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Bachelor in Paradise 2 Spoilers

Episode 4: Men asking dates, Women give out roses

Men (10): Kirk, Joshua, Dan, Jared, Tanner, Joe, Mikey. 3 news guys entering are: Nick Peterson (Ashley’s season, Bachelor Pad 3 Winner), Chris Bukowski (every show ever made), Justin Reich (Kaitlyn’s season).
Women (8): Carly, Tenley, Amber, Ashley I., Jade, Samantha, Ashley S., and Juelia.

1st date: Nick wanted to ask Samantha but she was with Joe, so he went with Ashley S. and they got massages.
2nd date: Chris Bukowski. He went on the show for Jade. She was taken. He then asked Tenley and she said no. So he ended up giving his date card to Josh, who took Tenley out. Chris then left either that day or the next. I believe he came on the show to ask someone to his sister’s wedding that he was at that weekend, but not sure. Regardless, no one would leave with him, so he gave his card away and bolted.
3rd date: Justin asked Samantha and she initially said yes, but then changed her mind and said no. Justin ends up taking Amber on a date.

It was established at some point during this episode that Samantha was also talking to Nick before the season as well which apparently led to another Joe/Samantha fight.

Rose Ceremony:

Carly gives her rose to Kirk
Tenley to Joshua
Ashley I. to Jared
Jade to Tanner
Ashley S. to Nick
Juelia to Mikey
Amber to Justin
Final rose: Samantha to Dan over Joe because they were fighting again and had a blow up.

Eliminated this episode: Chris Bukowski (on his own because no one would leave with him), and Joe Bailey.

Episode 5: Women asking dates, Men give out roses (A lot of eliminations this episode so pay attention)

Women (12): Carly, Tenley, Ashley I., Jade, Ashley S., Juelia, Amber, Samantha. FOUR women enter the show this week. They are: Chelsie Webster (Juan Pablo’s season), McKenzie Deonigi (Chris’ season), Jaclyn Swartz (Ben’s season, Bachelor Pad 3), and Cassandra Ferguson (Juan Pablo’s season).
Men (8): Kirk, Joshua, Jared, Tanner, Nick, Mikey, Justin, and Dan.

1st date: Chelsie took Nick. Went on a yacht and went snorkeling.
2nd date: Mackenzie took Justin. Not sure what they did.
3rd date: Jaclyn didn’t have anyone to take since most were already paired up. So she gave her date card to Nick. Cassandra took Justin and they went horseback riding.
4th date: Nick used the date card that Jaclyn gave him and took Samantha. They had dinner and did some food tasting or something like that.

During this episode, Jared leaves because he’s not feeling it with Ashley I. He left before the cocktail party even happened. Dan also leaves because he’s not feeling it with Amber. Juelia also left before the cocktail party since I guess she figured there wasn’t anyone left she was interested in. At the cocktail party, Ashley I. then leaves because she doesn’t have anyone left and apparently was still pining over Jared not being into her. I can imagine that went over well.

Rose Ceremony:

Kirk gives rose to Carly
Joshua to Tenley
Tanner to Jade
Nick to Samantha
Justin to Cassandra
Mikey gave a rose to Mackenzie but she said no, so Mikey ended up leaving. Not sure what the final rose of this ceremony was, but basically 5 girls were eliminated at this rose ceremony: Chelsie, Amber, Mackenzie, Ashley S., and Jaclyn.

So let me do the math for you. 20 people were in this episode – 12 girls and 8 guys. 10 were eliminated by the end of the episode. Chelsie, Amber, Mackenzie, Ashley S., and Jaclyn at the rose ceremony, Jared, Dan, and Juelia before the episode. Ashley I. at the cocktail party. And Mikey at the rose ceremony when Mackenzie doesn’t accept his rose. Whew. Got that?

Episode 6: No new people join. Every remaining couple gets dates.

So when the final episode begins, there are 5 remaining couples. They are:

Kirk and Carly
Nick and Samantha
Justin and Cassandra
Tanner and Jade
Joshua and Tenley

Everyone is told they all be getting 1-on-1 dates and a Fantasy Suite date. Before any of the dates begin, Kirk breaks up with Carly and they both go home. So now only 4 remaining couples and they all go on dates and have an overnight. No idea what any of them did.

On the final day, no previous couples returned to give advice or any bogus stuff like that. Basically, a little altar or platform was set up, each couple would come up to the platform, they’d give their little speech to each other, then give each other roses if they decide to stay together. I do not know in what order it was done, but here were the end results:

Justin and Cassandra stayed together.
Nick and Samantha stayed together.
Joshua and Tenley broke up.

And since this is “Bachelor in Paradise,” you knew they’d get someone to propose and, well…

Tanner is engaged to Jade.

Ummmm, yeah. Now, I can sit here and say no way this is gonna work and it’s just a showmance, but I basically said the same thing about Marcus and Lacy last season and now they’re married. Obviously time will tell, and Tanner and Jade were together since Day 1 on this show, so I have no clue how real this thing is. Put it this way, just like last season, these two got engaged without either one meeting the other person’s family or friends, and having only spent 20 days together. So basically I look at it as, you get engaged because that’s what the show wants you to do, and then you spend the time after the show to see if you want to REMAIN engaged. That’s all it really is. The engagement doesn’t mean anything. It’s what you do after it in the following months that matters. Marcus and Lacy met under the same circumstances, they hadn’t met each others friends and family before getting engaged after three weeks, and now they’re married. Can Tanner and Jade pull it off? I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say no, but hey, weirder things have happened. She just doesn’t strike me as someone who, right after everything she went through six months ago, is ready to settle down and get married.

We know her past. And it’s a very recent past mind you. It’s not like she can pull the ol’ “Oh I was young and dumb and posed full nude for Playboy.” It was done within a months of her moving to LA back in I believe 2013. So yeah, it just seems a little far fetched and we know the show pushes for these engagements to spice it up a bit and give everyone a happy ending. It just seems all too contrived and not believable to me. Good luck to them. They’re gonna need it.



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