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    “Reader Emails” and Early BIP Talk


    Was having a talk with someone last night who may or may not have been on a past season of BIP and who may or may not be on a future season of BIP, and we were talking about this years potential cast. Now, we know that most of the women on this season of BIP will be Clayton’s women. But do you realize the next most recent group of women they could pull from would be Matt and Peter’s season? And Matt’s season had a ton of women already on last season: Serena P., Serena C., Victoria, Alana, Pieper, Jessenia, Abigail, Chelsea, Anna & Marie. Sure, they could bring some of them back to repeat, but I’m talking about new blood. What about Peter’s … Continue reading

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    Podcast #274 – Interview with Reality TV Casting Producers, Jason Cornwell & Damon Collazo from Cornwell Casting


    A real fun podcast for you this week as we’ve never really gotten to go behind the curtain with anybody in the casting/production world (outside of one person) until today, when I speak with Jason Cornwell and Damon Collazo from Cornwell Casting. They cast this season of “Joe Millionaire” among some of their other shows over the years like “Million Dollar Matchmaker,” “Tough Love,” “Kate Plus Date,” “Mental Samurai,” among others. A really fun dive into what goes into casting a reality dating show, in particular how they cast this season of “Joe Millionaire.” Before the interview, I briefly discuss the WTA filming next week and then address why I don’t just share what I’ve heard about Clayton’s ending. There’s a reason for it. Short … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” “Women Tell All” Taping, Shanae (Again), & “Temptation Island” Season 4

    Photo Credit: ABC

    It’s asked in today’s “Reader Emails,” and ABC hasn’t announced their schedule yet for the rest of the season, but there has to be a week where they double up. The finale is the week of March 14th, and we don’t know if it’ll be a one or two night finale yet. But we’ve only got 3 Mondays of episodes before then, yet we still have to do Austria, Hometowns, Overnights, and the Women Tell All. So I gotta imagine there will be a Monday/Tuesday week, or Sunday/Monday. Or hell, we’ve actually seen them combine the Tell All with an episode recently, so they could do that. Nothings been announced but certainly they need to double up somewhere. The “Women Tell All” tapes next Wed … Continue reading

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