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  • The Bachelor 22 - Arie

    Your Semi-Annual “Bachelor Bio Breakdown”

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Some “Bachelor” nuggets for you this week. First, starting off with your semi-annual “Bachelor Bio Breakdown.” Even though I gave you all 29 of these women 6 weeks (some even earlier than that), on Saturday their bios were released on ABC’s website, so now it’s my chance to dissect their corny and sometimes bizarre answers. I do this every season because these bios never fail to disappoint on the unintentional comedy scale. So enjoy as I have a little fun at these girls’ expense this season. Also, tonight is our first “Bachelor” related programming of the season as the 1-hour “Countdown to Arie” show graces our airwaves. Granted, it’s not appropriately titled as we know it should be called, “We Have To … Continue reading

  • Podcasts

    Podcast #55 – Interview with Johnny Bananas


    Podcast #55. One year anniversary of the Reality Steve Podcast. It’s Johnny Bananas. That’s about all you need to know. 75 minutes of pure, unadulterated, no BS from the greatest competitor in Challenge history. Although some of you who dislike him, and we know there are plenty, will argue that. We hit on that right off the bat. I love the fact that I can ask a question to him and get a 10 minute answer, like he did when I asked him about what went down with Sarah on “Rivals 3.” Even if you don’t like him, if you actually listen to what he says and the points he makes, he’s a really thoughtful guy and cares tremendously about this show. You can hear … Continue reading

  • Bachelor Arie Spoilers

    (EXCLUSIVE): Your First 3 Episode-by-Episode Spoilers & Some Winter Games Pics

    Photo Credit: ABC

    I know the first thing on everyone’s mind is what I addressed in Thursday’s column and podcast. I can tell you as of now, I have no new news to report. I’m sure you might think that’s a good thing, and it is – at least temporarily. Like I said on Thursday, I fully expect that something is coming. I just have no idea when. Could happen today. Could happen in a week, a month, two months, etc. I just don’t know. And that’s what sucks. Hell, I’d just rather get it over with and start tackling it head on then be under this constant thought of, “Is it coming today?” Again, I’m not going to be intimidated and I’m going to fight for my … Continue reading

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