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The “Bachelorette” Hannah – Episode 5 Mini Recap, “Reader Emails,” BIP Info, & Recap of the Vegas Weekend

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-One thing very clear on this group date after party is that Hannah straddled/mounted/mauled her top 3 guys. First it was Jed in a chair that she climbed on top of while Kevin watched from a far, then Peter was next on the pool table. Peter actually propped her up on the pool table and was on top, before she flipped him over and she went on top. Then she brought Tyler over to the bed, made him lie down in his kilt, then got on top of him. Lets face it, do people even really need spoilers? Lets just say I never posted anything, and at no point during filming did anything ever get out. I know it’s impossible in this day and age, but for the sake of argument, pretend that happened. You’d still be able to tell while watching the episodes who she likes and who she doesn’t. She had 10 guys on her group date last night, and in the after party, she mauled 3 of them, who just so happen to be her final 3. This isn’t detective work I tell ya’. You would easily be able to figure out if you knew nothing, just by camera time and quality of time on camera who goes far and who doesn’t.

-Once the group date ended, it was the Luke P. show for pretty much the remaining 45 minutes of the show. And we saw a 1-on-1 date that went about as bad as a 1-on-1 date on this show can go. Usually even if it’s someone the lead barely likes, both people glorify the other person on the date, the location, what they did, etc all day long. Luke P and Hannah’s date was like getting a root canal. It was tense, no one was enjoying themselves, no one smiled, and when it was over, you felt that you needed to rinse. It was truly one of the weirdest dates we’ve ever seen. But I’m not breaking any new ground when I say this, but Luke P. comes across as he’s trying to win a show, not win the heart of a woman. Everything everyone has been saying about him, that he’s saying things because he thinks that what Hannah wants to hear, is exactly what Hannah said to him last night. You usually don’t get that on this show, so it was a bit refreshing.

-The biggest outcry though from the public, and I think it’s justified, is Hannah continuing to keep him around. Normally when there’s a guy in the house that everyone doesn’t like (or even a woman on the “Bachelor”), or that the other contestants say acts one way in front of the lead but different when the lead is not around, the lead eventually finds out and has just had enough and lets them go. Hannah has been on to Luke since episode 2 when he declared his love for her. She’s seeing all his red flags. This isn’t an instance where we’ll hear from Hannah in interviews or at the MTA giving the typical, “Remember, I don’t see what you guys are seeing. I’m seeing all this stuff for the first time when it’s airing.” THAT’S what is making this different. Hannah is calling Luke out every single time she sees him. Questions his sincerity. Brings up the fact that every guy has something negative to say about him. Yet, she’s still keeping him around and it’s driving a lot of the fans nuts.

-On one hand, people are happy to see Hannah calling Luke out for all his nonsense and are cheering the fact we seem to be getting a lot of real moments with her. Like they say, she wears her emotions on her sleeve. We pretty much know every time she’s happy, sad, pissed, etc and most of the time with Luke, she’s not happy. Last night’s 1-on-1 being a prime example. She spent their whole time basically talking down to him about how he acts, how he doesn’t show emotion, how his answers seem robotic – which was GREAT by the way, very refreshing – yet in the same breath, we know she keeps him around and does for another 4 episodes. It’s just not a great look for her. And I know at the end of all this she’ll chalk it up to a learning experience, and these were my flaws during the show, I should’ve spent more time with other guys and gotten to know them better, etc. Guarantee that’s coming. But in the moment, yeah, it’s a bad look because she’s fully aware of his behavior, yet, is basically enabling it by keeping him around.

-The question now has turned to, “Are producers forcing her to keep him?” My thought: No. In yet another 4th wall being broken scene last night, we saw Hannah step away from her date with Luke, talk directly to producers to ask them if she’s missing something and what should she do, and they push it all back on her basically with, “Hey, you need to ask him this stuff.” While I get that they can’t get involved, couldn’t there answer have been something along the lines of, “If you’re having this many questions about the guy, and you’re constantly not happy around him, shouldn’t that tell you something?” But of course not, because at that time, I’m sure producers were very well aware they had a major villain on their hands this season who they could essentially build an entire season around. It’s infuriating some fans for sure, and we’ll see how it plays out in the end Luke will be on every episode except for the finale. So when the finale rolls around and she makes her choice, will anyone be invested since it seems like the Luke P. Story was shoved down our throats all season? You think it’s bad now, just wait as the other episodes air. We’re still just getting started if you can believe that.

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