televised, but just know a major reason they agree to it is because they’re getting paid. And I gotta believe somewhere in Seattle, Des & Chris are thinking to themselves, “You’ll televise these two’s wedding but you wouldn’t do ours?” Granted, Lacy and Marcus’ will be much lower key than the Trista and Ryan, Jason and Molly, Ashley and JP, and Sean and Catherine ones, but still. They got a free wedding and got paid and Des & Chris didn’t when many more people were invested in their story than Marcus and Lacy.

-The show will run for six episodes and as of now I haven’t heard of any “live” finale or for any sort of reunion episode, but that could all change as the season goes along. “Dancing with the Stars” season 21 begins Monday, September 14th, so that really only leaves BIP 2 with six Sundays and Mondays to broadcast. I wouldn’t expect any “live” finale and/or reunion show. They didn’t last season. Not to mention, the ending was already filmed that Wednesday the 24th and there’s definitely some finality to it. More on that later.

-There are 29 different former contestants that appear on BIP 2 at some point this season. Last season there were 25.

-To break it down even further, 18 of those 29 are from either Chris or Kaitlyn’s season. The 11 who weren’t from those seasons are:

-Carly’s brother Zak got married two weekends ago in Ireland. Carly did not attend because she was filming BIP 2. I don’t care if Zak gave her the ok, that’s completely embarrassing but not the least bit surprising. You missed a sibling’s wedding to be on a reality show? Sad. Yes, I’m aware that Zak had his “reception” this past weekend that Carly attended, but their brother Denton made it to Ireland for the wedding. Hell, Ben Scott and his new fiance went to Ireland for it. But Carly couldn’t attend her brother’s wedding? That sucks.

-Ashley and her sister Lauren were considered a “team” on this show. If Ashley didn’t get a rose, then Lauren would have to go home with her. And Lauren didn’t have to give a rose out at the rose ceremony either. Well, that was the initial plan. Whatever experiment they tried to do with casting both sisters failed miserably. Ashley ended up lasting longer than Lauren.

The show initially started with 8 girls and 7 guys. They were:

Carly Waddell (Chris’ season)
Ashley Salter (Chris)
Ashley Iaconetti (Chris)
Lauren Iaconetti (Ashley’s sister who’s never been on anything)
Jade Roper (Chris)
Jillian Anderson (Chris)
Juelia Kinney (Chris)
Tenley Molzahn (Jake’s season, Bachelor Pad 1)

JJ Lane (Kaitlyn’s season)
Jared Haibon (Kaitlyn)
Tanner Tolbert (Kaitlyn)
Jonathan Holloway (Kaitlyn)
Mikey Tenerelli (Des’ season)
Dan Cox (Des’ season)
Kirk DeWindt (Ali’s season, Bachelor Pad 2)

Just like last season when Michelle Money came in Day 2, Clare Crawley (Juan Pablo’s season, BIP) came in on Day 2 as well, bringing the total to 9 girls and 7 guys to essentially “start” the show.

-Apparently the heat was a major issue down there and a few people had to be taken to the hospital for dehydration. I know Ashley Salter was one of them, so expect to see at least one shot of an ambulance when they show the first real promo of the season to get everyone freaking out about what happens etc. Just know it wasn’t anything major but more than one person ended up in the hospital due to heat exhaustion/dehydration.

-Each episode had either 3 or 4 dates depending on how many people came on the show that week. All the dates were in and around the Playa Escondida Resort and not a major part of the show, just like last season. The dates are very anticlimactic. It was more about who went on them than what they actually did.

-Last season, usually only two new people came in every episode and they came with date cards, and then the other two dates in the episode were given to people already there. This time, every episode had at least three people coming in (sometimes four) and those people all arrived with date cards to ask someone out. Doesn’t mean they actually did end up going out with someone, but they had the ability to ask.

-Same exact format as last season in terms of dates and roses. If the girls are arriving on the episode, they are the ones asking the men out on dates that week, then the guys are giving the roses at the rose ceremony and vice versa.

With that said, lets get to your date breakdown that took me hours to all piece together, but here’s what I got for ya’…



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