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The Bachelor 24 - Peter

The “Bachelor” Peter – Episode 5 Recap, “Bachelorette” Talk, Cosmo’s Statement on Victoria F., & More

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-Kelley’s 1-on-1 was next up, and honestly, there wasn’t a hell of a lot here other than Kelley is pretty different than your average “Bachelor” contestant. She has an established career, she’s “older,” and you can tell she views this show, and Peter, a lot differently than every other woman this season. She’s not crying constantly over whatever someone said. She’s not fawning over Peter calling him the love of her life after one date. Basically, she doesn’t give all the cliché phrases we hear every person say every season. Basically, she calls Peter out on his BS. She tells him over dinner that he’s inviting the drama, which she was dead on about. Like, everything Kelley was telling Peter at dinner couldn’t have been more spot on. It’s just not something we rarely ever hear on 1-on-1 dates. Usually it’s just both of them filling the other with compliments about how that day was the best first date ever, everything is perfect, they both agree with everything the other says, and then someone shares some sob story about their past. Kelley was basically the opposite: no sob story and called Peter out for his behavior this season. He still gives her a rose, hopes she’s all in on him, and well, that was that. A very refreshing date though and 180 degrees different than what we’re used to.

-The cocktail party at the rose ceremony was a complete and utter shit show. That’s where Tammy got exposed and Peter really had the women at each other’s throats again. Backing up real quick, during the day of the rose ceremony, Kelsey went over to Peter’s place to clear the air about what Tammy said and Peter ended up giving her a rose before the rose ceremony, which you knew would set some people off. Which it did. And not only did it set them off, it made Peter cancel the cocktail party, and now women (namely Mykenna and Lexi) were pissed they weren’t gonna get the time they needed with Peter they thought they would have. Ladies, I hate to tell you this, but if you’re ever in the position of feeling like you need one last conversation with the lead, just assume you’re not getting picked anyway. You’re feeling that way for a reason: he’s not that into you.

-Tammy then kept digging her grave even deeper by saying she was concerned? for Kelsey’s alcoholic abuse? I was totally confused by that. She basically turned her talk with Kelsey into a mini-intervention and she feared Kelsey was showing signs of alcoholism and that’s why she brought it up to Peter. Again, not her place. As Hannah Brown would say, “Stay in your lane.” I feel like Tammy was just grasping at straws at this point. Then Sydney out of nowhere, trying to come at Tammy, says she never talks about other people when she’s with Peter. Wait, WHAT? Huh? Whaaaa? Seriously, were these women told they were on the “Bachelor?” Like, did producers trick them into giving up their life for a couple months with and then thrown in, “But don’t worry. None of this will ever air. This is just a pilot we’re pitching to the networks.” Where does Sydney get off saying she never talked about another woman to Peter. Yes, Peter asked her to name names and put her on the spot, but during the pillow fight date, she specifically said she was going to warn Peter about her saying “she was in for a rude awakening.” The lack of awareness on this show is mind boggling.

-Rose ceremony time. Again. Sydney, Hannah Ann, Kelley, and Kelsey all safe with roses. Peter: “Sorry I cancelled the cocktail party…confident now in decisions I wanna make…got clarity I needed…it’s tough for me but I know it’s getting me closer to what I want at the end of this…it’s love…feeling real good about that…and all the perks that come with it. I basically just go along with whatever they throw at me and put on a happy face. I’m Puppet Boy!”

Tammy and Mykenna both interrupted him at this point to make sure they were cool, and basically, that was done to set it up next week’s 2-on-1.

Victoria F.: Hey, so about that Cosmo cover…
Madison: I get not getting yourself involved in drama, but Madison is literally pulling a disappearing act for 3 episodes in a row now.
Natasha: Pretty sure she hates Peter.
Victoria P.: Miss Louisiana USA is one Line 1…
OurKenna: In case you didn’t know, she’s really upset guys.

“Ladies, Peter, it’s the final rose tonight. When you’re ready. If you thought the golf courses in Costa Rica were good, just wait til we get to Chile and I tear it up down there.”

Tammy: Has anyone’s star fallen as much as hers from episode 1 til now?

So Wednesday will be Chile’s episodes, but it looks like it’ll end right around the time of the 2-on-1. Don’t think we’re getting to the rose ceremony by the end of the episode based on the press release. However, by the end of the Chile rose ceremony (which will be next Monday), we’ll be down to 6 women. We’re flying through this now. Sweet. Lets just skip to the end anyway since that’s all anyone cares about at this point. I doubt I’ll have a full recap up on Thursday for Wednesday’s episode, but I will give some thoughts for sure, both on my podcast and in the column. Talk to you then.

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