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The Bachelor 24 - Peter

The “Bachelor” Peter – Episode 5 Recap, “Bachelorette” Talk, Cosmo’s Statement on Victoria F., & More

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-Costa Rica is the setting for our next location and the women reacted much better than when they were told Cleveland, Ohio was gonna be part of their travel book. They’re staying at the Springs Resort and Spa, and in case you didn’t know, “this is the perfect place to fall in love.” You know, kinda like every other location the show has ever been to ever in the history of mankind. But I tell ya’, this place REALLY is the place where the magic happens. Fo’ sho. I know this because they just told me it was. And this show would never flat out lie like that to their audience. So when they say love happens at the Springs Resort and Spa, you best believe love happens at the Springs Resort and Spa. And oh yeah, so does women hating on other women and accusing them of pill popping. That happens there too in case you didn’t know.

-This is also the place where Peter turned into Klutzy McKlutzerstein and bumped his head into a golf cart then a second later smashed a glass into his head. We all saw the Zapruder like film of it from hotel security cameras, and I’m sorry, but that was funny. The fact the women were even remotely believing any of his story he was selling at first about coming face-to-face with a puma was even more funny. A puma? Ummm, ladies a puma would devour Peter quicker than you can say “I’m falling in love at the Hot Springs Resort and Spa with Peter.” And a puma is basically another name for a cougar. Now, I’m sure Peter has taken down a few cougars in his life, for sure. And after this show is over and inevitably he doesn’t marry whoever he’s with and he’s single again, it might just be the cougar life for him. Rawr.

-Sydney gets the first 1-on-1 in Costa Rica, and boy did this spark some debate on Twitter last night. There’s a lot here. When she was on her date with Peter as they sat at a picnic, she told him about having a white mother and African American father, she was bullied badly in high school, called her an oreo, vandalized her car, attacked her mother, she never went to dances, and specifically said she ate lunch in the bathroom every day of her senior year. This prompted someone who went to HS with her to post this on Twitter after seeing that last night:

Sydney then saw that going around and responded with this:

Look, here’s the issue. We can’t say whether Sydney is lying or not. Some seem to think she is, she’s saying she’s not. I’m sure she was bullied being of mixed race at an Alabama high school. It’s not far fetched to think that at all. However, when you see those things in the HS yearbook (and there are other pics floating around that she did go to homecoming), the optics don’t look great. Really? EVERY DAY of your senior year you ate lunch in the bathroom yet people still voted for you and that guy in the yearbook? I’m not gonna deny she was bullied in HS. I don’t know obviously since I wasn’t there. That’s her story, or her “truth” as she likes to say. Unfortunately though, Sydney is now seeing the ugly side of being on this show.

And now by Sydney basically jumping up and down telling everyone to believe her and all the things she went through, I feel like she’s trying too hard. Let your story be. The more you say, “No, I was bullied! This is what I went through!”, the more I think it’s going to turn people off. Will Sydney listen to me? Of course not. She’s basically posting all the nasty things people are sending her now. It’s disgusting. Does anyone deserve this? Of course not. There are some sick, sick people in this world:

I’m sorry this is happening to her. Unfortunately though, this is one of the possibilities you sign up for the second you go on this show. Why do you think I tell anyone who ever asks me if they should go on this show “no.” Will they ever listen? Of course not. They see the perks, they see the friendships, they see the $ signs, etc. This is the side they don’t want to, or refuse to see. Then when it surfaces, they lash out at it. What she’s doing now is only ENCOURAGING more people to bully her now. No, she doesn’t deserve it. Nobody does. But this is what the show is now. This is what social media is now. It just goes to show that for as many perks that come from being on this show, you will never, ever, ever, ever, ever go through this franchise unscathed and it is NOT for everyone. And when you make bold claims like that on national TV like she did last night, you better be prepared for people to break out the HS yearbooks or come at you with stories refuting what you said. Sydney, not everyone is going to 100% believe you just because you keep telling them this happened to you. It doesn’t work that way. In fact, it’s probably having the opposite effect. Shut off your social media, and enjoy Paradise. And if this reoccurs when Paradise is airing, don’t say you weren’t warned. This is the risk you take by going on this show, and unfortunately, she’s getting the worst of it now. People are lunatics and the person that sent that DM to her should be banned from all social media. Will it happen? Probably not. And that’s the major downside of social media. Anyone can say anything with pretty much zero repercussions.



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