“Reader Emails” & A Confession From Me

I have a confession to make. So I’ve been watching “Celebrity Apprentice.” No, that’s not the confession. I’ve seen every season of that show. I’m well aware of Brandi Glanville’s past with the whole Eddie Cibrian/Leann Rimes stuff. Just reading the entertainment sites that I do every day, it seemed like they were always bitching at each other for something. I’m aware of it, but don’t really know all the details behind it. I don’t watch any of the “Real Housewives” shows nor have I read either of her books, so I don’t know much about Brandi from that. Here’s my confession: I kinda like Brandi. I’m sure I’ll get flooded with emails about what a hot mess, alcoholic, pill popping, slut of a mom she is, but hey, let me just enjoy the Brandi I’m seeing on “Celebrity Apprentice.” That show does wonders for people looking to rehab their image, and Brandi has been somewhat normal on it so far, outside of one anxiety attack that was probably brought on by wine. All I’m … Continue reading

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“Reader Emails” Including Kelsey Shamelessly Promoting Herself

“Reader Emails” has finally graduated. It’s getting it’s own day. For the rest of the season, “Reader Emails” will appear on it’s own every Wednesday. I think the only other time I did this was during Sean’s season. Not sure why I didn’t continue it on its own day, but it’s back and I’m pretty sure I’ll keep it like this. You guys always seem to have a lot of questions/comments every week, and this week is no different. A lot of talk about Andi & Josh, Ashley S., and the whole “whose the virgin” thing, which I’d thought I’d made clear in past columns. Apparently not since it got asked 3 times this week. Any relationship/sex/marriage questions you have for me, get em’ in today for them to be in tomorrow’s “Dr. Reality Steve” column. We’ve got a couple already but obviously will take as many as there are. Sometimes “Dr. Reality Steve” is my favorite thing to do which is why I keep asking for people to send in questions. Do I have … Continue reading

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