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    “Reader Emails,” Ratings, “Love Island,” & “Paradise Hotel” Winners on the Podcast This Week

    Photo Credit: ABC

    I’m sure you know by now I enjoy reality TV. I don’t take it seriously as most people as you can probably tell by the tone of my columns, but it’s mindless entertainment. I’m only watching “Big Brother” this season for the first time ever (outside of the two celebrity editions) because Holly Allen is on and I wanna see how she does, but I’ve just never been interested in committing three nights a week to a reality show. Well, then “Love Island” drops in our laps last night, and dammit, I’m interested…for now. For those that don’t know, CBS picked up “Love Island” for 22 episodes and they are running them consecutively. It’s on 5 nights a week for a month straight (outside of Sat & Sun). That’s a hell of a lot of commitment you’re asking for TV watchers. No reality show has ever done this. Also, every “dating” reality show that’s come after the “Bachelor” has failed miserably. Now you’re telling people to watch every … Continue reading

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    Biggest “Reader Emails” of the Season

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    Normally on a regular week of “Reader Emails,” I get usually anywhere from 25-35 emails. This week we’re basically double that as I believe we’re close to 60 this week. And that’s with me deleting quite a few because they were repetitive questions. As the season ramps up, and obviously with the amount of information and tea that’s been spilled the last couple weeks on the site, it’s only natural that the interest and questions begin to spike. I know I say this every season, but anyone who judges whether or not they’re going to watch immediately after finding out who the lead is is just mind boggling to me. You have no idea what’s going to happen on any given season. This season couldn’t be more representative of that. Go back to the night of the ATFR when Hannah was live and couldn’t even put a sentence together as she met Luke P, Connor, Cam, Dustin, and Luke S. Everyone said then this season will suck. Has … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Ratings, Jed’s Song, & Hannah Speaks Out

    Great googly moogly. Another wild ass day yesterday in Bachelor Nation with the amount of emails, calls, and texts I was fielding. There will be a good payoff, I promise, just need to get everything in order. This season has turned into a real sh**show onscreen and a crazy ass one off screen, that’s for sure. Don’t worry. Nothing is changing about the spoiler. That’s intact. There’s just so many other things going on, and things I hear, that I have to determine once again the validity of everything I hear. Sometimes it’s easier than others. But this season hasn’t been nearly as cut and dry as season’s past, so there’s a lot more digging that needs to be done. What I do know is when I made the spoiler change last week, it was the right call. And thank God I did, because as you’ll read in a few of the “Reader Emails” this week, was running that story last Tuesday no matter what from what … Continue reading

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