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    “Reader Emails,” This Week’s Podcast Guest, & a Lincoln Email

    Photo Credit: ABC

    You know I love taking it back old school on occasion with my podcast guests, and this week is a perfect example of it. Inevitably when some media outlet does a countdown list of dramatic moments, or lists of show’s villains, Trish Schneider will always be a part of it. And she should. She is the original “villain” of this franchise. There had been 4 seasons of the “Bachelor” and two “Bachelorette” seasons that had aired before Jesse Palmer’s season began. In those 6 seasons there were certainly characters, but no one had ever been established as a true “villain,” like the one everyone was talking about at work the next day. That is until Trish came around. We talk about all the things that happened on her season that gave her that villain status, what she was up to before the show, what she’s been up to since and how her time on the show affected her personal life. It’s a fun conversation and I’m glad I … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails” and One of Becca’s Guys in Some Serious Legal Trouble

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Plenty of times I get tips/information on things regarding contestants on the show and I determine the severity on it and whether or not it’s worth reporting on. I’ve definitely not reported on more things than I have over the years. It’s not even close. When the social media craze first hit, it was next to impossible to not hear something about most contestants. Some stuff is more severe than others. Over the years I’ve learned that not everything is a story. Like, does someone who got eliminated on night one really need to be outed because they sent a flirty text to someone after they got home? Probably not. That’s a common one I’ve gotten. Of course, there’s always the ex who claims their “boyfriend/girlfriend” is on the show. Hey, some of those have turned out to be true and some of them haven’t. It’s not as easy to discern what should/could be reported as one may think. Then of course you have the issue of most … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Next Week’s Schedule, Ratings, & Lauren Bushnell on Tomorrow’s Podcast

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Not a huge “Reader Email” bag today, which might be a good thing. There were quite a few Garrett related emails, some of which I answered back personally, but my thoughts are I’m pretty much done talking about it. I gave my thoughts yesterday on the situation, he apologized, there isn’t really much else we can do at this point, so debating whether he’s allowed to like anything he wants or who cares what political side he’s on – yeah, I’m over it. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that’s what some people have minimized this story into, when that’s never what it’s been about. But it is what it is at this point. Hence the reason there’s really no point in continuing to dissect the story. If he didn’t apologize, then sure. It would’ve continued. But he addressed it, I think he meant it, but only his actions from this point forward will solidify if the apology was sincere. I’ve had people come to his … Continue reading

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