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Bachelor in Paradise 2 Spoilers

Took me hours to get all this stuff together, but all your pre-rose ceremony eliminations, “incoming” contestants, and rose ceremony eliminations are all correct. Some dates are still a question mark and if I find those out maybe I’ll fill them in, but the dates really aren’t important.

Episode 1: Women asking dates, Men give out roses


1st date: Ashley I. took Jared. They rode 4 wheelers.
2nd date: Clare arriving on the 2nd day, didn’t really have anyone to ask out because people had paired up already. Ends up going with Mikey. They did couples yoga, kinda like Chris Soules and Carly did with that wacko in New Mexico. I think there was also a waterfall on this date.
3rd date: Jade took Tanner. Dinner date.
UPDATE 7/16 – 4th date: Ashley S. took Dan. They went to old town Puerto Vallarta for dinner, according to ABC’s press release.

Rose Ceremony:

Kirk gives his rose to Carly
Dan to Ashley S.
Jared to Ashley I. (Lauren is saved)
Tanner to Jade
Mikey to Clare
Jonathan to Juelia
Final Rose: JJ gave his rose to Tenley over Jillian.

Eliminated this episode: Jillian Anderson.

Episode 2: Men asking dates, Women give out roses

Men (10): Kirk, Dan, Jared, Tanner, Mikey, Jonathan, JJ. 3 new guys entering this week were Joe Bailey (Kaitlyn’s season), Joshua Albers (Kaitlyn), and Michael Garofola (Des’ season).
Women (8): Carly, Ashley S., Ashley I., Lauren, Jade, Clare, Juelia, and Tenley.

1st date: Joshua took Tenley. They went to some taco place.
2nd date: Joe asked Juelia. Went horseback riding.
3rd date: Michael took Tenley. Not sure what they did.
4th date: Jared took Clare. Went on a sailboat.

During this episode, Lauren Iaconetti makes the decision to leave because she admits that she’s currently someone’s mistress back home and thinks it can work out between them. She thinks she has a chance so she bolts. And yes, she admits to being another man’s mistress. Wow.

There is also some drama this episode with Mikey going off on Clare because she went on a date with Jared after he’d already gone out with her the first episode, and he went all Shawn Booth on her and got possessive and mad.

Rose Ceremony:

Carly gives her rose to Kirk
Tenley to Joshua
Ashley S. to Dan
Ashley I. to Jared
Jade to Tanner
Juelia to Joe
Final rose: Clare gives her rose to JJ over Mikey, Jonathan, and Michael.

Eliminated this episode: Lauren (leaves early), Mikey Tenerelli, Jonathan Holloway, and Michael Garofola.

Episode 3: Women asking dates, Men give out roses

Women (10): Carly, Tenley, Ashley S., Ashley I., Jade, Juelia, Clare. 3 new girls entering are: Megan Bell (Chris’ season), Samantha Steffen (Chris’ season), Amber James (Chris’ season).
Men (7): Kirk, Joshua, Dan, Jared, Tanner, Joe, and JJ.

1st date: Samantha takes Joe. This caused an issue. Samantha claimed she didn’t know anybody there, didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes, then asked Joe out who was “coupled” with Juelia, someone who was her friend. Samantha and Joe end up doing a photo shoot for People magazine for their date.
2nd date: Megan takes JJ. They went on a yacht and did some jet skiing.
3rd date: Amber takes Dan. Not sure what they did but they got to dress up.
4th date: Carly takes Kirk. They see a fireworks show and have an overnight date.

During this episode sometime after Samantha and Joe’s date, it’s discovered they were talking to each other before the season even though Samantha claimed she didn’t know anyone, and this kinda blew up in their faces because they lied to everyone. Samantha and Joe end up being this season’s volatile couple that ran hot and cold. At least for a little bit.

Rose Ceremony:

Kirk gives his rose to Carly
Joshua to Tenley
Dan to Amber
Jared to Ashley I.
Tanner to Jade
Joe to Samantha

Not sure if it’s the final rose, but JJ gives his rose to Ashley S., but then gives some speech about how he just recently met someone back home that he was talking to before the show so he wants to explore that. So after giving Ashley S. the rose, he leaves.

Mikey Tenerelli then returns to replace of JJ, and he and Juelia are saved.

Eliminated this episode: JJ (leaves at rose ceremony), Clare Crawley, and Megan Bell.



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