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    Podcast #20 – Update on the Josh/Amanda Situation & More on Luke Pell and Yesterday’s Column


    Podcast #20 originally was to have AshLee Frazier as a guest. After yesterday’s events, I asked AshLee if she wouldn’t mind being pushed back a week and she had no problem with it. AshLee is newly married and has pretty much distanced herself from everything, she didn’t even know who Luke was or what was going on yesterday. Good AshLee, probably better that you didn’t. I know a lot of you are expecting some pipe bomb today and all this dirt and juice on Josh and Amanda, but if you read the first paragraph of yesterday’s column, I never said that. So I’m sorry if you’re gonna be disappointed, but that wasn’t the intention of sharing what I do today on the podcast. It’s an … Continue reading

  • The Bachelorette 13 - Rachel

    What’s Coming with Josh & Amanda, & The Crazy Story of Luke Pell and All His Women

    Photo Credit: ABC

    I can think of two days since I’ve started doing this full-time that were crazier than yesterday for me. The day I received the Nick plane video and the day after Desiree’s finale. Besides those two, yesterday takes the cake. It was non-stop all day long. Seeing tweets, following up on tweets, getting emails, getting pictures, following up with phone calls, hearing sides to every story – it was nuts. I didn’t go to bed til 2:30am, started writing today’s column at 8:30am and just finished. I wanted to make sure I had everything for you. The Luke stuff took forever. Josh and Amanda are completely separate and I didn’t want to combine them. So here’s what I’m going to do: At the beginning of … Continue reading

  • Bachelorette Rachel Spoilers

    Podcast #19 – Interview with Kelly Travis, Also Rachel’s Group Date Yesterday, & Who’s on Today’s 1-on-1


    I hate when I make a silly mistake on the podcast. And I did in the first minute of today’s when I said it was podcast #18, and again at the end when I said next week would be podcast #19. Woops. This one was podcast #19. I’m losing track. Bear with me. Old age so apparently I am losing my mind. But no, Kelly Travis from Juan Pablo’s season joins us today and, yowza, it’s a doozy. If you remember Kelly from the show or follow her on social media, she basically has zero filter. I was hoping that would carry over into today’s podcast and it sure did. Tells some great behind-the-scenes stories during Juan Pablo’s season, including giving confirmation to the Nikki … Continue reading

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