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  • Floribama Shore

    “Floribama Shore” – Nell Kalter’s Episode 7 Recap

    Photo Credit: MTV

    When last we met, Aimee had just figured out the correct fork to use to eat her entrée on Aimee Appreciation Day, Nilsa learned her barrel-chested-freedom-fighter-with-the-worst-style-in-this-or-any-alternate-hemisphere would like to sleep with her again, Jeremiah and Gus ascertained how messy it could be competing for a woman’s affections when there’s a fifth of alcohol shooting through her bloodstream and a camera aimed at her face, and I had just excavated my latent – but still quite vivid – nightmares starring the poo-guzzling creature from Human Centipede. But then Christmas came, and God bless our temporary President, because apparently we have all finally been given permission again to say those two special words after some Democrat (whose name undoubtedly rhymes with “Shmillary Flinton”) officially prohibited such a … Continue reading

  • Podcasts

    Podcast #58 – Interviews with Arie & Peter’s Ex-Girlfriends, Sydney Stempfley and Brittany Hansen


    Well, to say today’s podcast might generate a reaction or two would be a understatement. Since the season is starting in four days, we have two women on the podcast today who know a little bit about the guy who is the “Bachelor” and the guy who was originally set to the “Bachelor,” and that’s Arie & Peter’s ex-girlfriends. You may remember Sydney as she spoke with ET 5 days after Arie was announced, but that was in September and I know she has a different perspective on things than she did then. As for Brittany, probably very few know about her relationship with Peter, when it even took place and that from the time he got home from filming Rachel’s season, it continued quite … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 22 - Arie

    (SPOILER): An Episode 1 Breakdown of the “Bachelor”


    We’re a week away from “Bachelor” season starting back up, meaning back to “full time” work for me. Recaps on Tuesday, “Reader Emails” on Wednesday, “Dr. Reality Steve” and podcasts on Thursday. So get any “Reader Emails” and “Dr. Reality Steve” for me in this week. In addition, we are back to a “Bachelor” related podcast this week. Some will enjoy it, but the trolls will definitely have a field day with it. Just watch. I know it’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally got your episode 1 breakdown for you. Being Mr. Procrastinator that I am, of all the days to finally getting around to doing this, if you know me, you shouldn’t be the least bit surprised that I started this at … Continue reading

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