“Reader Emails,” Update on the Group Date This Saturday, and Final Live Video Chat For A While Tonight at 9:00pmEST/6:00pm PST

Quite an interesting couple days since the finale, no? All sorts of reports swirling around and speculation running rampant on what the hell is going on with Juan Pablo and Nikki, his relationship with the show, his relationship with Chris Harrison, what the hell happened at the ATFR, etc. I could seriously write 10 pages on it if you wanted me to break down everything, but honestly at this point, I don’t care. I’m Juan Pablo’d out. Sure, it’ll get brought up here and there in “Reader Emails” today, but to try and dissect that guy’s brain and what he’s thinking, and what’s gonna happen from here, it’s pointless. I’ll stick by what I’ve said for the last 4 months. He did this as a publicity stunt, he was never interested in finding a wife or step mom, and the reason he didn’t say he loved her on Monday was not because of some cultural barrier, or because he’s trying to be private or whatever…it’s because he doesn’t. And won’t. They are never going to … Continue reading

“Reader Emails,” Tabloid Speculation & How You Can Be On an Episode of the Next “Bachelorette”

Ahhhh, we’re at that time of year again. The days leading up to the finale, the tabloids go crazy to get their final stories posted, and the speculation of what happens brings in all sorts of crazy rumors, wild innuendos, and basically a bunch of hot air. Tabloids have a story to tell. It’s why four months ago when I released the spoilers, none of them talk about it. They can’t. They’re job is to sell you stories throughout the season to keep you engaged and reading. They’re not gonna post a story in Week 1 of the show about how Juan Pablo is a playboy, womanizer, and doesn’t care about being the “Bachelor” for anything other than money. No, they focus on the early season girls. Then as the show goes on they focus on the girls who last longer. Then a week or two before the finale is where they ramp up the coverage on the ending and throw out a bunch of stuff to make you think something crazy happens. Everyone can … Continue reading

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