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  • The Bachelorette 13 - Rachel

    Latest on Rachel’s Filming & What Exactly is Considered a “Spoiler?”

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    I appreciate the response to yesterday’s podcast with Chris Bukowski. He really seemed to hit a chord with a few of you. In a positive way, I mean. As I mentioned yesterday, I like talking to people who are candid, open, and honest. Chris knows how he acted on the show was wrong. He owned it. And I respect that. I never would’ve been interested in having him on if he didn’t apologize, kept doing stuff in the franchise, and continued being a Grade A douchebag. But you can tell that things have changed for him, he’s got a successful career, found himself a girlfriend, and has rid himself of Bachelor Nation. I gotta respect that. Definitely an interesting listen because I think a lot … Continue reading

  • Bachelorette Rachel Spoilers

    Podcast #18 – Interview with Chris Bukowski & Rachel’s Group Date on “Ellen” Yesterday, Plus More Contestants

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    There are a few people in this franchise I really have zero interest in interviewing for the podcast. Either their story I don’t think is interesting enough, or, I just don’t care to have them on. When I first started out doing this, I wanted to bring people on that made an impact on the show, had a good story to tell, and maybe overcame a few things. I’d say this week’s podcast guest Chris Bukowski accomplished all three. As we know, he’s the only contestant who’s appeared on FIVE different shows in the franchise, something he’s been mercilessly criticized for. We get into all those appearances during today’s podcast, plus a whole lot more. As you’ll hear me say, if Chris didn’t man up … Continue reading

  • Bachelorette Rachel Spoilers

    “Bachelorette” Episode #2 Filming Recap w/ Pics, & Where They Are Headed Next Week


    Man, I really should’ve charged like $5 a person for the Reality Steve Bracket Challenge considering we have over 1,600 entrants in this year’s pool. And as suspected, I’m nowhere close to the top. When you pick a bunch of upsets that don’t happen (only 6 of the first 32 games were won by the higher seeded team), well, then you’re not gonna be anywhere close to the top of the leaderboard. Then again, if I would’ve charged $5, maybe a lot of people wouldn’t have filled out five brackets. Whatever the case, I hope you’re enjoying it so far as a lot of you are competing for that top spot. I will send a mass email out today on that site that you should … Continue reading

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