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The “Bachelorette” Hannah – Episode 5 Mini Recap, “Reader Emails,” BIP Info, & Recap of the Vegas Weekend

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Hi Steve!

A few questions for you…

1) I remember you saying you were surprised Peter made it to the final 4 and were expecting it to be Garrett or Mike/Connor(?)… after watching the season play out, do you still feel that way? I think peter seems more obvious than Luke even from a viewer standpoint. No, not surprised anymore.

2) I know you don’t care much, but do you think Jason and Kaitlyn have a better chance of getting married than her and Shawn did? I thought I saw her post something about him being her roomie but haven’t seen anything about him officially moving? Jason just moved in. And they adopted a dog together. Moving in is obviously a huge step for any Bachelor Nation dating couple. So they certainly have a better chance than others. Does it guarantee? No. But two randoms who meet on Paradise or whatever, start dating long distance but never move and break up, yeah, it was ever hard to take them seriously. Someone willing to uproot their life and move, I’d say a major step.

3) have you heard anything about why bananas isn’t doing this most recent challenge? I didn’t watch the reunion so he may have said something there, but I know they’re now filming it and everyone else hasn’t posted anything since May 20th while he’s still active on IG. I can’t remember him skipping any in over 10 seasons, and I really hope he’s not quitting.

Comment: He is filming the current season. He’s Bananas, and I know he’s allowed to still post stuff (or someone is for him), while he’s gone.

Hi Steve:

Hope you had a great time in Vegas this weekend!

Why didn’t Kaci and Shari come to Vegas for the party? I know you’ve had Kaci on the podcast, so I assumed it was a scheduling conflict with her. Kaci was at the party. So was Nicole. Shari and Kady didn’t. As for why, honestly, I have an idea as to why, but would rather not answer for them.

I think you mentioned Shari wouldn’t be coming on the podcast. Is she not interested in doing press? Do you have any more detail on why she didn’t do your podcast or come to the Vegas party?


Comment: I asked her to come on the podcast and she said she wasn’t interested. So that was that.

Hi Steve

Hope you had fun in Vegas and happy belated birthday.

So after the Battle of the Lukes and Hannah not really believing Tequila Luke, do you think after watching the show and seeing Crazy Luke’s actions and lies that she will apologize to Tequila Luke? “Ah am sooo sorry ah had no idea until too late what Luke P did to you.” And does that warrant a hot seat or just a shout out to him? Tequila Luke (great name) will not get up on the hot seat. He wasn’t a big enough name this season. As for Hannah apologizing to him, I doubt it. Only because I don’t think Hannah was remotely interested in him.

And Luke P looked totally animal, unbelievable how he could lie and totally get away with it. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out with him.

Comment: Been saying it since Week 2 – it’s only going to get worse every week for him.

Did you notice in the evening portion of their group date in his personal interview he’s talking in past tense and wearing a different shirt and jacket? And his enthusiasm level is low compared to prior ones. Do they film additional personal interviews after filming wraps to insert later?

Comment: I didn’t notice that particular shot you’re talking about, but yes, they do that all the time. It’s called “pick ups.” They are either shot later on filming in another location, or, it’s shot after filming is over.

Hi Steve!

This is a Temptation Island question. Do you know if Javen and Shari broke off their engagement? There was a Twitter war going on the other day and major accusations were thrown out by Javen. Thanks for your response.

Comment: Someone alerted me to this yesterday, and yeah, I saw the tweets and they weren’t particularly good. However, I asked Kaci directly and she said they’re fine, still together, still engaged, and I guess even went and got manicures yesterday.

So, I’m perplexed. Wasn’t it always the rule of Bachelor/ette that if you don’t get a rose on a 1-on-1 date that you automatically go home?? Or are they now just making up the rules as they go along to suit their purposes (aka, lead you to believe someone’s going home when they’re not)?? I have to say I was very surprised (nicely so) at the very end of the show last night when she uttered the words, “I can’t give you this rose.” Seeing as it was spoiled that Luke P does go to Greece, I knew something had to happen…but I was kind of hoping that your spoiler was incorrect and that she sends him home and then he returns later on. Play by the rules ABC!!! I cannot express how disappointed I am that Luke is getting a rose next week at the rose ceremony. The guys are gonna be SO pissed! As am I!

Comment: It’s not unprecedented. It has happened before. On Ali’s season, she had a 1-on-1 with Kasey and didn’t give him a rose, but also didn’t eliminate him. Told him she needed more time. And ultimately gave him a rose at the rose ceremony, which is what will happen at the beginning of the episode next week with Luke.

Hi Steve!

Long time reader, first time emailer. Loving this season with Hannah and I always trust your spoilers but what do you make of previews for upcoming episodes/the season? They have yet to show any footage from the Final Rose Ceremony and they don’t show anything where Hannah is saying she’s in love, found the one, etc. Compared to Becca’s season where her first trailer showed her saying how conflicted she was between two men. It looks like we don’t get anything from Hannah past the “Jesus loves me” date. I can’t tell if there has been any footage from the fantasy dates either. It all has me suspicious and confused! Would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks! Always appreciate your recaps and spoilers.

Comment: I think that’s just the editing. Guarantee we’ll get stuff past the fantasy dates in a couple episodes. Sometimes they do it right from the beginning, and sometimes they don’t. There’s no rhyme or reason to it.

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  1. justsaying

    June 12, 2019 at 1:21 PM

    Oh to be in your 20s again! Hannah still has the heart and energy to try to “save” or even understand a guy like Luke P.

    Too much work for me and I don’t need the headache.

  2. mrssmith

    June 12, 2019 at 8:27 PM

    If Hannah was going to give Luke P the rose over Luke S, why did Chris take one of the roses away when he left?

  3. jenscho

    June 13, 2019 at 12:14 AM

    Concerning the rose being taken away when Luke S. left I took it to mean she WAS going to give him a rose but he left so the rose that he would have received “left” too.

  4. meljelenr

    June 13, 2019 at 5:52 AM

    Anyone else catch Mike and Luke P smiling at each other and laughing right before Luke got his date card? Surprised the editors kept that little moment in, as it doesn’t fit the narrative of what the show is trying to make us believe.

  5. corn29

    June 13, 2019 at 5:59 AM

    Ladies? Do you even find Luke P attractive? I know I’m nothing to look at but I don’t see this sex appeal in him that Hannah does. To each their own I suppose.

  6. ctrealitygirl

    June 13, 2019 at 11:00 AM

    corn29…I wholly agree with you! On night one I did think he was attractive but the last couple episodes he does NOT appeal to me at all. And actually his looks turn me off. he looks like a rabid animal and also kind of sleazy. Her obsession with him reminds me of Ashley Hebert’s infatuation with Bentley. And what’s ironic, is that J.P. got a 1-on-1 date with Ashley when she was down in the dumps about Bentley, similarly to how Tyler got the Debbie Downer date when Hannah was upset about the Lukes drama.

  7. upmyalley

    June 14, 2019 at 2:54 PM

    I think Hannah is gonna pay for keeping Luke the puke around so long. It makes her look beyond stoopid. I am completely turned off by the slime bag even before he said a single word. How is anyone supposed to respect her when she sees the red flags yet chooses to ignore it? Low self worth much Hannah? I knew she would be an airhead but c’mon, this is ridiculous girl!

  8. justsaying

    June 14, 2019 at 5:58 PM

    I think the hottest guy is Mike. He’s got a great smile too. Steve’s always so down in the dumps on Mike but it would be great to have Mike as the Bachelor. He sounds like he has a real job too.

  9. mrssmith

    June 18, 2019 at 8:57 AM

    My thoughts exactly.

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