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The Bachelor 24 - Peter

The “Bachelor” Peter – Episode 5 Recap, “Bachelorette” Talk, Cosmo’s Statement on Victoria F., & More

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-The show started off with a scene that they absolutely ripped off from Hannah’s season. Peter is standing in a room alone, pondering what to do about his current situation, while you hear the voices of the women in a completely separate room all arguing and bitching about Alayah. Same exact thing we saw last season with Hannah when all her guys were in another room whining about Luke P., except Hannah was shotgunning wine or champagne like it was going out of style. So just like you see the same tired storylines every season, now you’re starting to see the same visual shots. And I’m sure next season, we’ll get yet another one as our “Bachelorette” ponders what to do and the guys will be arguing about one of the other guys being a giant dbag. This show has its staples and this is becoming yet another one of them.

-Peter ends up sending Alayah home because according to him he didn’t wanna put her through any more of this. I’m not sure that was the real reason, but whatever at this point. Isn’t it funny how Alayah comes back last episode, they play the music when she walks in the group date after party, the astonished looks on everyone’s faces, you can cut the tension with a knife, Victoria F. goes off on her, Victoria P. has to pull Peter outside to basically chastise him for believing Alayah over her, they end last week with all this drama over Alayah, and literally within the first 5 minutes last night, he pulls her aside, tells her he’s essentially changed his mind again, and sends her home. And she won’t be heard from again until WTA. It’s pretty much the same thing they did with the Hannah Brown situation. They had all that build up towards the end of episode 1 with the last 10 minutes featuring their conversation backstage. Then within the first few minutes of episode 2 wrapping up, Hannah Brown was gone and never to be heard from again this season.

-The next sequence when he comes back in after sending Alayah home is basically just him running through a few women who are all there to tell him they’re frustrated with him and his decision making – which they should be. Natasha, Tammy, Victoria P. and Deandra we all see saying something to him, most notably Deandra telling him “this is wifey material.” It very well may be. But in about 5 minutes or so, it won’t be Peter’s wifey material. These women are really pulling out all the stops for the last ditch effort roses. We haven’t seen Deandra say peep all season, but now we’re even remotely expected to believe she gets a rose through this date? C’mon. Make it at least a little bit suspenseful, no?

-Rose ceremony time. Victoria F. and Kelsey safe with the roses, since he essentially ripped Alayah’s back from her. Peter: “Been tough…didn’t like how I felt…all truths…being with me and not giving up on me…wife is standing in front of me right now…thank you for all that…you don’t mind if I bring Alayah back one more time do you? K thanks byeeeeeeeee.”

Madison: The star of episode 2 and basically has been Casper the Friendly Ghost since.
Sydney: Yoooooo, Sydney
Natasha: Does she even like Peter? Seems like she’s always bitching about him. Which she has a right to. But I don’t see any sort of romantic connection whatsoever.
Lexi: Redheads forever.
Hannah Ann: The “villain” of episode 1 & 2 and joined Madison in disappearing essentially for the last 3 episodes.
Shiann: Shiann’s her name, getting interrupted is her game.
Mykenna: She’s not YourKenna, she’s not OurKenna, she’s MyKenna.
Victoria P.: I wonder how she felt when Alayah was sent away for good?
Kelley: I’m not sure she wants to be there either.

“Ladies, Peter. It’s the final rose tonight. When you’re ready. And hey, lets hurry this up. I have a tee time waiting for me in Costa Rica that I’m dying to get to. And I need to sext Lauren back.”

Tammy: Remember how in the early episodes there were “villains” and their name wasn’t Tammy? Be patient.



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