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Podcast #61 – Interview with Tori Hall of the “Challenge,” & Your “Bachelor” Episode-by-Episode Spoilers

Episode 4: Lake Tahoe, CA (15 to 13)

1-on-1: Seinne Fleming. During the day, they went parasailing in Zephyr Cove. At night, concert at the Hard Rock Casino that was supposed to be a bigger event, but was moved inside because it took place the day after the shootings in Las Vegas. The band LANCO performed, they danced, they kissed and Seinne got the rose.

Group Date: UPDATE CORRECTION: Before this group date happens, Maquel’s mother calls to tell her their grandpa died, so Maquel leaves the show. They all go hiking in the woods with some professional survivalists, having to eat disgusting food along the way. Then they go searching for a hot tub together, a shot you’ve seen in the season preview with all of them toasting. Krystal kinda loses her mind at the after party because Arie is giving attention to other women.

1-on-1: Bekah Martinez. They go to a hot tub in the woods then dinner. Bekah gets the rose.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Caroline Lunny and Brittany Taylor. Maquel Cooper leaves earlier in the episode because her grandpa died.

Episode 5: Fort Lauderdale, FL (13 to 10)

1-on-1: Chelsea Roy. Took a 100 ft yacht around Esplanade Park, had dinner at an antique car museum and then got a private concert by Tenille Arts. Chelsea got the rose.

Group Date: All I know is that it was a competition date split up into two teams, where the winning team gets more time. But if you heard Robert Mills radio show this week, at the 18:25 mark, he references this date and says Arie doesn’t send the losing team home, and Krystal has a meltdown. This is the date where she makes a #NotPeter reference.

1-on-1: Tia Booth. They go on an airboat in the Florida swamps and then dinner later. Tia gets the rose.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Ashley Luebke and Marikh Mathias. UPDATE: Originally reported Maquel Cooper left this episode. She leaves the previous episode in Lake Tahoe due to a death in the family.

Episode 6: Paris, France (10 to 7)

1-on-1: Lauren Burnham. The walk through Luxembourg Gardens then have a portrait drawn of them. Here were the pics and videos I tweeted out that day:

Group Date: 7 girls perform at Moulin Rouge – Bekah, Seinne, Tia, Jenna, Chelsea, Jacqueline, and Becca. UPDATE 1/29: Jacqueline is not on this group date, she has a 1-on-1 later in the episode.

2-on-1: Kendall Long & Krystal Nielson. Krystal is sent home on the date.

UPDATE 1/29: 1-on-1: Jacqueline is not on the group date, she’s on this 1-on-1 where he takes her shopping and dinner at Maxim’s. She gets the rose.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Jenna Cooper and Chelsea Roy. Krystal Nielson eliminated during the 2-on-1 date.

Episode 7: Florence, Italy (7 to 4) In terms of at what point during this episode certain girls go home, I’m not 100% sure, but since we know who the final 4 are, obviously Jacqueline, Bekah, and Seinne all go home this episode. I think Jacqueline and Bekah are sent home during their dates and Seinne just at the rose ceremony.

1-on-1: Jacqueline Trumbull. She eliminated herself during this date because apparently she felt it wasn’t a good fit anymore and things weren’t progressing.

1-on-1: Becca Kufrin. There are pics, video, and link from Barga News in this tweet:

1-on-1: Lauren Burnham.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Seinne Fleming.



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