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    Podcast #33 – Interview with Lauren Himle


    To all those that were asking me yesterday about returnees from “Bachelor in Paradise,” yes, MOST of them are back. I strees most since there are still a few left out there who are your final couples. And I can guarantee we’re gonna be getting an engagement – or two. And I think you’ll be surprised. Stay tuned. As for today, Podcast #33 guest is Lauren Himle. You remember her from Ben’s season as well as a brief stint on BIP 3 last summer. Of course, I’ll remember her for her thick Midwestern accent that I make sure to try and expose during the interview. Too bad she was onto me. Lauren was never really involved in any drama during her time on the show, … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails” & BIP Update

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Geez, almost been a week since the last post. But then again, when there wasn’t a show on Monday, no need for a recap on Tuesday. That’s now twice this season that they didn’t have a show on Monday due to scheduling. Makes this season feel a tad disjointed, no? The ratings don’t suggest otherwise since it’s doing it’s normally solid summer numbers. Compared to previous seasons, it hasn’t been any better or worse. Been pretty steady compared to other seasons, which just goes to show that their fan base is about as loyal as you can get. When you’re this far into your franchise of 15 years and 34 seasons and still pulling the numbers that they are, it’s a pretty incredible feat. There … Continue reading

  • Dr. Reality Steve

    Podcast #32 – Interview with DeAnna Stagliano & “Dr. Reality Steve”


    For all you old school “Bachelor” fans out there, and hell, even new school ones, you are going to love Podcast #32 guest today, DeAnna Stagliano. We’ve had plenty of contestants on the podcast in the last 6 months who have shared some great stories from their seasons. Stories that you didn’t know about, ones that didn’t air, and even some behind-the-scenes secrets. But we’ve never had a former lead on the show (and not for lack of trying on my end). And not only is DeAnna a former lead, but before that she was involved in arguably the most controversial moment in show’s history, when Brad dumped both her and Jenni and the final rose ceremony. At the time, he was the most hated … Continue reading

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