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“Reader Emails,” BIP Reunion Spoilers, & Your Daily Roundup

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I feel like such a lazy ass. I know I produce a podcast every day (two on Thursdays), and I try to spend a good amount of time giving you information on the Bachelor franchise. But then I watch John King from CNN at work last night, and I feel like a failure. That dude is a legend. He works that touch screen like a boss. And to be able to point out counties on a map before even touching them? Daaaaaaaaaaamn. He good. John King is my hero. Not to mention, the guy also does all of this suffering from MS. He had an 8 hr shift last night, and probably got 15-20 minutes every hour working that touch screen and telling us what was going on in Racine county and how they voted 8 years ago versus how they voted yesterday. An absolute legend. All while having MS like I said AND his ex-wife Dana Bash sitting on the panel a few feet from him. By the way, didn’t realize it was pronounced DAN-uh and not DANE-uh. Shows you how much I tune in to political shows. Whatever the case, props go out to John King for being an absolute beast. I LOVE his election night coverage. You guys can have your Kornacki. I’ll take the King. John Fucking King, ladies and gentleman.

Today’s Daily Roundup is up and includes Bachelor Nation news, Rachel & Gabby on Paradise next week, tweets from contestants, Jesse speaks on Zach’s season, & more Sexiest Man Alive info.

You can listen to it on a number of platforms, but you can also tune in by clicking the player below. Be sure to click “Show this thread” to get all the tweets under the main tweet:

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For those of you who missed all the BIP reunion spoilers that I tweeted out over the weekend, here you go:

“Reader Emails” begin on Page 2…

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