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The Bachelor 24 - Peter

The “Bachelor” Peter – Episode 5 Recap, “Bachelorette” Talk, Cosmo’s Statement on Victoria F., & More

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-Before the group date started, they made sure to show us a conversation between Kelsey and Tammy where Kelsey was very emotional that Peter was on a date with someone else. Tammy asks is it just because it’s Sydney, and Kelsey says no, but then immediately follows it up with “Sydney is a dramatic f***ing bitch.” Tammy then calls Kelsey a hot mess and this foreshadows pretty much everything that goes on the rest of the episode. Like that short convo started EVERYTHING we are about to see for the next, oh I don’t know, 90 minutes. It was nuts. But yeah, there was a specific reason we saw that convo between Tammy and Kelsey take place while Sydney’s 1-on-1 was happening.

-But lets get to this group date first shall we since this had some fireworks that were happening in real time as the episode was airing. Cosmopolitan did a photo shoot and told the women whoever they determine to be the winner will get the cover of Cosmo for the March edition. They didn’t specify it would be the digital cover, as Lucy Hale is currently on the printed cover for the March edition. But still nonetheless, that’s a pretty big deal. Victoria F. ends up winning the cover shoot because, I don’t know, producers told Cosmo to make her the winner she was most aggressive during the shoot by kissing him. Well, not minutes after that scene aired, the editor for Cosmo posted this column stating why they weren’t going to run Victoria F. on their digital cover. Hmmmm, well, I’d say 50% of the people will agree with their decision and 50% won’t. Just like most things in this world now. Yes, I understand the WLM that Victoria F. modeled for was for fishing apparel. However, the optics of it look horrible. She has to understand that. And she has to understand any potential consequences that might come with it. Cosmo has every right to do with they did if they feel that’s what was warranted. On their end, they did. So here we are. No digital cover for Victoria F. in March.

-All while Victoria F. is “winning” this date (at the time), Kelsey is basically stewing that more women are getting time with Peter. Kelsey: “I’ve never had to share a guy with somebody before, and I don’t like it.” Ugh. Like, have these women ever watched the show before? We see this “character” EVERY SEASON, yet, these people act like it’s out of the blue. The “I’m-having-a-hard-time-watching-him-date-other-women” girl is a staple in this show. You can name one, if not multiple, women from every season who at some point during the season utter this phrase. It’s nauseating. Yes, we know this isn’t a normal dating situation. But the second you make that feeling known publicly, just know producers are going to pounce on that, you’re going to be labeled as THAT girl, and you won’t be able to shake it. I’m sure EVERY woman on that show is uncomfortable watching him date other women. Who would be fine with that? But when you let it take over you and you become highly emotional, you’re done. I don’t get how these women, season in and season out, don’t see that.

-At the after party, Peter decided to get some and made out with Victoria F., Victoria P., Hannah Ann, and got real close with Madison. Kelsey even tells him she’s falling in love with him, which you know was her desperation attempt to salvage how she was acting. If Kelsey is being honest with herself today, on February 4th, was she REALLY falling in love with Peter 3 weeks into filming at that point, we all know the true answer would be no. But this show f**ks with your brain and makes you say and think things that are utterly ridiculous. But that’s what Kelsey laid on him during the after party, and now the sharks are sensing blood in the water. Tammy says in an ITM, “He’s never gonna know, unless I tell him,” and that’s ultimately the kiss of death for her character. Never, ever, ever, ever in the history of this show has the tattle tale ever ended up looking good. Ever. It just doesn’t happen. Welcome to Tammy’s world now.

-Tammy tells Peter about her conversation with Kelsey the day before and that “she had a mental breakdown.” Said she was drowning herself in her sorrows and was pretty drunk. All of this was completely unnecessary. What was the point of telling Peter any of this? Even if you thought Kelsey was becoming emotionally unhinged, hell maybe she truly deep down felt Kelsey had a drinking problem (and even mentioned pills), running to Peter to tell him this is strictly a selfish move and is done clearly to make someone else look bad. If you really felt that strongly about Kelsey and her drinking, go to producers with it. But even if she did, you know they would then turn it around and convince her to tell Peter about it. Whether they did or didn’t coax her, she did it, and it makes Tammy come off looking horrible in all this. Is Kelsey overly emotional? Yes. Did she cry at the drop of a hat? Seemingly. Was she crying for 4 days over a champagne bottle? Apparently. But none of this has anything to do with Tammy’s relationship with Peter. So basically, Tammy was used as a pawn in the producers game, she went along with it, and now you see the edit she’s getting. I thought Tammy came off looking horrible last night. Not a great look at all and it was her own doing.



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