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Bachelor in Paradise 6 Spoilers

The “Bachelorette” Hannah – (EXCLUSIVE) What’s Happening Now & “Bachelor in Paradise” Spoilers for Episodes 1 & 2

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Lets get right into your Hannah news since a lot has happened since we last spoke. On Thursday, you heard the podcast that I did with Haley Stevens, the ex-girlfriend of Jed. Well, at least I hope you heard it because it was very insightful. Haley told me on the podcast this was the last of media she was gonna do for a while and she’s stuck to her word so far. Later on Thursday, I was given exclusive information that I tweeted out in a 6 tweet thread:

There is an even further update to that tweet: Hannah and Jed are done completely. She’s broken off the relationship altogether. She’s not trying or hoping for it to work out. They are done. And I can also report, their breakup was filmed in LA on camera and we will see that during part 2 of the ATFR airing on July 30th. I’m sure this is good news to many of you since as soon as Haley’s story broke, many of you were excited to hear that she ended the engagement when I reported it, but also wanted her to not even try and give this a chance. And she did the right thing. Lets be honest, I don’t think she had much of a choice here. She would’ve been crucified for keeping him around after taking such a firm stance this season on women empowerment. So good on her. She did the right thing and I don’t think a single one of us is upset it’s over with Jed. It should be. For whatever reason, Hannah went to town Sunday night on Twitter, and in a span of 90 minutes, sent out these 5 tweets. Yeah, I’d say this is someone that’s not thrilled with everything that went down.

Not to mention, she was watching “The Notebook” on her IG story Sunday night and made it known to everyone “she’s a sucker for love stories.” Maybe ABC isn’t thrilled with Hannah’s sudden openness on social media, but hey, we’re here for it. Maybe Hannah just doesn’t give a f**k anymore, which to me, is what it seems like. You never want to take anything you see on social media as 100% fact, but, knowing what the behind-the-scenes spoiler is, then seeing Hannah spout off on Twitter Sunday night (something she hasn’t done all season), I think we can put 2 and 2 together here. So the next question is, how’d we get to this point? Here’s what I’ve been told…

After Hannah and Jed got engaged in Greece, shortly thereafter, Jed told Hannah about Haley. So Haley doing the media rounds two weeks ago is not the first time Hannah had heard about her or knew who she was. As for how soon after the engagement Jed told her, I don’t know the exact day. But I’m pretty sure it was while they were still in Greece. Bottom line is, Jed did tell Hannah about Haley – but after they’d already gotten engaged. However, up until last week, Hannah and Jed were still engaged. So whatever Jed told her, like I said to Haley and told all of you, was clearly not the full story. I’m sure he just gave her some generic, “Hey, there’s this girl I was dating before the show…we broke up…she doesn’t mean anything anymore…don’t worry about it” BS that we’ve pretty much come to expect with him. In fact one specific detail I did hear is that Jed told Hannah they were broken up. But whatever he told her, it wasn’t strong enough for her to break it off with him. Then Haley’s story comes out with the receipts and basically a week later she ends it? Yeah, I’d say Haley did the right thing by coming forward and providing receipts and Hannah did the right thing by ending it. And I’m sorry Jed, whatever you wanted to label your relationship with Haley, someone that you text “I love you. Don’t forget that” as you’re about to board the plane heading to LA to film the show is something much more than someone you broke up with, or someone you may claim was a platonic relationship. Please.



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