“Reader Emails (Part 2), “Dr. Reality Steve” Plus News & Notes

“Although we’ve come…to the eeeeennnndddd of the road…” Yes my friends, this is the last “Reader Emails,” and “Dr. Reality Steve” until the “Bachelorette” starts up again in May. Also, tonight is the last live video chat until then as well. Please don’t shed a tear. Be strong. Of course that doesn’t mean there won’t be a lot happening on the site for the next two months, because there will be plenty of action. I will be spoiling the “Bachelorette” as it films in real time, and delivering to you more guys that have been cast this season. Granted, a lot of stuff I will spoil first on Twitter as it’s happening, but anything spoiled there will make it here to this column eventually, just might be 2 or 3 days later. But starting next Monday, we are back with “Daily Links” as I basically do all your dirty work for you. I scour the internet for all entertainment/pop culture stories currently happening while giving my thoughts on them. I usually try to have 15-20 … Continue reading

“Reader Emails” (Part 1) & A Little Clarification on the “Bachelorette”

Because I’m such a great guy, on the final week of “Reader Emails” for this season until May rolls around and the “Bachelorette” starts back up, I’ve divided it up into two columns this week since I have a ton to sift through. So here’s Part 1 today, and tomorrow I’ll have Part 2. Actually, a lot has to do with the fact that I was at the Mavs game last night watching Lebron destroy them, didn’t get home til late, and really didn’t feel like doing ALL 70 or so emails today. So there’s a little over 40 in today’s bag, and then I’ll do more tomorrow. Basically because this is the finale week, all emails you see in today and tomorrow’s column were sent from Monday night on. I figured you didn’t want to read any emails that came to me before the finale aired. You’re welcome. To anyone who did send emails from last Wednesday through Monday night – sorry. Got way too many since Monday to include those. I apologize. So … Continue reading