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The “Bachelorette” Hannah – Episode 5 Mini Recap, “Reader Emails,” BIP Info, & Recap of the Vegas Weekend

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What a weekend. Got a few stories to share here and on the podcast this week, so bear with me. First off, a huge thank you again to everyone who made it out to the party this weekend. Didn’t get an official head count, but judging by the guest list and others who showed, looked like we had between 140-150 people there. And it definitely felt it since those that were there know how toasty it got inside the room. First time we had it at the Rio, the room was unbelievable, the top floor Presidential Suite with the view from the roof of the Rio was such an added bonus so people could go outside to get air, In my mind, I’d like the party to be there every year from here on out. Problem is, it was too hot in the room. I wouldn’t put people through that again. So either Rio fixes their air conditioning or gonna have to move the party to different Vegas location next year. Of course, there’s also the rumor going around that the Rio is going to be torn down in favor of building a baseball stadium since Vegas wants an MLB team, so I might not even have a choice. I’ve already started looking at possible spots for next year. If you’re interested in going next year, I can put you on a tentative list now, and by Jan 2020, I’ll have all the details behind it and once you book from there, you’ll be confirmed for the party. Good chance it’s going to be on Friday night, June 5th, 2020, but I will keep you updated. Email me if you want to be on the tentative list and I will save you in a folder and get back to you when I confirm the exact date of the party.

A few interesting personal things that happened to me this past weekend. First off, I tweeted about this, but lets discuss this “injury” I suffered while playing craps. I was at the table standing next to the stickperson, the roller was standing at the far end of the table. Now, this person had rolled for a good 5 minutes or so and never seemed to have a problem controlling his dice. But for whatever reason, on one particular roll, he throws the dice, one bounces off the bridge of my nose, falls on the table, and ends up crapping out. I wasn’t leaning over the table, I wasn’t leaning down where my face was closer to the table, I was literally just standing like I do most of the time, and the dice hit me. I touch the bridge of my nose, and it’s bleeding. Like, non stop. Kinda like when you nick yourself shaving, and it’s a small cut, but won’t stop bleeding? Yeah, that’s what happened to me. They gave me a Kleenex, and there were at least 30-40 spots of blood on it as I kept patting my nose. Then the pit boss gave me a band aid to put on, and it was a “Star Wars” band aid. I looked totally ridiculous. A grown man, bleeding a now with a “Star Wars” band aid on his nose for playing craps. Couldn’t make this sh** up if I tried.

Another interesting thing that happened to me this weekend that I didn’t mention until now? I spoke with Ben Higgins. At the pool at the Palazzo on Friday afternoon, and Ben and a few of his friends were literally in the same row of chairs from us, about 3 down. Never met the guy before, but since I’d talked about him enough, figured I’d go up and introduce myself. Couldn’t have been nicer, we had a good 20 min chat or so just kinda about the franchise in general. No tea to spill, no spoilers to report, nothing major on that front. But it was good to finally meet the guy, as random as it was. Had no idea he was in town. His girlfriend wasn’t with him because he was there for one of his friends renewing their vows. Very rarely do I run into Bachelor people randomly like that, but I thoroughly enjoyed talking to him and, like I said, couldn’t have been nicer. Who knows? Maybe he’ll be on the podcast at some point.

So as you know, “Bachelor in Paradise” started filming last Thursday. Sent out some tweets on Wednesday with confirmation of three contestants who were down there, all of which you knew were gonna be there because I posted them weeks ago:

Then I found out on Thursday that Chris and Krystal’s wedding would be filming n Mexico this week as part of Paradise filming. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone considering they met there last year, the timing of their engagement party about a month ago – I think most of us figured the wedding was happening in Paradise this summer and I was able to confirm it films this week.

Some other names of contestants I heard are either there or will be coming in later episodes that I don’t believe were on any of my previous lists:

Heather Martin (Colton’s season)
Kirpa Sudick (Colton)
Clay Harbor (Becca’s season)
Haley Ferguson (Twin, Ben Higgins season)
Jen Saviano (Ben’s season)
Derek Peth (JoJo’s season)
Brooks Forester (Desiree’s season) – I’ve heard this one for a few weeks now, but still haven’t gotten 100% confirmation he’s in. These other 6 names will definitely be on.

Another one that is there because he went on a date that was captured by a local outlet in Mexico, is Christian Estrada. He was eliminated the first night of Becca’s season, but looks like he and Nicole are hitting it off.

As we get further into filming, I’m sure some pictures will get out. But the good thing with Paradise is ABC doesn’t wait to post the original cast. I fully expect that cast to be released sometime this week by, if not today. So once it gets posted, I will retweet it.

Recap begins on Page 2, with “Reader Emails” on page 4 & 5…



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