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The Bachelor 24 - Peter

The “Bachelor” Peter – Episode 5 Recap, “Bachelorette” Talk, Cosmo’s Statement on Victoria F., & More

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Ok everyone, stop. Just stop. I know the Super Bowl just passed and the fawning over Jimmy G for the “Bachelor” revved up once again, but can we use our brains just for a minute here? I feel like I say this every single season, yet every single season, some good looking male athlete becomes the new Flavor of the Month, and everyone seems to think ABC is gonna put him as the “Bachelor.” I’ll say it once again (even though I’m sure it’ll be forgotten), but no professional athlete who’s currently still playing will ever be the “Bachelor.” Ever. Not happening. Why? Because of all 4 major sports (NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL) are all in season while the “Bachelor” is filming. We know this. It constantly gets brought up but it’s impossible for people to accept that for some reason. I don’t get it. Not to mention, why the hell would ANY pro athlete remotely even consider being the “Bachelor?” Do you really think these guys need to go on a dating show to find a date/wife? But again, that’s beside the point. It doesn’t matter. It can’t happen. And it won’t happen. So lets stop trying to wish this into existence or something. You think one of them is just gonna take a season off so they can be the “Bachelor?”

The “Bachelor” films September thru November. Major sports leagues are in season as follows (in case you don’t follow sports):

NFL: Sept – February
NBA: Oct – June
MLB: April – October
NHL: Oct – June

I hope that helps. And oh yeah, if you wanna throw golf in there since I know Adam Scott was the FOM for a while there, yeah, they’re basically playing golf year round.

In case you missed it, SNL did another “Bachelor” parody this past weekend with JJ Watt as the host:

We know that SNL is known for beating jokes into the ground, but this is like the 4th time I believe they’ve done a parody of the “Bachelor” and basically every one of them is exactly the same. I know they definitely did one for Arie and Colton’s season, and I think they either did Ben H. or Nick as well. Whatever the case, we get the joke by now. Women interrupting saying “Can I steal you for a sec,” always saying “I like this,” all of them coming across about as smart as a box of hammers, the black contestants getting sent home immediately, a drunk girl, etc. It was funny the first time. The 4th time? The law of diminishing returns is starting to set in.

So last Thursday I sent out a tweet saying that “Eyes on You” by Chase Rice was one catchy ass song. I like it. I downloaded it. And Chase responded:

Here’s the problem with my tweet. “Eyes on You” was never actually shown in last Monday’s episode. The only song we heard him perform during what was shown was his new single “Lonely If You Are,” which was released a few days prior to the episode airing. “Eyes on You” has been out since 2017. I had no idea because, well, I don’t really listen to country all that much. But I remember it from all the videos that were sent to me during that date that you could hear in the background. Like this one:

And yes, I have reached out to Chase’s team to try and get him on the podcast. He’s done plenty of interviews about this already as we know how pissed he is about how everything went down. But hey, why don’t you come share that with me Chase since I’ve got some other things for us to discuss? I’ll let you know if they respond and are willing to have him on my podcast.

The “Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart” still currently filming and having many public dates. This past Sat night they filmed at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Ryan N. and Natascha were on the date that Chris Lane performed at:

You can actually see Lauren standing side stage watching if you look close enough. And she posted on IG that night from the HOB in Anaheim, she just never mentioned anything about the show. I’m telling you, get ready for this franchise to shove this show down your throats. And I guarantee you that assuming she doesn’t come out of that show in a relationship, Natascha will absolutely be on Paradise this summer.

Since we’re now into February, I think it’s safe to start talking about “Bachelorette.” Granted, no decisions have been made yet and they’re still deciding, but always keep something in mind. As much as they say they want the fans feedback, they’re gonna choose who they want to choose and will use their own reasoning for doing it. Because everyone has a fan base, so they can easily justify it with, “The fans really wanted her.” Please. It’s who YOU want and who YOU think will play the game. Stop insulting our intelligence making us think the fans have any say in who the next lead is. They don’t and you know it. But with that said, there’s this constant chatter about Hannah Brown getting the gig again. And while I don’t think that’s set in stone, I certainly am not saying it’s impossible. The women this season are leaving a lot to be desired for the next lead, so, I’m not sure exactly where their head is at. You can throw out anyone not from the franchise since they haven’t done that in 25 seasons. However, if you think they’ll go outside this season BUT stay in the franchise, well, I did a breakdown of the top 4 women on each of the last 5 “Bachelor” seasons. Because lets face it, they aren’t making someone the “Bachelorette” who was on 6 years ago. Hell, probably going back 5 seasons is a bit much. But just look at this list of 20 names over the last 5 seasons top 4 finishers:

Colton- Cassie, Tayshia, Hannah G., Caelynn
Arie- Becca, Lauren, Kendall, Tia
Nick- Vanessa, Raven, Rachel, Corinne
BenH- Lauren, JoJo, Caila, Amanda
Chris- Whitney, Becca T., Kaitlyn, Jade

Only FOUR of those women are even single and possible candidates: Tayshia, Kendall, Tia, and Amanda. So everyone who says, “They won’t pick any of Peter’s women, they’re too young.” Ok, then who? Hannah Brown? Possibility. If not Hannah Brown, then Tayshia, Kendall, Tia, and Amanda are your only choices that fit the bill and would make any sense. And I think we can rule out Amanda because, well, they’re not gonna ask Amanda to be the “Bachelorette.” And I really doubt they’d do Tayshia just because they could’ve done her last season and passed her over for Hannah Brown. Kendall is recently single, and so is Tia. IF, and that’s a big if, they are not gonna choose one of Peter’s women for “Bachelorette,” and they dip into a past season and it’s not Hannah Brown, Kendall or Tia are really your only realistic choices. I have no idea where they’re leaning, but just wanted to present you with options.

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