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    “Reader Emails,” BIP Reunion Spoilers, & Your Daily Roundup

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    I feel like such a lazy ass. I know I produce a podcast every day (two on Thursdays), and I try to spend a good amount of time giving you information on the Bachelor franchise. But then I watch John King from CNN at work last night, and I feel like a failure. That dude is a legend. He works that touch screen like a boss. And to be able to point out counties on a map before even touching them? Daaaaaaaaaaamn. He good. John King is my hero. Not to mention, the guy also does all of this suffering from MS. He had an 8 hr shift last night, and probably got 15-20 minutes every hour working that touch screen and telling us what … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 8

    “Reader Emails,” Gabby & Erich, BIP Thoughts, & Your Daily Roundup

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    Two major events in my life took place yesterday. I mean, MAJOR. You ready for this? Hold on tight. First, I started physical therapy for my torn Achilles which, in its basic form, was as simple me just moving my foot around and stretching it for the first time in 3 months. Felt a little weird. Definitely tight, but basically now they want me to exercise it every day and already this morning it feels looser than yesterday. Big steps I tell ya’. And what was the second major life event that took place yesterday? Oh yeah, Taylor Swift announced her 2023 tour. Within minutes I was on her site signing up for some verified fan registration for tickets since she’ll be in Dallas April … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 8

    “Reader Emails,” Victoria & Greg Confirmed in Italy, Deux Moi Gets Called Out by Hailey Bieber & Your Daily Roundup


    Another big day in Bachelor Nation yesterday with getting the official confirmation that Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo are in Italy together and have been since this weekend. Yesterday I posted a quick :06 second video sent to me of them near the Trevi Fountain in Rome yesterday morning. It was the first video of their face and if you pause it, you can clearly see it’s them. Not to mention the two sources over the weekend that claimed they swore they saw them even though they didn’t provide solid evidence. Which goes to show, something can be true even if receipts aren’t provided. This story is a perfect example. While the pic that Dave Neal received and posted was of them, it was from … Continue reading

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