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The Bachelor 24 – Peter

  • The Bachelor 24 - Peter

    The “Bachelor” Peter – Hometown Review, A Bachelor Nation Breakup, WTA Films Friday, & a Discussion About Victoria

    Photo Credit: ABC

    The season goes on and now we’re only 3 weeks from finale night. The WTA tapes Friday as you know. Overnight dates airs next Monday, WTA airs on 3/2, then the two night finale is 3/9 & 3/10. For those asking about Victoria F. and will she be at WTA on Friday. Right now, my guess is no, because I think her getting eliminated at the overnight date rose ceremony isn’t going to be shown until the beginning of the episode in Part 1 of the finale on 3/9. Just like they did with Peter last season, remember? He got eliminated at #3 in Greece, but he wasn’t at the MTA because he appeared at Part 1 of the two-night finale. Jed and Tyler were on Part 2 the next night. So actually, I’d be shocked if Victoria is at the WTA taping on Friday, but I’ll know for sure that day and I’ll tweet it out. The only way she’s there is if the overnight date rose … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 24 - Peter

    The “Bachelor” Peter – Debunking Producer Theories, & I Fill You In On What I Know Up to This Point

    Photo Credit: ABC

    This weekend made me feel old. I mean, we already know I’m old, but this “Bachelor” promo that ran during the Oscars Sunday night was kinda funny and kinda sad. I’m sure you saw it. It was a take off on the scene in “Ghost” where Demi Moore was at the pottery table and Patrick Swayze comes up behind her and they make sweet, passionate love. I think. Anyway, when they did the Peter parody of it on Sunday, people were emailing me thinking that was some sort of clue to the season. Like, they had no idea it was even a reference from “Ghost.” I mean, it did come out 30 YEARS AGO. Holy crap. Yeah, no wonder some people had no idea what that was all about. But for me, someone who saw “Ghost” in high school and have referenced it numerous times over the years in past columns, kind of a jaw dropping moment when these millennials don’t have a f***ing clue what it was … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 24 - Peter

    The “Bachelor” Peter – Episode 5 Recap, “Bachelorette” Talk, Cosmo’s Statement on Victoria F., & More

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Ok everyone, stop. Just stop. I know the Super Bowl just passed and the fawning over Jimmy G for the “Bachelor” revved up once again, but can we use our brains just for a minute here? I feel like I say this every single season, yet every single season, some good looking male athlete becomes the new Flavor of the Month, and everyone seems to think ABC is gonna put him as the “Bachelor.” I’ll say it once again (even though I’m sure it’ll be forgotten), but no professional athlete who’s currently still playing will ever be the “Bachelor.” Ever. Not happening. Why? Because of all 4 major sports (NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL) are all in season while the “Bachelor” is filming. We know this. It constantly gets brought up but it’s impossible for people to accept that for some reason. I don’t get it. Not to mention, why the hell would ANY pro athlete remotely even consider being the “Bachelor?” Do you really think these guys … Continue reading

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