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On the night portion of Hannah’s date with Tyler, she told him that she thought he was a player. He has a lot of slick lines, and it’s very hard to read him. In your opinion, do you think Tyler is a genuine guy that is really into Hannah? It’s kind of hard to answer a question like that when I don’t know the guy personally. But remember, I’m a guy who basically doesn’t believe what pretty much most of these contestants say on the show, so take that for what it’s worth.

My second question relates to Luke P’s intent of coming on the show in the first place. We can cross off that he came on the show to make some lifetime friends. Villains don’t usually get a huge following compared to Colton, who got two million followers. Luke has told several people that he was going to leave the show because Hannah isn’t into him, or he’s not that into her. He’s going to be a very hated character when everything is said and done. What on earth is Luke trying to accomplish on the show? Do you think he genuinely cares for Hannah, and wants to end up with her?


Comment: Well I guess it doesn’t matter if Luke wants to end up with her because he doesn’t. What was he trying to accomplish? Probably the million dollar question right now. I really don’t know. My guess is he was more into “winning” the whole thing, just because we’ve heard him say time and time again how competitive of a person he is and goes after what he wants, etc. So it seemed like this was more of a challenge to win something more than anything else. But again, it’s hard to know for sure what any of these guys’ true motivations are.

Hi Steve!

Has the Bachelor or Bachelorette ever had a travel episode in Japan? I was just thinking how cool it would be to see them in Tokyo or Kyoto, but don’t ever remember them going there.


Comment: Unless I’m completely not remembering, I don’t think they have. The closest they’ve come to Japan is they went to Hong Kong and Taiwan for Ashley’s season, and South Korea for Juan Pablo’s season.

Hi Steve,

I have a question you may be able to shed light on. Are contestants contractually obligated to show up at Men tell all? I know some have missed for various reasons in the past. Just thinking that Luke P. would definitely want to skip it! They certainly want everyone to show up. And I’m sure Luke P. will be there, although he better be prepared for the firing squad. Because they will come at him hard. But they can choose not to invite you. You know, like Lincoln last year. There are others that haven’t showed up who were main figures during their season, but it definitely doesn’t happen often.

Also, will Men tell All air after Luke’s overnight? Will what transpires that night be part of the discussion at MTA?

Thanks for clarifying!

Comment: Yes, it will. I don’t know the date of the taping yet, but the Tell All pretty much always has the #3 and #4 guy there.

Hey Steve,

Saw you were low on reader emails so…

Not a question, just a comment- if you close your eyes when Connor is talking, he sounds EXACTLY like Walter Junior… and The Bachelorette becomes an extremely boring episode of Breaking Bad. lol

Stoked to meet you this Friday!

Comment: Unfortunately, I never watched one episode of “Breaking Bad.” So I’m assuming you’re talking about whoever played Bryan Cranston’s son? Or someone else?

It will be a good time this weekend. Looking forward to meeting all the new faces coming this year. Not to say I’m not excited about the returnees, but, it’s cool to see new people show up every year.


You may have mentioned this already but who is Hannah saying “I love you” to from the season preview?

Thanks for all you do!

Comment: I haven’t watched the season preview in a while. I don’t even remember her saying that. I’m sure she did, but nothing jumps out at me right now.


I wrote in last week, but you said you were once again low on reader emails so I decided to contribute once again. This past week’s episode covered some new ground for the show, or at least in my memory it was new (I have been watching since Ali’s season, for reference). One moment being Jed’s confession of being there for the wrong reason, the other being Hannah’s confession about having the strongest feelings for Luke P. So I guess this question is a bit of a two-parter.

1) Do you think Jed was genuine in his confession, or strategically getting ahead of the narrative? Either way, she didn’t seem to care all too much, I just wasn’t quick to hop on the “Aww, he’s SO real and honest” train. But she ate it up. I 100% think it was strategic. Just because he followed it up with “but now that takes a backseat to you” or however he worded it, it doesn’t wipe out the first part of what he said which was “I originally came on the show for the platform.” Since he knows his platform got that much bigger. And in a cut throat industry like the one he’s in, of course having his name seen by millions of people every week who otherwise wouldn’t know who the hell Jed Wyatt is, of course he’s there to enhance his music career.

2) Why did production include Hannah admitting she has the strongest feelings for Luke? Do you think almost all the leads do this at some point in the season and it’s just never included? For many of my unspoiled friends (I am spoiled), this totally crossed off Luke P as a winner in their minds. Just thought it was an interesting addition. Yeah, we don’t see that much, but Hannah definitely wears her emotions on her sleeve. I mean, Luke P. pretty much had to be a front runner at this point considering any other guy would’ve been sent home by now. She’s favoring him because she likes him the best, even though we see the cracks starting to form and she’s already struggling with liking him so much when she knows no one else does.

Happy belated birthday, BTW. Hope it was a good one.

P.S.—Did you hear Corinne is pursuing a music career? Yeesh.

Comment: Corinne? Music? When I heard Grant Kemp is now rapping basically, I threw in the towel. Corinne might make me choke on that towel.

Hi Steve,

I’m wondering a few things about how strongly production influences things.

In seasons where it seems like there is a clear frontrunner, do producers get some influence in who else makes it closer to the end (ie final 4), or does the lead truly choose all of their final contestants? You’ve implied in earlier episodes and also with BIP that certain people were let go during rose ceremonies to quietly take them off the show, or kept around to continue a storyline or perpetuate some drama. You also wrote about the favorable edits most of the final contestants are getting throughout the course of the show, vs some of those who are eliminated earlier, or who are cast as the villain. My point is, if there is producer influence towards the end, apart from who the lead is truly into, could it be possible that even though they’re “definitely not even thinking about” who the next bachelor will be yet, they are at least setting themselves up with who they think would be good candidates to choose from? I think they pretty much know who their candidates are every season. Since we know they almost always choose from whoever finishes outside of top 4 (Jake, Juan Pablo, and Hannah being the only 3 in the last 20 seasons or so who weren’t), they will for sure give someone who doesn’t win a favorable edit so fans can get behind them.

Also, do you think production saw how much Hannah was into Luke P, and intentionally created ways for her to get insight into his true character so she would end up not choosing him (when it started to become evident how messed up he is)? If she had ended up choosing him would they have given him a favorable edit throughout the season (would that even be possible?)


Comment: I think they knew she wouldn’t eventually end up choosing him, so I don’t think that was ever on the table. And yes, fully believe that rugby game was created so that Luke P. would do what he did. They knew what they were doing. That wasn’t just some random date that they had planned before the show even started. No way.

Hi! Your twitter feed and columns are why i watch the show after all these seasons.

What have you heard regarding nikki ferrell’s divorce? She and her husband ended it after only two years. I hear they were having problems since they got engaged. I feel bad for her, first juan pablo, now this. Maybe her ex ryan mcdil has a chance again-jk? I hear a lot of things about a lot of people in this franchise. I’ll just leave it at that.

What do you think about kaitlyn and jsson getti g a dog and moving in? Odds on their getting married? I love him with her and think he is better suited to her than shawn. She seems happy. Good for her. I’d say they’re better now since they moved in together. Any Bachelor Nation couple that dates, to me, is like whatever. Once they move in, then you know it’s a little more serious since that’s a big step. So things definitely look better for them.

Any chance hannah will have a change of heart and dump tyler? Heard anything about their post show relationship and happy couple weekends? I question if she is truly over luke, but who can say. I hear a lot of things. I’ll just leave it at that (My new favorite vague answer to give).

I really think jed just tried to get ahead of the inevitable wuestionong of his motives 4 going on the show. He seems phony and not just becsuse he is a musician, but he’s too slick. He was aware the situation would be brought up and brought it up first to get ahead of it. Heard any tea on him? I wanna know… Uhhhhh, for the sake of not answering a third question you’ve asked the exact same way, I’ll just say that there’s some, shall we say, very interesting stuff out there.

Odds on pilot prte as the lead? No way mike or connor has a shot, but prrhaps garrett? I wanted pete!!!! A lot of people seem to like him. He’s obviously in the running for sure.

I cannot really be the only damn viewer not buying what mike is saying. I don’t know, i jist don’t like him and think he’s all drama. He seriousky said he’s a threat to Luke for hannah’s affections? Is he drunk or something? No, tyler is, mike is not. I would be happy to see more of some guys like dustin and dylan or garrett than mike. He comes off phony and is not very sincere when he speaks. He seems rehearsed and likes to stir the pot. I hate that. I wish he would get called out on it, with both luke and cam he created drama. Im surprised he makes it week before hometowns, though! Mike certainly speaks his mind, but because he’s well liked, he gets a pass for sure.

Did you hear why connor got eliminated before having a date right before hometowns or did he just leave of his own volition before getting a date during that particular week or two? He’s probably the only guy this season that I’m not sure how everything goes down with his exit.

Any updates on jojo and jordan???? They are still together, and after reading a headline this morning, she pulled a nail out of his ass? Sorry, didn’t read the story, but I thought that’s what the headline said.

Why the heck is kristina doing BIP now? Ugh.

Comment: Trying to stay relevant.

Hey Reality Steve!

Random question, but being that you’re both in Texas, have you ever run into Brad Womack? Any idea what he’s up to? He was always my favorite and he is someone I’d LOVE to hear as a podcast guest, though I’m sure he doesn’t do things like that. I’m just super curious about how he’s doing these days. Thanks for any insight!

Comment: Brad lives about 4 hours from me. Think he’s down in Houston now opening up bars. I looked into him as a podcast guest waaaaay back when I first started. The guy just doesn’t do interviews about the show anymore.

Hey Steve,

Since you are low on reader mails (hope its not too late), here’s a few::

Who has the best chance of being the Bachelor right now? i know its too early but any feelings on who it might be or who its gonna be in between? Too early to tell, but your candidates aren’t that hard to figure out.

Do you think Luke.P might end up in paradise with a promise of a redemption edit? I’d be very surprised. I just don’t see it.

Why in the world is Chris Bukowski on Paradise again?! What kind of edit do you think he might get? A creepy old fellow trying to get with 20 year olds on a beach? Heheh Guess he decided to come out of retirement. Will be interesting on how he comes off and if these new women even know who he is.

Now that Jed has put it out there that he initially came on the show to promote his career, do you think his chances of being the bachelor is less? (Jed doesnt seem to come across as charismatic enough for reality TV anyway) No.

I predict a Blake & Hannah G romance coming up in paradise- you had mentioned a long time ago that he seemed to be VERY interested in her. Do you still think this might happen? They have the most pressure for sure since everyone is already making them a couple.

A podcast comment- I download and hear almost all of the bachelor franchise ones. I loved hearing Jen Schefft- what a throwback! Loved talking to Jen. Don’t know why I didn’t think of bringing her on sooner and it took the “Bachelorette” reunion show for me to contact her.

Thanks for the spoiling!

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