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“Reader Emails,” Ratings, & Podcast with Amanda

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Never fails. Never, ever, ever fails. Always before I leave for a trip, seems like everything piles up at once. Gotta do this, gotta do that, gotta record something late, get sent info about the show that I need to look into, etc. I swear, it always happens right before I leave to go somewhere. So it’s been a hectic last couple of days to say the least. Just know I’m working on something. Something I’ve only really done I believe once in the history of the site. Then of course the obligatory random email exchange from a reader that they decide to screen shot and share publicly without ever telling me that was their intention, and that wrapped everything up in a nice little bow. Unreal how deceiving some people can be. If a regular email exchange from a reader can’t be done without it being screen shot and shared publicly, makes me wonder if I should ever reply to emails of that nature again. Seriously. I’ll tell you this, it won’t be anytime soon. Of course there will still be “Reader Emails” every week, but any ones going forward to someone asking for certain details about the show, forget it. Trolls are gonna troll. And you wonder why I hate message boards and steer clear of them. There’s people who are fans of the site, and then there are crazies who hang on every word I say, screen shot a conversation with me, and blast it publicly. Sickening. Thanks to the person for informing me that an email conversation of mine got posted on a public forum, but I’ll never understand how pathetic of a human someone has to be to do that without your knowledge when all you’re doing is answering their question. Lesson learned.

Ratings are in from Monday night, and the show had a major spike. Highest rated of the season and frankly, don’t really know why. Maybe because we’re through the holiday? Not sure, but look at the ratings for the first 4 episodes:

Ep 1: 4.67 million viewers (1.3 rating)
Ep 2: 4.52 million (1.2 rating)
Ep 3: 4.68 million (1.1 rating)
Ep 4: 5.49 million (1.5 rating)

Pretty big jump for a 4th episode when nothing major really happened. Just to compare, Becca’s 4th episode drew 5.67 million viewers with a (1.4 rating). So basically it’s on par with Becca now.

Tomorrow’s podcast with Amanda Stanton will be up no later than 7:30 in the morning. We didn’t talk any of Hannah’s season because, well, she hasn’t watched an episode. We talked about what you wanted to hear about: her new clothing line, her book, the Bobby breakup, the hacking incident, the decision to get implants, what happened in Vegas with Bobby, etc. A lot of things covered in there. I know Amanda is somewhat guarded about what she’s willing to share and not share, and I get it. If she trashes Bobby, she hears it from haters. If she says nothing, then you’re begging for more. I think once you listen you’ll be able to kinda read between the lines of what went down between those two. I guess each person might hear it differently. Who knows? But it was nice to talk to her and man, it’d been two years since she’s been on the podcast. A lot has happened in her life, that’s for sure.

Once I posted my column yesterday, I was contacted by E! Online last night that wanted to run an exclusive on it. So at some point today, I’m sure you’ll see a story teasing some of the things Amanda said in the interview, so just know that was agreed to by me. If didn’t do it, they were still gonna listen tomorrow and run quotes from the podcast anyway, so I didn’t see it as a huge deal. First time in 133 podcasts that I let an outlet hear the interview before it aired, so you’ll get a teaser today I’m sure. I’ll tweet it out whenever they post their story.

Again, thanks to Amanda for donating $100 gift card to Lani The Label to the party, thanks to Raven for her $100 gift card donation to Shop Grey Suede, Peggy Li Jewelry and thanks to everyone who donated something. Like I said, still working on stuff, but hoping to maybe do a monthly giveaway on the site collaborating with companies. Will keep you update on that as we go along.

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