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    “Reader Emails,” Last Night’s IG Live & Chris Harrison Speaks on Rachael

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Thanks to all who tuned into the IG Live Ashley and I did last night. It wasn’t an easy conversation, and judging by a lot of the mentions under my tweet last Thursday in regards to Rachael attending an Old South formal, I’m guessing there are plenty that still don’t understand what the issue is. If that’s your take, I suggest you listen to the live (which I’ve posted below), or, just do some reading about the history of how the Old South formals came to be, what they represent, the Kappa Alpha Order, etc. There’s plenty to follow up on as to why this event is rooted in racism. And again, if you think that because just because people showed up to the event doesn’t mean their racist, please watch our video below. It goes a lot deeper than a surface level question like that. I’m not going to try and pretend I’m some sort of historian on this. I’ve made that perfectly clear. But I am … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Ratings, Dylan Speaks Out, Jed Doesn’t, & Matt Addresses Some Issues…Sort of

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Hey guess what? The live that Ashley and I did last night saved! All is right in the world again. So go check that out in case you missed it. Tuesdays are back to normal again and you’ll hear us every Tuesday night live at 8ET/5PT on my Instagram. Now, for the last few weeks, Barb Weber aka “Sweetnums” seems to hold hers at the same time. I’m not sure who has more followers during their show because, well, we’re unable to see it while we’re doing ours. Ashley and I get between 2000-2500 viewers during the course of the 60-90 minutes we do our show. Whatever the case, fun times as we basically go over everything in Bachelor world over the previous week. I know some people were upset it didn’t save last week, and my apologies, but I don’t know what caused it. It’s very easy to just watch us on your phone, so I’m not sure about changing the platform anytime soon. And if you … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Ratings, & Your “Bachelorette” Filming Location Confirmed

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Last night was one of the longest IG lives that Ashley and I have done since we started doing this back in May. Unfortunately, another glitch with IG and it didn’t save. Not sure what happened. It ended like all other IG lives have ended. Once you click end, it asks if you want to save to IGTV, I say yes, and then it does. Last night when I clicked end, the screen basically froze and never brought me to the “Would you like to save to IG” page. I tweeted out a pic of what my screen looked like. This is only the second time since May I believe that it didn’t record, so I wouldn’t call this a major problem. Sometimes IG just acts up. I don’t think this will be an ongoing problem. If it starts to happen more often than not, then maybe we’ll look into doing it on a different platform. It’s unfortunate what happened last night, since it was loaded with a … Continue reading

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