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    “Reader Emails” & Spoilers for Episode #3 Tonight

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    This is one hell of an interesting week in Bachelor Nation, and frankly, none of it is positive. After tonight’s episode, I think there will be even more discussion about the men cast on this show. More on that in a minute. Before getting to “Reader Emails” starting on Page 2, I will run down what you will see on tonight’s episode. I think it’s important to note that the Zach Jackson 1-on-1 date is probably going to stir up a lot of discussion. I will let you all watch tonight and I will give my thoughts in tomorrow’s column because I don’t want to put any pre-conceived notions into your head. The bottom line is I already know that the reaction will be mixed on it. Some will say it’s not a big deal and Clare overreacted, and some will say that it absolutely is a big deal. I don’t think there will be much in between. Lets watch it play out, the context of everything behind … Continue reading

  • Reader Emails

    “Reader Emails,” Some “Bachelor” Notes, & Which of Clare’s Guys Have Been Married/Engaged?


    We are back in business tonight with episode #2, and I’m sorry, it’s really weird that this show airs on Tuesday’s this season. Yeah, it’s temporary and we’re back to Monday’s once Matt’s season airs and season’s past that, but this is just really trippy and is gonna take some getting used to. Tonight we’ve got two group dates along with Jason Foster’s 1-on-1. I can tell you that tonight doesn’t end with a rose ceremony, so looks like they’re gonna extend Clare’s time on the show at least 5 episodes now. Also, the Yosef argument doesn’t even happen tonight, so that will start off next week’s episode. We know in recent years this show has chosen to not end every episode with a rose ceremony, and tonight is no different. No matter how much people complain about it, they still seem to want to do their own thing. Oh well. Guess we gotta deal with it. Just know it’s coming tonight and we won’t get the major … Continue reading

  • Reader Emails

    “Reader Emails,” The “Bachelorette” Begins, Matt’s “Bachelor” Filming & More

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Holy crap, are we actually here? Like this day is actually upon us? Kinda funny to think that Clare’s season was originally supposed to begin filming on March 13th (the day it became official we were in a worldwide pandemic), set to air in May, end in July, and now it’s Oct. 13th and we’re FINALLY getting her premiere. In reality, we should’ve already seen her season, already filmed and seen season 7 of BIP, and been a couple weeks into Matt James filming his season of the “Bachelor.” Damn you, COVID. You done messed up, A-A-ron (please tell me you get that reference). Anywho, here we are, about 6 months behind schedule but we finally made it. One positive to come from this? We’re about to have basically 6 consecutive months of “Bachelor” programming. “Bachelorette” will seemingly run through almost the end of December and as long as Matt James’ season of the “Bachelor” doesn’t have any sort of pauses in filming (more on that in a … Continue reading

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