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    “Reader Emails,” The “Bachelorette” Begins, Matt’s “Bachelor” Filming & More

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    Holy crap, are we actually here? Like this day is actually upon us? Kinda funny to think that Clare’s season was originally supposed to begin filming on March 13th (the day it became official we were in a worldwide pandemic), set to air in May, end in July, and now it’s Oct. 13th and we’re FINALLY getting her premiere. In reality, we should’ve already seen her season, already filmed and seen season 7 of BIP, and been a couple weeks into Matt James filming his season of the “Bachelor.” Damn you, COVID. You done messed up, A-A-ron (please tell me you get that reference). Anywho, here we are, about 6 months behind schedule but we finally made it. One positive to come from this? We’re about to have basically 6 consecutive months of “Bachelor” programming. “Bachelorette” will seemingly run through almost the end of December and as long as Matt James’ season of the “Bachelor” doesn’t have any sort of pauses in filming (more on that in a … Continue reading

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    Podcast #197 – Reader Emails Answered (Column)


    A very fun podcast today as I answer the emails you’ve sent me over the last two days since I began asking for them on this past Tuesday’s live IG with Ashley Spivey. I usually do this once or twice a year where I’ll make my weekly podcast a chance to read emails. However, I’ve also answered your emails in written form below. I think there are some I answered in the podcast that aren’t in the column, but not too many. And my answers in the podcast were a tad longer probably than they were in the column, but, we haven’t had a “Reader Emails” in almost 5 months, so figured it was time to do one. There is a mini spoiler in them as well as I let you know who Tayshia gave her first impression rose to and how far that guy lasted. These emails were a lot of fun because it’s not all centered around Bachelor related stuff. In fact, I’d say 90% of … Continue reading

  • Podcasts

    Podcast #174 – Interview with Cortney Hendrix of “Married at First Sight” & Final “Reader Emails” of the Season


    Been a while since we had her on, but Cortney Hendrix from “Married at First Sight” joins the show to talk about her engagement that became public yesterday. Cortney describes how it all came about but then takes a very introspective look on her marriage to Jason that ended in 2018. You don’t usually hear someone talk about an ex-husband the way Cortney talks about Jason and what their issues were, how they were handled, and her role in all of it. Very refreshing to hear actually because, by the sound of it, Cortney realizes the mistakes she made in the marriage and is only trying to get better from it, which is really all you can ask for when moving on to a new relationship. I think a lot of you will be surprised about how Cortney views her marriage to Jason now and how she even talks about Jason now after he recently got married in January. As always, if you’d like to respond to the … Continue reading

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