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    “Reader Emails,” Ashley & JP, the Grant Ex-Girlfriend Story, & JoJo Denies Everything Ever

    JoJoBachelorette4 JoJoBachelorette4
    Photo Credit: ABC

    It’s been a whirlwind 24 hours. Non stop emails, texts, phone calls, meetings, etc. Fun times I tell ya. Let me first get started with a couple corrections to make from yesterday’s column. As I tweeted out then added to the column yesterday afternoon, I incorrectly reported that Ashley & JP were going to be on next season’s “Couples Therapy.” So I apologize for that. With that said, I’m pretty sure they did film a show. I just had the wrong one. My guess is they did “Marriage Boot Camp.” I’m waiting for confirmation. Also, totally drew a blank on a couple of BIP contestants on the cast list yesterday, along with you can cross a couple of them off. Lace and Lauren H. will most certainly be on. Rachel Tchen has a boyfriend, so you can cross her off. Also, you can cross off Courtney Robertson. I heard she’s not doing it. Whew. Anything else I screwed up on? No? Ok we’re good. I hope.

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    Final “Reader Emails” of the Season Incl a Nemacolin Update & Kirsten Dunst Reads Reality Steve

    Kirsten Kirsten
    Photo Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live

    Man, I had no idea Nemacolin was such a popular place. No kidding I’ve probably had at least 10 people email me since yesterday filling me in on it. Apparently Harry Styles stayed there. So did Brad and Angelina. So from what I’m being told, there are 4 different places you can stay on the property, and there is currently construction going on at The Chateau which is where it looks like cast and crew will be staying. There is major construction being done to the entrance and supposedly that’s for the “Bachelorette” filming at the end of the month. Well, good to know. Granted, I don’t know how many of the dates out there will be out in the open, but if there are any, I’m sure readers will get pictures. I have no idea if the Kennywood date is happening, I was just told that was one location being scouted. But there seems to a be a lot of things to do at Nemacolin, so I … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails” & Website Issues

    Caila5 Caila5

    Yesterday I probably got 10 emails about a faulty ad on the page that was appearing then disappearing, and causing the page to move up and down. That issue has been resolved as the ad was removed. I know there have been people throughout the course of the season who’ve emailed me regarding the invasive ads, or the pop ups about winning an Iphone etc. I’ve gotten them on occasion as well. Just know I’m doing what I can on my end to take care of this. It has nothing to do with “I just need to make money,” it has to do with finding the right advertising partners, where to place them, how will they help the site, etc. This isn’t something that can be resolved in a matter of minutes. We’re constantly bringing new advertisers on board, trying new things out, seeing what works and doesn’t work, etc. So don’t think your emails and requests are being ignored. They’re not. It’s just during the season it’s … Continue reading

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