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    “Reader Emails” & Mini-Recap of BIP Episode 8

    Photo Credit: ABC

    We are winding down this season of “Bachelor in Paradise” as only 4 episodes remain, with one of those being the reunion episode that was filmed yesterday. I’m pretty sure I’ll find out later today what went on so I’m guessing I’ll use the opening of tomorrow’s podcast to talk about what happened at the reunion. Tomorrow’s podcast is actually going to be covering something I’ve never talked about on the podcast before, and that’s “Big Brother.” Since this is the first season I’ve actually watched (outside of the two celebrity editions), I now have a ton of questions about this show. So I’ll be bringing on Melissa Deni who covers “Big Brother” extensively for “Rob Has a Podcast.” We are gonna wait until tonight’s episode airs before we record it so it’ll be up to date, and I’m going into this cold. I don’t read anything regarding BB online so I’m curious to see if my opinions are shared by others, or if I’m … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” BIP Episode 6 Thoughts, & DWTS Cast Announced

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Well, it’s official now as the DWTS cast was released this morning. You know what’s funny? Every season we hear producers of that show touting the fact they’re gonna have this unbelievable cast, and every season it’s basically the same type of people. Athletes, someone from a Disney show and/or child actor, a few reality show people, a pop singer, then throw a few older contestants in there, and also someone usually from the political world who is usually out early. Same thing, different season. Tell me how this season’s cast (which is rumored to being DWTS’ last season) is ANY different from any previous seasons? Athletes? Check. Former child actor? Check. Reality TV contestant? Check. Pop singer? Check. Older nostalgic contestant? Check. Political contestant? Check. They act like they’re casting A or B, hell even C listers when they really aren’t. Oh sure, I’ll watch like I do every season, but stop trying to pretend you have this boffo cast every season that people … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Paradise Episode 4 Mini Recap, Hannah/DWTS

    Photo Credit: ABC

    We know that Paradise is changing, and I’m not sure it’s for the better. This was always the show that didn’t take itself as seriously as the “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette,” it was light hearted, it made fun of itself, and was just an easier watch. A fun summer show. With how much social media is exploding and how it’s framing storylines for Paradise, it’s just not the same show it once was. I tweeted this out last night, but I’m beginning to think BIP doesn’t know what it wants to be. A fun summer show? Well, we’ve all watched these first 4 episodes. Is anything about this season a fun summer show? I’d say no. The original concept of this show was put all the rejects from the “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” on an island, give them a second chance at love, have them date each other, and see what happens. Those waters have been muddied now. Because if you date/hook up with more than one person while on … Continue reading

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