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Hannah’s Episode-by-Episode Spoilers

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Episode 9: (airing July 8th): Overnights in Greece

All 4 guys we know had overnights. What I do know is Luke’s was last and the only one that pictures got out from:

Which brings us to the biggest point of the season, and that’s when Hannah sends Luke home during the dinner portion of their overnight date. This was alluded to in the extended preview. I have it cued up to the spot where she’s talking to Luke:

There’s a lot to digest there. And since that’s only snippets of that whole scene, and it’s an editors job to leave certain things out and not show you the full picture in a preview, there are so many conclusions one can draw from what was shown. Here’s what I can tell you of what went down from what I’ve heard:

We know that Luke had the 4th overnight date. If you don’t think Hannah had sex on any of the previous three overnights, you’re being naïve. And if she did, that’s perfectly normal and she has every right to. Almost all of them have sex with at least one of the guys, if not more than one. You may disagree with a woman doing that, but that doesn’t make you right and them wrong. I don’t know which ones Hannah slept with or didn’t. I’m just not naïve enough to think she didn’t have it with any of them. Hannah and Luke’s talk surrounded the issue of sex on the overnights. Luke told her if they spent the night, they wouldn’t be having sex. It’s not something he believes in anymore before marriage. Because we don’t know how the conversation played out (we only heard voiceover and snippets from it), it’s impossible to know exactly how the topic of sex with the other guy(s) on the overnights came up. Did Luke straight up ask her if she did? Did Hannah say something to the effect of, “Well what would you think if I did?” Whatever the case was, Hannah was not pleased with Luke’s response to it as we hear her say (and actually visually see her say) “I don’t owe you anything.” And later, we see her say, “I have had sex…and Jesus still loves me.”

Just thinking out loud here, but I highly doubt she was talking about sex in general. We’re at the nut crunching time in the season. We know the topic of sex is brought up. We know Hannah is not happy with Luke at this point. We hear her say lines of “I don’t owe you anything” (seen), “I’m having physical relationships” (voiceover), and “I have had sex…and Jesus still loves me” (seen). To me, that sounds like she didn’t hint that she did, she flat out admitted she did. Which she has every right to do and admit. Luke’s already been made out to be the villain in the previews this season, the audience has it in their head that the guys don’t like him, then this clip is shown, and judging from social media response, it’s already been made out to be a black and white issue. From what I can gather from the outside, seems to be a grey area. Neither of them is right, and neither of them is wrong. Hannah has every right to sleep with whoever she wants to sleep with in the overnights if she chooses. And Luke has every right to choose not to have sex before marriage and on a potential overnight date with her. Seems like that was the disconnect which led to the argument. Seems like she had sex with someone or someone(s) and Luke didn’t like the fact she did. So the next question would be “Why was he so bothered?” I don’t know. Hannah admitted in her intro video in episode 1 last season with Colton that she wasn’t a virgin. And Luke says he knew when he first saw her on Colton’s season, that she was the one for him. So he can’t possibly be bothered by the fact she’s not a virgin. He had to have known that already. Gotta be something else.

It’s all speculation at this point based on a spliced up and heavily edited season preview. Immediate reaction is Luke slut shamed her for sleeping with someone on the overnights. I’m not willing to jump there just yet. Maybe he did. That’s surely what the preview makes you think, and that guy isn’t getting the benefit of the doubt from anyone watching right now because of the season previews. It will all come down to HOW Luke handled this, HOW he brought it up, and HOW he treated her in that moment, because all we’re seeing is Hannah’s reaction.

I mean, in that same clip, we hear Hannah say in a voiceover, “I believe that sex was made for a man and a woman in marriage…” Really? In 2019 someone is uttering this? Uhhhh, I’m guessing the LGTBQ community isn’t exactly jumping up and down cheering at her making that statement. But just like I’m not crucifying Luke yet until I see that whole conversation, Hannah’s comment could also be part of an editing job and maybe there was more to it, so I don’t wanna jump the gun on that either yet. There are so many ways that conversation could go, and the bottom line is, none of us know what happened until it airs. I know everyone has to have a hot take on everything immediately after they see something, but in this case, maybe we should reserve judgment until it happens. Because if we just go by that clip, then Luke should be blasted for slut shaming and Hannah should be outed for saying sex is only between a man and a woman in marriage. This is going to dominate the conversation all season and especially after it airs. And the way it’s going for Luke already, you pretty much know people have already made up their mind and sided with Hannah. Fully expected. I might too. I’m just saying I’m waiting til that episode before I decide anything and so should everyone.

Rose Ceremony Elimination: Peter Weber.

Episode 10: (airing July 15th): Men Tell All

Episode 11: (airing July 22nd): Finale (Jed vs Tyler Cameron)

You hear so much every season after filming ends, and you gotta weed through a lot of hearsay, speculation, theories, etc to get to the meat and potatoes of what happened. I’m confident in what I’ve been told enough to report today.

Hannah picked Tyler Cameron and they are engaged.

CORRECTION: On June 18th, the ending was changed. Please refer to this since this is how the end of the season plays out. It’s been updated.

So much talk this weekend as I was alerted of the social media whereabouts of both Jed & Tyler post-show, and again, conclusions are being drawn because Tyler is hanging out on a boat with friends and Jed is hanging with his friends. Until I’m blue in the face I can tell you that stuff is irrelevant, but people don’t seem to care. I just give up when it comes to stuff like that because I will never base any spoilers based on what’s someone’s doing post show. Tyler and Jed have friends. They both have lives. What they do on a weekend has no bearing on anything. Neither of them were with Hannah this weekend. That doesn’t mean she’s single. Or because Tyler was enjoying himself on a boat with female friends doesn’t mean he’s single. Or because Jed wasn’t as happy as Tyler seemed in his video means he’s single. People create their own narratives and then use whatever they see online to fit that narrative. Nothing Tyler or Jed did this weekend on social media confirms anything 100% either way. Period. It’s just them living their lives like they’re supposed to. Let’s stop reading into every single thing they do. It’s pointless. Unless one of them decides to accidentally snapchat themselves next to Hannah in bed like Kaitlyn did with Shawn, or Hannah and her dude simultaneously post pictures from the same Happy Couple Weekend backyard like Arie and Becca did before their breakup (or riding motor bikes with his friends), Tyler & Jed with their friends is not a giveaway to anything.

One thing I can tell you though: With Hannah living in Alabama, and Jed in Tennessee, and Tyler in Florida, Happy Couple weekends will definitely be on the east coast this year. Doesn’t mean if anytime one of those guys post something and they’re somewhere else on the east coast they are 100% with her (remember Tyler does model and sometimes works out of NY), but I do know a majority, if not all, of the Happy Couple weekends this year will be on the east coast. Remember, Ashley and JP both lived on the east coast their season and their Happy Couple weekends were in NY and sometimes in the Hamptons. Just something to look out for this season.

For the next 2 months you will hear all sorts of stories regarding the ending. It’s the same song and dance every year. But here you go. She picked Tyler and that’s where we’re at. With that said, coming up on the site in future weeks, there are women out there who want their voice heard about some of Hannah’s guys, and I’m letting them speak. I told you that when people want to attach a name, face, receipts, etc then I will let them tell their story. Some are about guys that maybe aren’t as important to the season, and some are about guys that are. And then there are some that I have to bite my lip on because I can’t share the story without compromising sources. Maybe that person will decide to come forward some day. I doubt it, because I’m sure they want to protect him, but they know what’s up. It’s a shame if they don’t. And no, before anyone jumps to conclusions, I’m not talking about any criminal activity for any of these guys. Just more f***boy behavior etc. Just because you’ve already established in your head you like a guy on this show doesn’t mean he’s isn’t like pretty much all the rest of hem. I know people will still dismiss the stories, but I’m sorry, some women want to share their stories and I’m gonna give them the platform to. Stay tuned for those.

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