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Hi Steve!

Just thought you would find it comical to know that Joey Jones is working really hard to block anyone who comments negatively about him on his Instagram. I read what you released about Ashley & Melanie. Went to his page. Saw women gushing about him so I commented, “I thought he seemed like a nice guy too until I just read what Reality Steve released about him. Such a shame.” Within seconds I was blocked. I hit send and then was about to scroll to another pic but nope

Too funny!

Anyway, just thought you would get a slight chuckle.

Comment: Funny you mention this because someone sent me a screen shot of what he wrote after he was eliminated. I went to his IG page to look at some of the comments, and I couldn’t find him in a search. Which means he blocked me. Can’t say I’m surprised. Of course he’s going to deflect everything that Ashley and Melanie said or not acknowledge it. He was busted and exposed. His best bet is to admit fault, take ownership, and move on. But he won’t. Very few of them ever do.

1. I know that you’ve said that every contestant that comes on this show has heard of you, but it’s obvious that contestants like Cam and Luke P. did not read your site before coming on the show since they are doing everything that you warn contestants not to do. Do you think that maybe they think that you just post spoilers about the show, but they are unaware that you expose how producers manipulate contestants? Yes. There’s a difference between hearing my name, knowing who I am and knowing me as the spoiler guy, and actually reading the stuff that I write. I guarantee most of them don’t. They get skimmed reviews from friends and don’t actually take the time to read exactly what I say. Because if they did, I think a lot of them would know better going into the show about what they’re dealing with. Hey, I write a lot. I don’t expect them to scour my site for hours and hours. But it’s out there. And I’ve repeated it numerous times over the years. So I guess they never read it.

2. I listened to the podcast with Jen Scheft. Although the topic of sex did not come up, I remember reading an article on years ago where they point blank asked her if she had sex in the fantasy suites and she said “I’m sure people have, but I didn’t.” Do you believe her? If she said that, with the way her season shook out, and the fact she only kissed 3 guys all season, that actually wouldn’t surprise me if she never slept with any of them.

3. I also remember reading an article that said that the very first final couple from this show, Alex Michel and Amanda Marsh, broke up partially because Amanda was mad when she found out that Alex slept with Trista in the fantasy suites. Did you ever hear that? I’ve heard that but that was only one of two seasons I never watched out of 38 seasons. So I don’t know much about it.

4. I’m disappointed that Ashley and Melanie decided not to confront Joey Jones on the show. That would have been good tv. For sure it would’ve been, but I understood why they don’t. Just like I understand why some women come forward to me and tell me things about contestants but don’t want to go public. It’s not easy to immediately be dismissed and ignored and called a liar when it’s something you personally lived.

5. I don’t know if you heard this, but Ashley I. said recently that her wedding will be in Rhode Island in August. So that means that the wedding will not be filmed in Mexico during Paradise.

Comment: I never thought it would be. Ashley and Jared have pretty much always stated their wedding was gonna be in RI, haven’t they? I expect Chris and Krystal’s though to be in Paradise.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the weekly distractions from work!

I normally don’t mind the product placements, but the 20 second Halo Top infomercial was incredibly awkward. Then, later in the episode, production gets each guy to exit the room one by one and moves Luke S. to the other side of the couch to build up the drama. Again, I expect these types of things each episode, but the way it was filmed/edited seemed lazy. It was super obvious to me that they basically told the guys what to do and everyone in the room knew it was a setup for the show. I guess the point I’m trying to make is that this season has felt much more scripted than in the past. Do you agree?

Comment: Eh, you’re talking to a guy who pretty much knows every season has a storyline with characters and narratives they try to push, so to say one season is more scripted than another is tough for me. It’s basically one big silly production every year and that’s why I make fun of it and expose it when I can. Much more fun that way.

Hi Steve! You said you were light on reader e-mails, so hopefully this will help a little.

First, I wanted to mention Hannah’s nose — I think I saw you mention somewhere how it’s always red? I noticed tonight at some point that it seems like her makeup is rubbing off on the tip of her nose, maybe from kissing or her rubbing her nose, whatever. But she needs better setting spray and/or powder, basically. This nose thing is taking off. I think this is the third email on it. Accutane, according to her.

Second, as for my question — it’s small and not super important, but do you happen to know why they stopped having a “theme” for each season, so to speak? I remember on Ben Flajnik’s season it was “This Year’s Love.” I don’t remember the themes from other seasons anymore, but they would have a song they’d use all season, and the past few years, they’ve stopped. Any idea why?

Have a great week!!

Comment: No idea, but they seemed rather cheesy. Maybe they finally realized that.

Hi Steve,

Just one question this week regarding the Luke P situation… had Hannah threw a fit and demanded to see the raw footage of what happened, do you think producers would’ve shown her? It felt borderline beyond just TV drama since that level of aggression is something she deserved to be made aware of. Tough question to answer, but my guess would be no. Because if that were the case, you’d think every lead ever would’ve asked by now to see footage of stuff.

There’s been some quiet buzz about Mike for next Bachelor… given how he places, the diversity thing, and his current edit, where do you put his odds compared to Jed the insincere musician and Peter the boyish, dumped a girl to be on the show, knockoff Ben Higgins?


Comment: I have no idea where their head is at in ranking who they have on their list. Wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Hi Steve,

1.) I know in previous years that people have “hooked up/were a thing” before going on BIP and coupling up then. Do you know of any for this year? Like maybe Hannah G and Blake? No, they haven’t hooked up. But they’ve got an awful lot of pressure on them heading into Paradise since everyone already assumes they’ll be a couple.

2.) Are there any former contestants you would like to have on your podcast, but you know they probably wouldn’t do it?

Comment: Plenty.

Happy hump day!

You said you are low on emails so here goes…

1) Clearly I’m getting older as one thing I think of every season is how do these contestants get health insurance during the season? Especially because up until this year it was a requirement to have insurance. I suppose the younger ones may still be on their parents policies but what about the ones who leave their jobs? Possibly on ObamaCare or their state insurance? I work in the health insurance industry through the state so something I’m always curious to know. I wouldn’t have the slightest idea.

2) Going off that question, when you get hurt or sick while on the show and end up going to the ER/hospital, who is responsible for your medical bills? Does the show pay them? Yes.

3) any updates on Lauren B/Chris Lane?? Have you changed your tune on him or still think he’s a douchecanoe? They’re still together, but my thoughts on that guy will never change. I’ve seen enough to know what his character is all about.

4) What have you all heard on Tyler C? Anything terrible?

Thanks for making me laugh every week. I look forward to your columns and podcasts!

Comment: When I report what I report, then you’ll know what I have on who. Until then, I try to stay away from questions like that.

Hi Steve,

I have read your columns for awhile but this is my first time emailing in! I guess this is more of an observation, but just wondering if you have noticed how much hate Luke P. is getting from the other guys on his season via Instagram/Twitter? It is crazy! Not even just one of them, it seems like every guy has posted some type of rude comment about him. I am sure this isn’t the first case, it is just the first time I have noticed it so much.

Does the show not really care about them bashing one another on social media? Or since they are “promoting” the show do they not really care?

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: It’s definitely blatant and the first time I really remember it happening as much as it has. If the show cared, you’d think they’d tell them to stop. But it doesn’t seem like they are.

Hello Steve –

I’ve noticed a distance on IG between Taylor and Olivia….they used to comment on each other’s IG’s all the time and now…..nothing for months. Is that friendship over? Did something happen?


A long time reader/fan

Comment: Don’t know. Never have asked either of them about it.

Happy belated birthday, Reality Steve!

What are your thoughts about Jed admitting to Hannah that he came on the Bachelorette because it’s a huge platform for a musician? It’s honest because that’s exactly why he’s there, but he said it on purpose to get out in front of the narrative.
With the cast of BIP starting to arrive in Mexico and filming beginning this Thursday, do they get to meet each other and hang out before filming starts or do they meet everyone for the first time on the beach? Meet on the beach.

Do you think Blake and Hannah Godwin will get engaged in Paradise?

Comment: I’d be surprised. Seems a bit much.

Hi Steve,

I’m just wondering what you thought of The Challenge War of the Worlds overall. Do you have any favorite prospects? Also, will there be and Challenge podcasts anytime soon?


Comment: Well, the next season of the Challenge has already started filming. Most of them are away. WofW was excellent. Great cast and was entertained throughout.

Hey RS,

First one this season, as can barely get into it to even hate watch. You said in one offer weeks pod casts you’d put Luke P into top 5 or even top 3 villains or bad guys. Assuming Chad is also in there at 1/2, who else and where would our rank em? Just curious…

Enjoy the party.

Comment: I’d have to run down the list, but Chad is definitely in it. Luke P. Maybe Wes? I’d know better if I looked at all the cast lists.



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